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41 comments to “La Lohan Joins The NOH8 Campaign”

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    Pay an actor to do a job and they will do what they are told…..


    Doesn't mean a thing.

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    So you absolutely SLAM her in every article about her, but when she jumps on the gay bandwagon, you love her. Are you fucking kidding me?

  4. 4

    Can you say airbrushed?

  5. 5

    she actually looks gorgeous

  6. mouse says – reply to this


    That tape looks great where her mouth is; it should stay there.

  7. 7

    Oh so you finally gotten Lindsay check in the mail I see. Good I was getting tired of you badmouthing the girl.

  8. 8

    I seriously just got post whiplash… I was away from the internet for 2 days and come on to this post. What? I say, I thought Lindsey was on Perez's shit list? Then I looked at the next 5 including this little gem "She CLEARLY has NO interest in listening to anything but her own spoiled impulses and delusions!" Well glad nothing has changed, Perez is still a hypocrite and Lohan has 9 lives. Got to love it. LOL

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  10. 10

    marketing and brand building. what group would want anything to do with her? oh….

  11. 11

    There are no more real new yorkers Mario. They all have moved to the suburbs. The last standing New Yorkers in the city are African American or Hispanic, and are in the process of being pushed out themselves. She is a long Islander. Natives no longer exist, as New York is being transformed into something…..'else'. See 'Crate & Barrel' or 'mediocrity' for reference. The Queen of England owns most of Manhattan, and has decided to transform the city into social elite club for clubbing trust fund children. North of 125th st. is the Bronx, Harlem and Washington Heights which will eventually become part of Manhattan and 'double its size'. The buildings north of 125th are all Pre-War buildings and have the best bones in the city.

  12. 12

    Wow, she's late. Everyone and their momma has a NoH8 picture and she's finally getting one after NY legalizes gay marriage? What a sheep…

  13. 13

    "…Keep up the positivity, girl!"??? Just two days ago you were calling her a hopeless case. You're such a two-faced bitch Mario.

  14. 14

    Bahaha she looks ridiculous!!!!

  15. 15

    Re: BeautifulDisaster311 – they obviously didn't offer her money beforehand like everyone else…

    they all got paid.

  16. 16

    Where are her freckles?

  17. 17

    now that is a lot of photo shopping! She almost looks her age and not a used up, chewed up 45 year old has been!

  18. 18

    Um, with photoshop anyone can look good. It looks like the brightness & contrast were adjusted to make her looks lighter & washed out, hiding her many flaws. She still looks like crap and her eyebrows look like they were attacked by something. You can bet the only reason she did this was to gain attention for herself. Jumping on any bandwagon is a surefire way to try to make yourself look better in the public light, but she's not fooling anyone. As a gay man, how can you fall for her bs? You should be outraged by it! All she's doing is USING the NoH8 campaign to get something out of it!

  19. 19

    Looks like she is making a mimic of the Calee Anthony trial. Love you Perez but please don't drop your standards to posting about this woman. When she proves that she does something that is her own idea then maybe she will earn her stripes back. In the mean time everything is eveyone elses fault so doubt she came up with this noh8 on her own.Would rather see your real interviews with real celebrities.

  20. 20

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – and you're from where? middle america? california? the most bullshit post i've ever seen on this blog ever.

  21. 21

    did they shoot this at her home? I kid. she can only go up from here.

  22. 22

    She's trying to get you to say something nice about her. And it worked!

  23. 23

    If you've seen the other NoH8 pictures, you'd see that all the celebs pretty much have the shit airbrushed out of them.

  24. 24

    Re: Team Kim Richards – Ah, that's gotta be it!

  25. 25

    Re: MsOverstreet – Exactly !!!

  26. 26

    Why don't they keep that tape on her mouth forever. lol THAT'S SO GAY! HAHA
    Being gay should be illegal. just thought i would put that out there. for all the gay sick fucks.
    you guys need help.

  27. 27

    Re: white_is_ugly – Nothing worse than a Queeny Porch Monkey…..

  28. 28

    great….there goes her social life…

  29. 29

    You absolute hypocrite!! You've spent the last week & a half being utterly horrible about her ('lost cause'- nice), but the second she shows her support of gay rights, you're all about the 'positivity girl!'? Two-faced prat. I hope she turns her life around, but if she's got any chance of doing that she needs support, not vitriole. I know she's screwed up many many chances but 1: we don't ever know what goes on behind closed doors, and the media have a habit of making up or embellishing what they don't know, 2: her parents would both sell her out for ten bucks & their picture in some rag & 3: at the end of the day, the girl's an addict. They all do stupid, selfish things, it's the nature of the beast. Until she has people around her being positive & helping her she'll continue to do this. So keep up the 'positivity, Perez', it might rub off on the rest of the tabloid low-lifes who make their money by trashing her & maybe we'll see a change.

  30. 30

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – There is no Queen of England. There's a Queen of Britain…

  31. 31

    She needs all the publicity she can get.. if she fixes her career after all the stupid shit she's done and shitting on pretty much everyone ..i will be in shock!

  32. 32

    Re: Yermaw – Very well said!!! And that Queen of Britain is a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenburg from Germany direct bloodline heir to the 1st Royal House of David under magician King Solomon! The Jewish Queen of Britain has a secpter as well.

  33. 33

    welp most people look at least this good or better with professional hair and makeup and super washed out overexposed camera work even before the photoshop

  34. 34

    : how very 2007.

  35. 35

    Wonder if she and Ronson will get married now.

  36. 36

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – Interesting to note. A lot of people in Britain who support the monarchy nowadays are BNP-voting, right-wing racist neanderthals, so it's always fun to point out that the people they want to 'go back home' would include their beloved Elizabeth & family, the whole damn lot of them being German & all… ^_^

  37. 37

    Re: Yermaw – My friend, I have for the last 3 months been trying to convey the truth about what the monarchy actually is in here, and I would say only 1 out of 100 listen or get it. Thank you for you commentary and input, it is clear that you understand what Europe is under the control of. The Royal Houses of Europe hold allegiance to the Royal 1st House of David under King Solomon, The white / black pope, Vatican, and the Black Nobility (13 original ruling families of Rome). The seal of King Solomon IS the 'Star of David'.

  38. 38

    Re: Yermaw – The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (1953), was indeed the 'Coronation of King Solomon'.

  39. 39

    wow, Perez, you are so transparent it's laughable.

  40. 40

    can you spell P-H-O-TO-S-H-O-P?

  41. 41

    Re: purplegloss – Im from New York City. Wipe the purple lip gloss from your open asshole and try and read my posts correctly using your brown eye. I think that eye might have the best vision for you. Stop gargling with refrigerated semen and try Tom's of Maine of baking soda. Then, use syllables and pace yourself when you try and have a conversation. I speak you listen. You speak I listen.