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Introducing…The iPope! Vatican Gets A Twitter!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueTech Talk

Oh man, we wonder what this will mean!

Will all prayers now be in 140 characters or less?! LOLz!

Pope Benedict XVI made history today by not only getting an iPad at age 84, but by using it today to launch the Vatican's new website, News.va, and to TWEET for the first time!

The message read:

"Dear Friends, I just launched News.va Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI"

Check out a video from the big event (above)!

Glad to see the church is getting internet-savvy!

Here's hoping that they can get a little more savvy about their stance on gay rights!

Hey! Just saying!

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7 comments to “Introducing…The iPope! Vatican Gets A Twitter!”

  1. 1

    WTF, Perez! You've made so many posts against the Church and now you're skipping around because the Pope the tweeting. Your manic-depression is is making my head spin.

  2. 2


    House of Borja
    House of Breakspeare
    House of Somaglia
    House of Orsini
    House of Conti
    House of Chigi
    House of Colonna
    House of Farnese
    House of Medici
    House of Gaetani
    House of Pamphili
    House of Este
    House of Aldobrandini

    "The real Illuminist controllers being the PAPAL NOBILITY going back to the Ptolemaic Dynasties of Egypt. The Orsini, Breakspeare, Farnese, Aldobrandini and Somaglia being the five most powerful of all. The Papal Nobility created, commissioned and fine tuned their gatekeeper military order called the Society of Jesus (JESUITS). The Papal Nobilty don't even put their blood in the role of Black Pope or White Pope today, their in the shadows."

    "The Papal Nobility are higher than the families in the Black Nobility which some are aware of. You have the Aldobrandini in the Papal Nobility stemming from Ptolemaic Egypt. You have then the likes of the Pallavicini in the black Nobility. The Pallavicini's are Jesuits and I have a picture of their seal with the Jesuit IHS and Janus. The Papal Nobility created, commisioned, fine tuned and control the Society of Jesus who now control the Vatican since 1814.Papal nobility."

  3. 3

    "The Rothschild's are the old Bauer family. The Cecil's would laugh at this family who was desperate for their attention at one time. It took a long time for the Cecil's to bring them on board. The Cecil family were controlled by the giga-banking Pallavicini family (Jesuits) who've funded massive amounts to Britain for centuries. The Rothschild are mega-bankers but the Pallavicini and others are GIGA-bankers and a very hidden hand too but below the Papal nobility in power."

    "The Roundtable groups are of little power in this Holy Roman Empire. If you're speaking of the likes of the Pilgrims Society then the smaller RIIA, CFR, TC and so forth as its Satellites. You have to delve into the Roman system of old and its power structure over this global empire where it uses the British and American systems as just its muscle as such. The real brains are in Rome and the Far East where many of the Papal Nobility now dwell in various 'safe zones' "

    As you know from Venetian history, they had the secret 'counsil of ten', who throughout the history of Venice were always the UNKNOWN oligarchs. Somehow funds and projects would start appearing out of the blue around Rialto in the 400's, yet no one had a clue who was granting it. Was it the Byzantines, the Pope, or the Franks? Mysterous money flowing into a doomed project, we knew as Venice. The Jesuit Counsil also has ten people as heads, this is because of the Sephirot and Kabbalah.

  4. RegB says – reply to this


    That's what he says about your bullying and all the hatred you spread. You ignorant slob

  5. 5

    Ipope! You are brilliant the way you came up with these headlines.

  6. 6

    Tweet Jesus!

  7. 7

    "Here's hoping that they can get a little more savvy about their stance on gay rights!
    Hey! Just saying!"

    That is WRONG. Aren't you all for tolerance and acceptance? Please realize that since homosexuality is considered a sin in the Bible, a church cannot just change its stance on it. It's in the doctrine! You can't just disregard the views on gays and keep everything else. That is NOT was religion is. If my church began to condone homosexuality and go against the Bible's teachings, I would leave the church immediately. Please take your own advice and realize that not everyone has the same views as you. It's honestly very offensive that you would make such a comment, hoping that a timeless religion would change just to please the gay community. You're not changing for Christians, why should their entire belief system for you? Grow up.