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15 comments to “Chris Brown Covers Drake! Releases New Version Of Marvin's Room!”

  1. 1

    Drake is getting fat. Corny video.

  2. 2

    everyone is remixing this song. and EVERY remix has been better then Drakes orginal version. but no one has done it better then JoJo, that girl doesnt play with her version.

  3. 3

    Chris brown's is WAY better than Drake's, drake doesnt even sing, hes just talking.

  4. Alien says – reply to this


    Still cant forget he beat the sh** out of Rihanna. Why are you supporting him Perez? He doesnt deserve the fame or attention.

  5. 5

    CB is a fucking douche bag and a piece of shit.

  6. 6

    I like Chris Brown's better

  7. 7

    you are such a f*cking sellout. why would you promote this animal? he's a loser. period. the fact that he still sells albums, gets awards and is here being promoted by your dumb ass is just pitifully sad. F Chris Brown. Anyone with an ounce of scruples has cut him off. Speaks volumes about you, Perez, that you're still on the bandwagon. Idiot.

  8. 8

    So Drake is telling the girl he could do better, than the guy shes with. And Chris brown is that guy in his version. right

  9. 9

    Drake's version is far superior. More emotion. More realness. Chris Brown's version is not a remix as much as it is a response to Drake's version. I don't care who Chris Brown beat into a wall. I love his voice. He is smooth sounding and can actually carry a tune. Rock on Chris, just keep your hands to yourself.

  10. 10

    Promoting Christ Brown is promoting violence against women. Anyone says anything homophobic, they're on your shit list for life. Some guy BEATS HE SHIT out of his girlfriend and plays it off like it's no big deal and it's totally fine. You're a liar and a hypocrite. You don't believe in equality, you're a sexist pig.

  11. 11

    love Drake
    don't care whose version is better because
    Drake is a much better person than Brown

  12. 12

    In general I don't understand the craze for this song (so many singers have done it and remixed it, which is why I say craze) i have no idea why so many people are re-doing it and adding to it- I think the song in general is just meh.. But then again I haven't listened to it enough to warm up to it.. but I like Breezy's voice so I guess I am biased.

  13. 13

    I don't really like this version. Jojo's version is most def. te best!!! Love her lyrics.

  14. 14

    For someone who doesn't like Chris Brown you sure do post a lot of shit about him.

  15. 15

    Re: EdgarAllanPoe – because he secretly wants to sit on CB's disco stick… lol