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Forget 3D! Spy Kids 4 Will Be Scratch'N'Sniff!

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Robert Rodriguez is a revolutionary!

…Actually, he's not, because Smell-o-Vision and AromaRama were gimmicks used to bring people into movie theaters back in the 50's, but he's reviving the technique.

That's right, folks. Robert Rodriguez will be introducing Aromascope with his upcoming August release Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4-D (above).

Here's what he had to say about his revival of the 50's gimmick:

"After Spy Kids 3, I had to do something new, add another surprise. I had actors smelling things on set, but they never questioned it."

"It's very fun and interactive since you never know where and when a smell will come next. It adds a lot of extra laughs."

"You never know. It would be great if it caught on and everyone started doing it."

For those of you wondering how this works, when you go see Spy Kids, you'll be given a card "loaded with eight different smells." Yeah, it's a lot like scratch'n'sniff stickers. Remember those?

This actually could bring up all types of inneresting advertising opportunities! What if Jeremy Piven uses Axe shampoo in the movie, and one of the smells is actually a sample of the product! They could then sell bottles of shampoo by the concession stand!!!

If that kind of thing starts to happen, you heard it here first! LOLz.

Are U excited for Aromascope? Will U check out Spy Kids 4 for the smelling experience?

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2 comments to “Forget 3D! Spy Kids 4 Will Be Scratch'N'Sniff!”

  1. 1

    Last time I remember doing a Scratch'n'Sniff for a movie was with Rugrats… If I remember correctly, that shit stinks and doesn't smell like what it's supposed to.

  2. auds says – reply to this


    That just sounds like a really weird and stupid way to try to charge an extra $2 per ticket. I went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky recently and they had an interactive "film" that sent gusts of wind thru the theater as things were flying/blowing around, the chairs vibrated and shook, AND some mechanism in the chairs sprayed water in your face during a "storm" in the film. Now THAT was impressive.