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Kevin Smith Gets Help Distributing His Flick Red State

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How does that tail feel between your legs there, buddy!

You may not recall, but Kevin Smith pissed off a lot of people at Sundance this past year when he bought the distribution rights for his own movie Red State at the festival after staging a huge auction for it. He paid himself quiet handsomely too - a whole $20 bucks - and then ventured off on a tour with the film across the country. He made a cool million off the venture, but now he's in need of a bigger company with more pull to take his thriller to the next level.

That's why, today, Lionsgate signed a deal with Kevin that gives the company the rights to distribute the title on all packaged media including video on demand, subscription video on demand, electronic sell-through and TV in the US. Kevin retains the theatrical rights, but there is still a lot of money to be made in the other platforms, so its a smart deal.

The film is scheduled to be released on multiple platforms in September followed by packaged media before year's end.

Did any of U see Red State during its 15 stop tour? What did U think?

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14 comments to “Kevin Smith Gets Help Distributing His Flick Red State

  1. 1

    red state was amazing. im glad i got to see it in denver.

  2. 2

    That tail between the legs comment is a bit disingenuous. The speech made at Sundance was only about the theatrical release in America. That didn't take into account the Video On Demand, DVD/Bluray or international distribution deals. I've been listening to the podcast on Smodcast.com from the beginning. This was always the plan. A new way of doing things. This is an artist bringing art to the people who want to see it. Also the only people Kevin Smith pissed off at Sundance were the few lazy, jackass reporters that actually had to cover something that wasn't the status quo. This pissed off the middlemen. This only pissed off people making money on the backs of someone elses art. For the artist and fans this is win/win.

  3. 3

    Red state is such a wonderful movie. Truly a horror flick and I hope it gets a bigger release date. It makes me scared to leave my beautiful state in fear of all the crazy (radical) people in America.

  4. 4

    Umm. He's actually made $5million. The film cost $4million to make and he is now in the black. There was also always going to be a full theatrical release. He refused to sign a deal because he did not want to pay for advertising that he didn't need. His statement was that he didn't need to spend a shit ton of money because the movie industry said so. He's won. He's the innovator and has opened up a lot of options for directors who don't get the full on "Hollywood" treatment. Good for Kevin Fucking Smith.

  5. 5

    this article made no sense to me so thank you for the posts with the truth. I have no recollection of Kevin pissing anyone off ever

  6. 6

    Also, it's pretty obvious that a) you didn't read the whole thing he posted, b) haven't been following what's happened so far, c) don't like Kevin Smith or d) just don't care.

  7. 7

    Tail Between his legs ?
    Are you kidding me ?
    Lets do a quick bit of math shall we ?
    4 million production cost.
    5 million made during nation wide tour
    Current earning ? 1 million
    Oversea's distribution deal for theatrical run and dvd sales…6 million
    Current earning ? 7 Million
    LionsGate distribution deal ? Unknown, but guaranteed over 1 million

    So lets be honest shall we ?
    Who gives a damn who he pisses off ?
    The man made a genius business move and now people are crying cause they
    didn't see what he had planned

  8. 8

    I'll support this HEAVY CAT in ANY project he attaches himself to, even if it costs me $19.95 a month to hear him jibber-jabber.

    I am ALSO very glad that there are so many supportive people here on Perez Hilton in regards to this EXCITING distribution news!

    Manipulating social media can feel so good at times.

  9. 9

    This is the perfect example of someone who doesn't do research on something before it is posted on his website. Kevin never said EVER that the movie wouldn't be released in theaters. I have listened to his podcasts for over a year now and this was ALWAYS the plan. he never ever made comments to the contrary.
    Mr. Hilton needs to do more research before he makes bold statements, or have his people who help with the website look into it for him.
    This is after all the same site that reports "OK", "In Touch" and other magazines like this as actual stories.

  10. 10

    Without a gimick Kevin Smith is toast. A 90's relic. One trick pony. Take your shit and disappear Kevin. Smith.

  11. 11

    I'm Listening to SMOD right now and won't stop. I can't wait to see Red State. I have always been a fan of Kevin Smith, his movies and everything he is a part of. I even liked Jersey Girl. I will see Red State as soon as it comes to Canada

  12. 12

    I had the pleasure of seeing this moving in Colorado. Not the normal Kevin Smith movie at all, but still had some serious funny points. It's like Seven meets Jesus Camp. Kevin did a killer Q&A after the movie, he explained that after this movie he has one more he is directing and from then on he will be a producer for "loser" movies that no one else will buy. He is a true genius-way to go Kevin hope it does well in theaters!

  13. 13

    ***opps not see this moving…..see this movie

  14. 14

    Kevin Smith is so awesomely high-larious! I also cannot wait to see Red State. If you have not listened to SMODcast or Babbleon yet….you are missing out!