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Introducing Ron Swanson Ice Cream

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If you're not watching Parks and Recreation yet, then honestly, we have nothing left to say to you.

No, but really, it's a HIGHlarious show with an incredible character named Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman.

Here's a little back story: Ron loves his meat, his scotch, and his privacy.

And if you put a plate of bacon and eggs with a glass of scotch in front of him and never tell him your name, then he'll become your best friend. Trust us.

So, now there's a campaign going around to get Ben & Jerry's to produce the Ron Swanson All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have Ice Cream.

Unfortunately, the flavor is just the figment of someone's amazing imagination. However, B&J did respond to the campaign with this:

"We're thrilled that a passionate and dedicated Pawnee city government employee like Ron Swanson (who is a shotgun of humor to the funny bone) is getting his just desserts. Ron's beliefs are in accordance with those of Ben & Jerry's - where two scoops of government can help the less fortunate and truly be a servant to the community and its citizens. Finally, for Ron's sake, we're happy that the recipe is almond-less; and we're thankful that the flavor did not include a turkey leg."

- All of us at Ben & Jerry's

Who knows? Maybe this delicious concoction just may become a reality.

Fingers crossed.

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