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Boo! New DADT Discharges Confirmed By The Pentagon!

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Sad news. We can't tell you how this break our hearts.

This morning, the Pentagon confirmed that several more service men and women have been discharged under “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

As the policy's repeal is still pending, these discharges will most likely stick, with one service member's discharge approval set to go into effect this Thursday. Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez confirmed four airmen have been discharged under the policy in the last several weeks.

This has to end! These people deserve the right to be all that they can be - and that includes what they were BORN to be! We're appalled to hear that brave men and women are being denied the chance to prove their worth out of sheer ignorance. Deplorable.

When will this finally end???

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20 comments to “Boo! New DADT Discharges Confirmed By The Pentagon!”

  1. 1finn says – reply to this


    Did you not read the whole article "Harper said that all four individuals discharged had made voluntary statements regarding their sexual orientation and had asked to be “separated expeditiously.” ?? They asked and got what they wanted, so no case here.

  2. 2

    Its funny gays claim we are ignorant. But you say you were "born this way"..Obviously you were. But its a genetic fuckup. Bad wiring or a chemical imbalance in the head. Its no different than retardation..Gays really are dumb as fuck.

    oh and HAHA kick the gays out of the military..they are already a laughing stock. Most of our infantry or out of shape, poorly trained trigger happy hicks. We would get annihilated Germany's or Russia's army.

  3. 3

    Time for you to do a tour with the USO, Perez. Get your ass over to Iraq and Afghanistan. There are so many gays and lesbians waiting for you to come and support their cause. They want you to visit them. When do you plan on truly supporting the troops rather than partying in SF, LA and Miami?

  4. 4

    As slow as this process is, it's hardly one of the US's big problems. Maybe health care is more urgent? Mental health? 2/3 of the country under the poverty line? Perez, this is disappointing, but the turn this blog has taken is making it almost unbearable to visit anymore. Yes, gay rights are important, but don't discount what else is going on in the world.

  5. 5

    It seems as though they repealed it just long enough to get everyone to feel comfortable enough to come out, then they pulled it back so they could do some 'house cleaning' and fire them all. Sneaky creepy!

  6. 6

    this is so sad.

  7. 7

    At least some parts still believe in what's right, not like Queer York

  8. 8

    Re: NookiesWA – Maybe STR8s are the genetic fuckup…as common as weeds. Gays are the roses. BTW Germany and Russia, as well as ALL civilized countries, allow gays in their military.

  9. 9

    Here's the thing: when you sign up to go in the military, you know the policy of DADT….so, if you tell - then it's like breaking a contract. It's not a very good policy, but if you accept the terms of it, then you must accept the final consequence of the term as well.

  10. 10

    maybe they left ON PURPOSE. I know many many do anything to get discharged. minmum wage and your life indebted isn't as fun as it sounds. Besides.. I'm sorry but sex has NO room in the miliary! I think soldeirs should not have to worry about being raped or oggled. They are there to die for us. Go do bs things like sex on your own time.. not when we're paying you and you need to be focused

  11. 11

    Ummmm…. The people outed themselves. Obama chose not to change the regs. DADT is still against policy. They knew that. They asked for it. Just because one state granted gay marriage last week doesnt mean every gay related issue has been resolved. This isnt a biggie, they just had to wait a bit. We've got far more important national and international issues going on right now.

  12. 12

    why arent you talking about gaga stealing from the charity perez? i've posted that question ten times on diff stories and still nothing! take ur head from gaga's ass and tell the fucking story did she steal the money or not!?!? ur her best friend right? get the inside fucking scoop!!!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: tallguy10 – It's so backward, not being able to have a military career because of your sexual preference. As a straight person, I wouldn't get pushed out of flying fighter jets if I talked about an opposite sex spouse.

  14. 14

    Re: starlighht – THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!! If there's ANY comment on here that's worth reading, it's starlighht's post. (Not My Gumdrop Button's! makes a good point, as well).

    In my opinion, GAY or STRAIGHT, sex does NOT belong in the military. You are paid to go to those places to do a JOB, not to have intimate experiences with one another.

  15. awiz says – reply to this


    NookiesWA- Are you or anyone you know actually in the military? You are an ignorant person, how dare you speak about your service men and woman like that when you have no idea the sacrifice it takes, they fight for your freedom which is something that you probably could never do. That is a huge stereotype of soldiers and is, in reality, just a small percent of the reality. I support our troops but I DO NOT support how the military treats their service members. I would ask to be separated too, why would I want to be part of a communist organization that hates me? Being gay is not a choice, it's a preference. I don't like chocolate and as much as I wish I did, and everyone gives me a hard time about it, I can't make myself like something that I just don't.

  16. awiz says – reply to this


    Check out the Uniform Code of Military Justice which applies to military service members. Article 125 outlaws "sodomy" even when it occurs between two consenting adults of the opposite sex. It makes this act a crime punishable by court martial. Keep government out of our bedrooms!

  17. 17

    Re: starlighht – I'm sorry so am I to understand by your point, that if you are gay or lesbian and join the military you are doing so to have some intimate experiences??? DO YOU ACTUALLY HEAR YOURSELF WHEN YOU SPEAK??? Why, just because a person is gay does that put other straight people automatically in danger (to quote yourself) of being "raped or ogled?" You are a stupid person, who clearly does not know any gay people or anyone in the Armed Forces, and you really have no idea how bloody ignorant you sound!! Go and educate yourself some!!

  18. 18

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Love it.

  19. 19

    I went on a date with a recruiting officer from the army. Of course, I brought up DADT, because this is a controversial issue and I thought it would be interesting to listen to the insight of someone this rule effects. She was all for keeping DADT in tact and completely against being out to the military. I guess she was fearful of her peers treating her differently. At the time, I couldn't understand her reasoning. However, this was about a year and half ago and I am not out to everyone at work…my decision, because I prefer to keep my private life, private. But, I do think that ppl in the military should have the same option I have, which is if I want to be out to certain ppl I can and if I want ppl not to know my sexuality it is not their business.

  20. 20

    When United States Citizens enlist to serve their country.
    Thats exactly why their there. To serve there country.
    Not to have sex. Not to "rape" one another.

    Gay, Straight, or Bi, they all defend the Constitution.
    and each and everyone of them should benefit from it.
    "I thought the Constitution was Ultimate.
    I thought Equality was non-negotiable."

    "If you are not honorable to fight without prejudice, GO HOME."