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5 comments to “Social Network Wars! Google+ Project To Take On Facebook!”

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    Terrible name and I don't see this doing well. Social Network sites are waning. Didn't you just report that FB has lost 60 million people? FB has been kept alive by gen -x soccer moms. I don't see them wanting to jump ship and start all over. Same with anyone else. I don't understand the privacy debate on FB. You can block your wall and any other feature they give you.

  2. 2

    Ugh I am so over social networks. I barely check FB anymore- its just another way for people to know way to more information about you- and it gives the gossipers something to talk about. Good Riddance to social networking- if you want to know whats going on in my life- pick up the phone and call sheesh LOL

  3. 3

    Here you go again promoting something you know nothing about… if you read the fine print of Chrome by Google, it gives them the right to read your ip information and a plethra of other personal info on your computer, it lets them see your passwords for any site you visit under the chrome search engine and so on… be prepared, I am willing to bet when you read the fine print on this new site, it will be just the same giving the extreme left wing assholes google are to get all up in your business… because remember folks it is important to commemorate and change the google logo on the web to celebrate the day the chinese communists came into power but not a single thing for Sept. 11, no honor to our troops one bit and I check every year… so, no, I wouldnt support Google if they PAID me to support them, not even 10 million and I am not a rich bitch… I struggle pay check to pay check like everyone else right now but refuse to support a company such as google … I have even switch to Bing for this reason… screw the google monster!

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    stargazzer, you're an idiot

  5. 5

    Can't wait!