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Beyonce Makes History At Glastonbury!

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Thatta girl!

Beyonce made history at the landmark Glastonbury show Sunday night by being the first female singer to ever headline the festival's main stage.

She thanked her fans for making her "dream" come true as she performed at one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - rock festivals in the world.

She told the audience:

"I always wanted to be a rock star, and tonight we are all rock stars… I still can't believe I'm performing at Glastonbury."

Earlier in the week, she told the BBC:

"I am the first woman to ever headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Unbelievable. I didn't even know that. I was just told that two days ago… (I) never, ever thought I would be able to headline Glastonbury… I'm so honored that I am the chosen woman and I promise, ladies, I'm going to rock!"

And we're sure she did! You rule the world, Bey!

P.S. CLICK HERE to watch her perform Telephone and a medley of Destiny's Child hits!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Beyonce Makes History At Glastonbury!”

  1. 1

    I'm sure she was…OK…but all those ROCK fan's had to be disappointed…..she's just too

  2. 2

    I always..I still can't…I'm performing …I am the first….I'm going to rock! B sure does like herself

  3. 3

    i thought it was supposed to be a rock concert?

  4. 4

    i can not begin to tell you how many people HATED her being there at a "rock" festival. She is NOT a rock n roll icon. Next she will be getting inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame alongside POP star Madonna.

  5. 5

    no beyonce - you are not and will never be a rock star. just like mario's little ri-ri…….

  6. 6

    Can someone please update this - Tori Amos played Glastobury's Pyramid Stage on June 27th, 1998. Recognize.

  7. Max25 says – reply to this


    Im going to need PEREZ to make up his mind about BEYONCE one min she is SHIT and you cant wait for her to FLOP! and now you are prasing her… You are one crazy confused person!

  8. 8

    Tori Amos played the Pyramid Stage on June 27th, 1998. Recognize.

  9. 9

    The occult venue has a pyramid stage,how fitting…wake up sheeple.

  10. 10

    Re: jameskernan – Well, Tori Amos didn't headline Glastonbury.
    As for the other remarks, it's true Glastonbury has a lot of rock tradition in it, however, there are hundreds and hundreds of acts performing in the festival and, as we all know, many of them are not rock, but jazz, falk, R&B, soul, gospel, and any other genre - you name it. So why focusing just on Beyonce singing pop, when you have so many different acts representing other styles on other stages?

  11. 11

    who caaaares if she performed, QOTSA were on the other stage. they ROCKED!

  12. 12

    Screw Beyonce.. I was a big fan- but last night she was supposed to be like the epic act of the night at the BET awards.. and that fell through…. smh what a waste.

  13. 13

    People hate on her without even watching her perform. I understand shes no rock icon but she brought a lot of rock to her set through her ALL FEMALE band who performed many ROCK SONGS and also increased their rock style while performing.

    As for this other woman, beyonce is the first AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN TO HEADLINE not to perform but to HEADLINE.

  14. 14

    well if it's worth anything, Kylie Minogue was supposed to be the first woman to headline a few years back but had to pull out because she got cancer

  15. 15

    She was spectacular. The crowd was wild and got really into it, and she knew how to get everybody going. As for the people saying she doesn't belong at Glasto… It might primarily be a rock festival, but after 40 years, it's changed with the times and has added more and more different genres of music to its line-up. So stop complaining. Besides, her band did play a bit of rock music.

  16. 16

    I love me some Beyonce but, I think the point most people are trying to make is that there is a time and a place for her, and her music and Glastonbury just wasn't it. I have to say I agree!

  17. 17

    Flopyonce is mentioning herself that she made history, lol.she's so desperate and sad and boring

  18. 18

    shut it haters, they loved her there, she had the whole audience going crazy!!!!, she even got them all to say "hi BET!!" funny seeing all the rockers dance in the audience haha, this site has alot of haters, mini perez's haha

  19. 19

    how sad…..truly, truly sad.

  20. 20

    Re: AnonRYL – I don't think it has anything do with her being African American. Its a British festival and there are lots of black female singers here. We obviously don't use that term coz we're not American lol.

  21. 21

    B did indeed kill it at Glastonbury BUT Suzanne Vega headlined the Pyramid Stage in '89 so this story isn't true.