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Sorry, California! Supreme Court Doesn't Mind If Kids Play Violent Video Games

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supreme court allows children to rent and buy violent video games

Sure, video games can be violent…but then again the city of Vancouver turned cars over and set them on fire when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup…so should we ban children from watching sports as well???

Whether or not you think your children should be allowed to rent/buy violent video games, if they live in California they're allowed to, because today the Supreme Court ruled that "it is unconstitutional to bar children from buying or renting violent video games."

According to the Supreme Court, the "government doesn't have the authority to 'restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed.'"

This decision threw out California's ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors due to the fact that the ban "violated minors' rights under the First Amendment."

What do U think about this? Do U agree with the Supreme Court's ruling?

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18 comments to “Sorry, California! Supreme Court Doesn't Mind If Kids Play Violent Video Games”

  1. 1

    Why would Californina care if kids are playing violent video games? They don't care about celebs stealing mink coats, jewelry, driving under the influence, smoking pot in public and having paps photograph it and put it in the media, etc. etc. etc. Californina is really screwed up big time.

  2. auds says – reply to this


    It's nice to hear the courts are actually doing something that makes sense. The government should NOT be telling people how to live their life. It should be up to kid's parents to determine what is and isn't appropriate for their kids to see.

  3. 3

    This is so fucked up. Why would it be ok for a kid to buy a violent game. this is the same society in which parents allow their kids to watch all the sexual shit that's on tv too. Like the jersey shore and all that other trash shit that airs on tv. Thanks very much, California for caring about the future of not only our kids but of our culture being flushed down the toilet. FUC

  4. 4

    It's not the Governments responsible to bring up children, the last time I checked, it was the parents responsibility. If you want the Government to lay down the law for everything we do or say or how we raise our children, then start up Communism again. Everyone needs to just stop and relax. Stop blaming others for your own problems. If a child is playing a game that nots appropriate in the eyes of the parents, then why are they playing them? Cause it's the parents lack of responsibility to manager and teach THEIR OWN CHILDREN…..damn

  5. 5

    I have to agree with the courts descision. Parents should be deciding what's appropriate for thier children, and monitoring what thier children see and do.

  6. 6

    It's not the government's job to parent children. If parents don't want their kids playing violent games, then the parents have to say no. We have far too much government in our lives as it is, and if adults don't want to parent their children, then they shouldn't have any. Our culture is being flushed down the toilet because of lazy, irresponsible parents who want to be "friends" to their kids, not because of bad TV shows or violent video games.

  7. 7

    Parents are responsible for banning what their kids can watch/play/red/listen to etc. NOT the GOVT. Why do liberals have such a hard time understanding this very simple concept. Pretty soon, the govt will start to restrict parents on what THEY can buy for themselves ? When does it end.

  8. 8

    But have you seen what's happening in pour society today. Parent's are not capable of making those wise decisions anymore. So someone HAS to step in. How is it fair to a child to have an unfair advantage because their parents are fucking morons and exposing them to sex and violence!! that is not fair for the child. If you see a child being abused, the state steps in right? well this is a form of abuse. just because you don't see the immediate affects of it doesn't mean it's not there. Parents are not responsible adults anymore. Parents are now behaving like kids themselves with what they watch and how they dress and behave. this is so wrong. Shame on all of you for not taking part in rpotecting children from irresponsible parenting.

  9. 9

    Re: pollopicu – I don't agree that I kid should buy a violent video game. But i don't think that should be the governments place to rule over either. Parents need to parent their own children, not have the government do it for them so they don't have to be the 'bad guy'.

  10. 10

    its good cause it also preps your kids for their military training!

  11. 11

    While I agree with the decision, it just goes to show the disconnect in America between sex and violence. A 17yo can't buy Playboy, but he can buy a game where he kidnaps, beats and kills a woman.

  12. 12

    There's a rating on the box… READ IT. My god I don't understand how easy it is for people to avoid their kids getting their hands on violent videos games if they don't want them too play them. The government isn't needed to tell us what we can and cannot play. Parents need to actually take responsibility and look after their own children.

  13. 13

    No, it's a perfectly sound ruling. They don't make the laws, they interpret them. And that's exactly what they did. If the laws change so will the ruling. UNtil then, let freedom reign.

  14. 14

    The parents responsibility…… if only more then half the parents out there actually gave a shit. I used to work at a rental store and was appalled by how many parents truly dont care. I feel so so sorry for my son having to grow up in todays lazy useless lack luster society. More so, what about the parents that do care, but the kids are renting or buying this shit without them knowing, cause believe me i dunno how many times i had a parent come up with a ten year old trying to rent GTA who had no idea what the premise of the game was…. who then were appalled when i filled them in.

  15. 15

    I see a lot of comments saying parents, not the justice system, are responsible for raising their own children, which I agree with. I also see a lot of comments saying people are not doing the job of raising their kids, which I also agree with. Maybe some of the money previously being spent on all the court cases to make these decisions should go toward parenting classes. Win-Win!

  16. 16

    If parents put any effort at all into parenting, this would be a non-issue. There are ratings on every single box. Don't let your 8 year old play a game that's rated T or M. Seriously. Those are not for children, they are for teens and adults. I have no problem with the court's ruling. Very, very few stores even sell the type of violent video game they were describing in the article.

  17. 17

    Re: pollopicu – I don't want the government in my life any more than they already are. The state is already too involved in what goes on in everybody's house behind closed doors anyway. If I want to beat my kid with a spoon because they talked back to the neighbor lady, it's nobody's damn business. It's blatantly obvious there isn't enough ass beating going on these days with all the talking back, disrespecting and laziness. When a child shows up to school everyday with black eyes, broken bones or is legitimately emotionally distraught (which doesn't include "bullying" from peers), somebody needs to step in. If you wanna talk "fairness", then lets just by every tom, dick and jane a fucken video game because it's not fair that johnny next door has one while jimmy doesn't - considering the government likes giving losers handouts, it's quite possible that could be taken into consideration and dumbasses would approve of it (as long as the games are age appropriate and all)……..

  18. 18

    It's very easy to say "it's on parents!!! You have to watch what you're kids are doing!!!" Because no kid ever sneaks porn or violent movies up to his room or anything. *eye roll* There's a ratings system on the games for a reason. Shouldn't it behoove the sellers/renters to do a little self-policing of a rated and often restricted product?