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Chatting With… Nicola Roberts!

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As you all know, Perezza is a massive Girls Aloud fan, and we are LOVING all the solo songs we've heard from Nicola Roberts!

So we were quite chuffed to recent sit down with the ginger singer to talk about everything we and YOU wanted to know!

Of course, we chat about Cheryl Cole as well what the future really holds for Girls Aloud, we discuss Nicola's upcoming debut album, her cool musical collaborators, Sarah Harding's upcoming wedding, drama with Nadine - and so much more!

Read some excerpts from our interview after the jump!

And watch out chat in full (above)!

Perez Hilton: You’ve been very busy. Just released your debut single and music video which I love and I've heard some songs as well that are from the album. Some of have leaked but it's good leaks because its all been good buzz, and good press. But let's talk about the new music.

Nicola Roberts: Yes.

Perez Hilton: I think a lot of people were maybe very pleasantly surprised by the songs because it's not necessarily what would you would expect from a former Girls Aloud member. What was the process like when you started recording? Did you have a very specific sonic vision of what you wanted?

Nicola Roberts: I had a — yes, I had some kind of musical goal that I knew I was going to get to, it was just really long and frustrating actually getting to it. And I kind of did the rounds and I went in with different people, and just really trying to find people who could give me the sound that I really wanted, and producers that I worked well with. Obviously like I've only ever worked with Xenomania who wrote all of the Girls Aloud records. So that was a very new experience in itself like going to different people and learning how they work. And but yeah, it took me a little while for the sound to develop. But then as I got more comfortable and people I was working with where it worked with the right people and were able to give me the direction that I wanted to go in. So we finally got there in the end.

(Music clip)

Perez Hilton: And now you’ve been performing too on your own? You just did like the T4 Festival or something or —

Nicola Roberts: I did T4 I did and a couple of radio shows. I dipped me toes back into the Ocean at performing, and we have T4 on the beach in a few weeks and a few gigs rolling out as the time goes on. So I'm starting to get more, and more comfortable with just kind of being on me own on stage. And the first time I did that, I was like, ″Oh, where are they, where have they gone″? So yeah, I just think obviously it's a weird situation, I've never been in this situation before.

Perez Hilton: Now since Girls Aloud has been on hiatus, there have been a bunch of girl groups come and go. Maybe Saturdays have made their mark but there hasn’t really been one that has been as massive as Girls Aloud and people are really missing the band. And some folks are skeptical that you will ever get back together. Can you fill us in? Are there any plans, any talks –

Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above for answer.]

Perez Hilton: There's all these reports about Nadine and none of the girls really talking to her. When was the last time you spoke to Nadine?

Nicola Roberts: Just last week, it was her birthday.

Perez Hilton: So you called her?

Nicola Roberts: So she said that she was going to do a special dance to ″The Beat of my Drum″ in celebration. I haven’t seen photographic evidence of that. Maybe I should ask for it.

Perez Hilton: Yeah, I'd like to see that. And what about the other girls? Have you spoken to Cheryl recently?

Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above.]

Perez Hilton: I have to get back to Cheryl for a moment because they’re very newsy. What are your thoughts on the whole X-Factor/US drama?

Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above.].

Perez Hilton: But we haven’t seen Cheryl in a while. It seems like she's been in hiding and to me I don’t think –

Nicola Roberts: Do you know what that means? That means good, obviously the paparazzi haven’t gotten to her. So yes.

Perez Hilton: But that means to — but I don’t think she needs to hide. Like I don’t think she's done anything wrong or bad or that she should be ashamed of per say.

Nicola Roberts: I don’t think she's hiding.

[Check out the rest of our chat above.]

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