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This is really interesting. Several New York newspapers covered the state's historic passing of gay marriage this weekend, but not all of them considere… Read more…

44 comments to “How Several NY Newspapers Covered Historic Passing Of Gay Marriage Law”

  1. 1

    I don't see any headlines about the NYPD targeting gay nightclubs. You'd better post a story about how homophobic the New York media is.

  2. 2

    Perez–sorry, but on LI, tragedy has struck in the form of the Medford shooting, so OF COURSE Newsday was going to split the billing……

  3. 3

    That's because it IS NOT a big deal. The only reason it is a BIG deal is because we talk about it so much. It shouldn't matter who you want to have sex or marry with… the mere fact that it is even up for discussion or even worst, DEBATE, is ridiculous.

  4. 4

    erm, shouldn't you just be happy? seriously EVERY time something good happens for the LGBT community, you complain…you just HAVE to find something wrong. keep in mind there are people who believe this is wrong just as much as you think its right. CONSIDER for just a moment that people who truly believe this is wrong are compromising for YOU TO BE HAPPY but all you do is say "not good enough"

  5. 5

    Who cares, its one state, not the whole country.

  6. 6

    A cop saving someone's life is a little more important. No disrespect. Congratulations to all who can now marry.

  7. 7

    I think it was fairly well represented and I would prefer the law over publicity. You seem to always have something to feel jaded about huh?

  8. jham says – reply to this


    Was so proud to be a NY'er yesterday!!!!!

  9. 9

    Not a big story at all. Not the first state even. A bigger story would be the granting of civil rights in federal anti-discrimination laws. What silly fools to make a bid deal about marriage when they have no protection in housing and employment.

  10. 10

    See Perez thats one of the biggest problems I have with you. Instead of being happy at the fact that Gay people can get married in NY, you have to try and make an issue out of the fact that not every single news paper made it their cover story. Like seriously who cares about that… Just be happy about the historical moment and shut up, stop being such a Debbie Downer!

  11. 11

    The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch - the same guy who owns Fox News. I'm surprised they even mentioned gay marriage on their front page.

  12. 12

    One thing's for certain. No matter how many right gays receive, you will never be satisfied. You will always find some way to make it look as if gays were slighted even when they're not. And this is why so many are tired of gays telling us they're persecuted.

  13. 13

    Re: rickraton – It's a big deal because it is New York…. It obviously wouldn't be as big of a deal if it was some small state with not much push. But it is a pretty big statement whenever New York does something, which kills the point of "it isn't even the first state".

  14. 14

    God, I hope they let all gays marry in every single state so they will finally shut the fuck up about it. I am so tired of this fucking debate.

  15. MJB12 says – reply to this


    The passing of the gay marriage bill happened very last minute in the day, the front pages had most likely already been assembled by the time the news was confirmed.

  16. 16

    just be happy and stop being greedy

  17. 17

    Thank you so much Perez for this post. I live in New York and was mortified how The New York Post decided to present this HISTORIC moment for civil rights. I will really honest, anytime I have read the New York Post, it makes me feel like I am dumbing myself.

    The New York Posts sucks!!

  18. 18

    Imagine, the media manipulating !Congratulations New York !

  19. 19

    I'm a divorce Attorney………..I could not be happier………..Tons of money to be made….

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    gays will rot in hell

  24. 24

    Sorry, Perez but this makes you sound ridiculously insensitive. I'm as happy as the next guy that gay marriage is now allowed in NY but this person almost jumped to their death and was saved. That's a miracle. You finding a way to make it a personal attack against gays is petty and shallow. Be happy for once.

  25. 25

    Youve covered this story till its become tedious. Why not - oh, I dont know - do some celebrity news? Not just local news from one of 50?

  26. Aries says – reply to this


    too funny how there are only MEN on this cover.

  27. 27

    Re: the1 u luv 2 h8!Re: sbm0212 – Took the words out of my mouth! You two are the few on this site that have sense! Perez not everyone is going to be happy, but you can't change everyone's opinions so shut the fuck up and be happy. There will always be homophobia just like there will always be racism. sexism, etc. Sad but its the truth quit trying to change everyone's opinion and live your life! be happy, i really do think that gay marriage will be allowed in every state one day but just not today. unfortunately.

  28. 28

    Where is Al Qaeda when you need them?

  29. 29

    yes, the bill being passed is a big deal and a celebration of the hard work of many people, and I'm glad that the homosexuals are receiving the rights they deserve. However, it's not the only thing that happened in the news, and shouldn't be treated as this huge deal while other events are being overlooked. What's wrong with the New York Post? Why shouldn't the man that saved the woman from the building be celebrated just as much as the gay marriage bill being passed? Just because there isn't a massive picture of two homosexuals kissing or celebrating and the paper isn't printed in rainbow ink doesn't mean people don't care or aren't taking it seriously. Stop complaining about the coverage the news received and just be grateful that the bill passed.

  30. 30

    Good to see that the wacko conservative agenda is wilting on the vine. LOL!

  31. 31

    Re: dianakay1217 – That would be fantastic. Why don't you join the cause for national marriage equality then?

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    Re: madonna is shit – yeah and your so going to heaven hahaha

  34. 34

    i love how the news only sees gay males, but not lesbians (i guess the world doesnt mind girl on girl)

  35. 35

    perez, you IDIOT!!!!! believe it or not, there are more important things than gay rights. I'm glad ny passed the bill for you gays, but I'd be much more interested in reading about how the cop saved the suicidal girl just in time. that's disgusting that you care that the post didn't give the marriage thing the whole front page. get over it. you'll never be happy will you? the bill passed, yay!! but then you move on to bitch about how it didn't get EVERY front page in ny. you are such a loser.

  36. 36

    Excellent. But, if you get married before I do, Mario, I'll shoot myself!

  37. k-lee says – reply to this


    Nothing against gays but I can't get behind this shiz. I don't get the excitement over this. Ha! Oh well.

  38. 38

    I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill. Just be happy states are embracing gay marriage. You're always blowing things up by complaining that gay people are being victimized. In this case, they aren't being victimized just because it wasn't the cover story on every newspaper. It's because everyone is getting used to the idea of gay marriage…which is a good thing.

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  40. 40

    that's because all the rest (excluding the NY Times which featured it well) are not NYC newspapers and they're not as popular ..and the Post is owned by Fox—> nuff said lol

  41. joka says – reply to this


    not every person who reads the fricken papers are GAY! figure it out. they need to accommodate the MAJORITY. duh.

  42. 42

    You know, other things DO happen in the world besides the gay struggle. So a few newspapers gave it less column space, big frigging deal. At least it's getting reported on and not ignored all together. You're pathetic, calling out newspapers because they don't devote the ENTIRE front page to gay marriage. Just deal with it.

  43. 43

    Re: Henwii – Very good point.

  44. 44

    It's New York, they're awesome, of course it's gonna pass. The ignorance relishes in the middle of the country (for the most part) while the coasts flourish with culture, life and progress… leave the bibles behind people, it's a blind guide towards hate and the downfall of society. Research the dark ages to see what bible thumpin will get you. Sorry if I offend, but it's the nasty truth behind this horrid cycle of fundamentalism.