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29 comments to “Facebook Censors Another Harmless Photograph Of Guys Kissing”

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    really? 3 political posts about gays today? stop shoving your ideals down our throats. this is a website for CELEBRITY GOSSIP! Have you forgotten that?

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    I don't think it was actually "taken down", but instead it must've been reported as "inappropriately sexual" by some a-hole. When that happens, the content is immediately and AUTOMATICALLY removed by the system, or the server, until an actual HUMAN BEING from FB has the time to review the "offensive" content and either keep it down or restore it, as was the case here.

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    I don't think it was actually "taken down", but instead it must've been reported as "inappropriately sexual" by some a-hole. When that happens, the content is immediately and AUTOMATICALLY removed by the system, or the server, until an actual HUMAN BEING from FB has the time to review the "offensive" content and either keep it down or restore it, as was the case here. No need to be a drama queen, sweetie.

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    [re=5778273]Re: >^..^

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    Re: Kylieee – Did you forget this site is called perezhilton? he can post what ever he likes.. jeez.. go to a different site if it bothers you..

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    Re: KylieeeRe: Kylieee – UMMM…all you probably do is discuss politics. Get a life.

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    as it is this photo is sexually explicit and if this was a man and a women kissing like this then it would have been taken down as well so the world is not against you, not everyone who thinks a pic of two people kissing is a bit explicit means there a homophobe

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    I just had one removed. I was in the middle of kissing my wife. It was taken down. Relax, and enough with the complaining. You're creating more of a rift rather then bringing everyone together. Dildo.

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    Re: Tink66 – thankkkk youuuu!

  10. 10

    You used to censor every post that even slightly disagreed with you FatBoy. Then you realized you only had 3 posters left and stopped.

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    I have no problem with someone being gay - let's get that out there - my reasoning is - what people do in the boudoir is none of my business as long as all parties are consenting adults. I don't care who you love or who you marry. BUT - as a WWII nerd, I absolutely HATE the way the LGBT community has taken over famous icons such as the Kiss and Rosie the Riveter. I can't even wear my Rosie shirt, which I bought as a tribute to the US Home Front, because of its new-fangled gay connotations. People think I'm trying to make a statement on sexuality. Honestly, I truly am glad to see gay marriage becoming legal but please for the love of God, stop shoving your love life down my freakin throat! And stop using WWII icons to further the 'Cause'.

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    stop thinking everyone who is not gay is a homophobe. i used to be all for gay rights. i actually joined in parades but then people like you just take it to far and force your beiliefs on everyone and calls everyone a homophobe. its annoying and it has made me rethink about gay rights . you act like gay people deserve special treatment becoz there gay but they dont. they deserve to be treated like everyone else but you make it seem like there special needs or something. and homosexuality is offensive to some cultures and they deserve to have there beiliefs and opinions without people like you discriminating them and calling them homophobes all the time . its disgusting. you say equality for all but really you are discriminating anyone who dosent agree with you. i love your website and i come here to listen to "celebrity juice not from concentrate" but instead all i hear is gay pride and lady gaga. mate i think you need to rethink your website. is it a pro gay website or a gossip website??

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    Re: Kylieee
    just leave before he shoves other thing in your ass

  14. RegB says – reply to this


    Remember that time you made up that story about Will.I.Am and people said you deserved to get hit? Oh yeah, you can't find those comments anywhere because you CENSORED them all. Thanks BIG BROTHER

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Kylieee – Funny, gays have been looking at straight couples in clinches forever, and I don't recall them whining about straights 'shoving their ideals' down their throats; and I'm straight. Besides, it's personal sexual preference, not 'ideals.'

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    Isn't it when photos are reported multiple times in any category such as "content that is pornographic or contains nudity, or is inappropriately sexual" it will be removed temporarily and automatically as a safety function on the site? I'm sure if that photo was liked by hundreds, it was already disliked and reported by hundreds more. This could go for ANYONES picture if its reported enough. Its not about being gay or not perez

  17. 17

    where's the link to the photo? I want to like it too!

  18. 18

    Hey asswipe, if you're such a crusader for freedom of expression then post my avatar. You're the biggest hypocrite on the Net, you censor posts and pictures all the time. You're an ass with an agenda. Fuck yourself.

  19. 19

    I am beyond getting sick of this constant chat about sexuality these days. stick to gossip, dont want to here anymore.

  20. 20

    It's probably pretty tough to personally inspect EVERY picture that's reported, and LOTS of things are reported (not just gay photos). Since so many people hate gays, it was likely reported a lot. I don't agree that it's RIGHT to remove content which is offensive to many, though I understand that it's a relatively effective way of self-policing. They apologized and returned the photo. Since it was straightened out (no pun intended), it should be a non-issue.

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    As others said…if a picture is reported they immediately take it down till they review it, it happens to everyone, not just pictures of same sex kisses. I had a friend, who's an actual photographer, have a picture taken down because a man was bending over it and making it a clear butt shot…it happens. They put it back up, relax.

  22. 22

    Perez is a fat ass censor unless it is his agenda. Stop being what you claim to hate. Be the change you want to see instead of the hate you are creating!

  23. 23

    You make a huge mess for something so silly. They always delete photos with nudity and kissings and when verified they return it back or send apologizes. There are tons of pics in there that have to be checked cause its full of pervs.

  24. 24

    Re: AJ the Skook – Someone obviously ripped off the idea from WWII's The Kiss! You'd think there would be enough talent/creativity in the gay community that they wouldn't feel the need to steal ideas from someone else. Of course, Perez won't understand that, but he'd get ALL pissed if someone stole images from Gaga. I predict American Gothic will be next.

  25. 25

    It cracks me up that Perez has separate sites for fitness, fashion and pets, but his gay pride viewpoints don't deserve their own site? I wonder if he's afraid that he'll have zero hits on a Gay Pride site without the celebrity stuff sprinkled in.

  26. 26

    Perez you should the desription of your website from Holly Gossip to Hidden Homo Agenda no one eants to see guys making out you fucktard get it through that thick KY filled head of yours!!!

  27. Wrenn says – reply to this


    As a parent of 2 small boys…this is NOT a "harmless" photo. No one has the right to teach my child that the homosexual lifestyle is normal. It's not!!!!!!! I would rather offend the entire world than to offend God.

  28. 28

    No one wants to see your little perversions.

  29. 29

    Re: Wrenn – face it there is no god and homosexuality is scientifically proven wheras god isnt . (dolphins and humans can be homosexual because we use sex for both pleasure and reproduction) so it is normal. i feel sorry for your boys who have to grow up thinking that hating non christians and homos is normal because its not. you cant deny science. oh and the bible says that the earth started out 6000 years ago and we started from adam and eve. thats a joke in itself. the earth is billions of years old and we started from apes. get an education and get you head out of your ass. give your boys a science book to read that would benifit them.