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Listen To This: Chills Us To The Bone

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Featuring an inspired Heart sample, Alone Again reminds us of Love The Way You Lie.

It sounds like a huge radio hit to us!

Check out the new song from Alyssa Reid featuring the Jump Smokers (above).



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26 comments to “Listen To This: Chills Us To The Bone”

  1. 1

    This has been playing in Canada for awhile now…

    …Also, why is it that artists can't seem to write a song that is all their own anymore? So many songs have 'samples' of other songs and for the most part they are songs that should not be remade in any way. Ex. Black Eyed Peas - Time of My Life. They BUTCHERED that song…

    I'm sorry but original is always better and I think more artists need to get back to the roots of writing their own stuff and not using someone elses. At this point they shouldn't even be called musicians but professional Karaoke singers.

  2. 2

    umm what? This song's been on the radio on loop for MONTHS. I'm friggin sick of it. Would much rather just hear the MUCH more talented Wilson sisters do their original take.

  3. 3

    ummmm holy your behind. this song came out like last november.
    *shakes head*

  4. 4

    I don't really see how it is like Love the Way You Lie..I guess it is ok but I hate when people try messing with older songs. If she would have came out with an original song and then released this after, I might have enjoyed it more because right now, I am comparing her to the original song and not what her real potential is.

  5. 5

    So, girls like this really piss me off.

    They have a great voice, but instead of writing a big power buster of their own, they sample an amazing song…

    By the way Perez… You're about … God I don't even know. MONTHS too late for this.

  6. 6

    very old song . been playing on our charts for months now.

  7. 7

    and really dont see how you can compare this to love the way you lie. there nothing alike.

  8. harty says – reply to this


    took you long enough. This song has been playing for months in Canada. Don't act like you've make some grand music discovery.

  9. 9

    Plays like an opposite version of "Love the Way You Lie". It's good, but doesn't quite have an "it" factor. The vocals never quite stretch enough. This may not work on American radio, beyond a Top 30 peak.

  10. 10

    i'm from canada, and i've heard about this song for a while. so i decided to finally give it a listen. MEH! if ya gonna copy a powerhouse song, sing it with a fuckin powerhouse voice. lately i feel the music industry should just shut down…minus a few exceptions

  11. 11

    These lyrics are from a band called Heart from the 80's. The original is so much better….

  12. Bytch says – reply to this


    You're kidding, right? This song has been looping for a loooooong time. Heart did it better too.

  13. 13

    this was "new" about three months ago. as usual Perez is right at the front of new things

  14. 14

    Re: RageKage1 – Pretty sure you need to check out your facts. It wasn't released with Jump Smokers featuring in it, it was P.Reign. So to tell me you heard it "months ago" on the radio, is in fact, wrong.
    Re: Fantasy – Also refer to the above statement. And she just realized her album a couple weeks ago, meaning original songs. Yes she did a sample, but who cares? She has her own music too.

  15. 15

    Bland and Generic, for the sound of her voice, to the music to the rap, could be anyone singing it. Pass!

  16. 16

    Re: NickDufour
    umm actually you dumb shit, it has been out for months now. jeeze americans are idiots

  17. 17

    i've never heard this around my area….thank god. Perez….seriously, you are gonna compare this to LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE!!!! NEVER INSULT EMINEMS CREATIVE GENIUS LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! You should apologize to him and all your fans for that because i honestly feel insulted if you are gonna tell me my favorite artist sounds like some crappy two bit singer who can't even write her own music! Eminem creates music that has changed peoples lives…. are you saying that this song moves people like eminems music!!!!!!!!! Outrageous.. this song is pure unadulterated crap. Lets take an AMAZING Heart song have some crappy singer re do it to be 10 times worse that the original and then add some terrible rappers to the mix. Why is this even on your page!! we are all used to this new rap scene of having a girl sing the chorus and then the guy rapping the verses….its nothing new….this isn't even a new song. I think you need to find better and actually good music to post. And please leave eminem out of it…..he is a genius. this song could have been written by a 5 year old……

    i usually agree with you perez but come on…….this is shitake mushrooms. DO NOT COMPARE IT TO EMINEM!

  18. 18

    im honestly still flabbergasted about this….. HOW DID ANYONE ALLOW THIS CRAP TO HAPPEN!!!! she sings hearts chorus SOOOOOOOO bad. She doesn't even try to put any feeling into it. I have done a better rendition of it in my shower!!!!! my poor ears….

    i can't believe they did this to my favorite heart song… she sounds soooooo bad singing it. its supposed to be belteedddd!! she doesn't feel anything singing it.

  19. 19

    Its been playing in Canada for so long that if I have to hear it anymore I'm going to be sooooo over it.

  20. 20

    Re: dreagirlxoxo – Couldn't agree more!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Haha this song has been playing for MONTHS!
    I guess maybe it never hit the states.. but it's been in the top 30 in Canada for a really long time now

  23. 23

    Re: xocasselinx – Actually YOU dumb shit, THIS version is new. She's a personal friend of mine, and I'm a CANADIAN, idiot, so stop acting like you know what you're talking about. If you read what I said, the version featuring Jump Smokers is new. The original, feating P. Reign, is the one you've been hearing on the radio. GTFO.

  24. 24

    I do not know how this song is even a hit. The original is so much better!! These artists nowadays just copy originals and throw in a rapper - lame!!

  25. 25

    Love it Lets hear more from this girl

  26. 26

    This is not the version in Canada with P.Reign It is a new release in USA with Jump Smokers. And I think she is great for just 18years old. I read that she does write her own songs on the new album released in Canada.