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Tom Petty Vs. Michele Bachmann

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tom petty vs michele bachmann

We have a feeling Tom isn't going to be the only celeb speaking out against Michele. Perhaps Matt Damon will have something to say as well. LOLz.

Last week, we were NOT pleased when we heard that Michele Bachmann attended a "conservative conference" in Minneapolis, Minn and took to the stage while Katy Perry's Firework played in the background.

As we said back then, given the fact that Firework is all about tolerance and acceptance, which Michele Bachmann is NOT, we thought her song choice was poor and hypocritical.

Now, Michele has pissed off Tom Petty for using his song American Girl while walking onstage during a rally that took place on Monday.

Tom's management team IMMEDIATELY sent a cease and desist letter to the Bachmann campaign after the incident.

Good for you, Tom! If we were in your shoes, we'd do the same exact thing!

Would U let Michele Bachmann use your music in her campaign?

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47 comments to “Tom Petty Vs. Michele Bachmann”

  1. 1

    Instead of obsessing about Bachmann can you explain how Obama is raising taxes and blaming the rich for the countries problems… Oh yeah he also had a brilliant quote by saying "Congress should be more like his daughters" because they do their homework a day early , congress should also do the same. This moron compares grade school homework to the hurdles congress faces. Great job celebrity prez

  2. 2

    Tom should let her use the song

  3. 3

    YES!!!! Michele Bachmann 2012!!

  4. 4

    Good for him… But I ask myself, when will she realize she does not stand a chance for Presidency?

  5. 5

    Do these idiot politicians not realize that they have to have written legal permission from the artists to have their songs play at rally's? It's not like their stupid rally's are back yard bbqs where only friends and family are going to hear it and you're not using for any kind of statement!!!!!

    I guess it's okay for politicians to break the laws that they themselves sign into the books.. but not for me to go and download some songs off of limewire.

  6. 6

    I never knew that I didn't like her. At first I thought oh what well put together lady and she'll do fine but then once all this anti-gay stuff came out and total narrow minded stuff happened I was just put off. what you see is not always what you get and I wish she changed up her game. Now Tom Petty is saying something about her really does show that there more people than just gays who dislike her. She has time to get it together but thanks to ego & tons of mouths talking in your ear enabling you will probably just be a more obnoxious version of herself next year.

  7. 7

    I think we should elect her just to piss off Perez.

  8. 8

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  9. 9

    Earn up to 50$ per tweet by sposoring a brand on your tweets

  10. 10

    The only positive thing about Bachmann entering the race is that she & Palin can each take votes away from Obama - he inherited years of idiotic decisions so, like the Titanic, he can't turn this country around on a dime. Nicky45: Since our congress acts like grade school children his analogy is very appropriate & if you really read what Bachmann stands for her platform should make you puke like it does me! I agree with MICHEALHOLLYWOOD & Tom Petty.

  11. 11

    Ten comments from Tom Petty, 2002: 1 Radio is not even worth listening to 2 All anyone thinks about is money 3 It's ridiculous to make people pay twenty dollars for a CD 4 Only a complete greedhead would charge $150 for a concert ticket 5 Record labels don't care about artists 6 Filthy lyrics make me sick " 7 Only a sick culture would sexualize young girls 8 Why are we rewarding people for being rich 9 And TV is worse 10 A lot of artists are as greedy as the industry

  12. 12

    Hey Tom: Is making millions good or bad? Perhaps, considering your wealth, you can just give free concerts from now on. You know, for the 'little' people.

  13. 13

    Well, Ted Nugent is a Republican. Perhaps she can take the stage to "Cat Scratch Fever!" LOL.

  14. 14

    Perez your 'reporting' skills leave a lot to be desired. In the item you don't actually say what song it was that she used without permission. Was it American GIrl? Or perhaps more suitably, Free Fallin' I understand that Bachmann is popular among among tea-baggers and I get why that is so but realistically, she doesn't stand a chance. The RNC loves her for fundraising ability but they prefer candidates who express their bigotry and lack of tolerance a little more subtly.

  15. 15

    I am not one of her constituents, but I am from her state. I can say with complete confidence that the fact that she was even elected to any public office is an anomaly to what minnesotans truly stand for.
    That said, no, I would not, unless I wrote an anti-minority song, in which I would not.
    I do not care for her stye of hetero and judeo-christian supremecy. She's a nutjob.

    Perez - perhaps you should do some investagative reporting regarding her husband's "mental health facility" - i.e. pray-the-gay-away therapy. I have half a mind to open an abortion clinic next door.

  16. 16

    Re: PalmSprings – I think I love you! OR at least your sense of humor!!!

  17. 17

    Re: nicky45 – Do you get your information from Fox News? I have a relatively good income but I know I could be taxed more. I think it is very American to want to do your part — by paying taxes. I like to drive on roads, I like to have someone on the other end when I dial 911, and if my house were on fire, I would like it to be put out by firemen. I like kids being able to read and I like to go to state parks and museums. TAXES FUND ALL THESE THINGS!!!!! I think those that make more because they have had the opportunity to becausae they live in America should give back more to America. If you actually knew what the current income tax structure is, and I assume you do not, and I know I do, you would likely understand things a little better rather than spouting off like an idiot.

    That said, Michelle Bachmann is the devil incarnate. I live in her state, as I said in an earlier post, and she is 100% certifiable. If it were a race between Palin and Bachmann, and a gun were put to my head having to vote, I'd probably vote Palin.

  18. ptay says – reply to this


    hell yea tom petty. this morons song should be send in the clowns, haha john wayne gacy lover!!!! Re: nicky45 – oh get over yourself. thanks to obama, who you so annoying complain about, my heaps of student loans will be forgiven in 10 years, as will anyone who goes into public service. do you or any other obama haters care about that? no, because you choose not to educate yourself on the wonderful things he is doing for us because all you want to do is find the bad because you are so ignorantly focused on hating him. i pity anyone who is that sort-sighted.

  19. 19

    Petty should be paying Bachman to use the song, as the lyrics are ignorant and the song is lame. He's an old outdated performer that nobody wants to hear anymore.

  20. 20

    Re: ptay – I'm sorry that I make much more money than you and I have paid 39 percent of my salary to taxes already. I also donate money to local charities. Don't bitch like a little child because of your situation. Do something about it and don't wait for handouts from the people who worked harder than you. You pity right wingers? How ironic. Oh yeah your brilliant prez just stated that his daughters are 13 and 10. The only problem….. His oldest is 12…. what a genius.

  21. 21

    Re: missfields – I don't think anyone would mind if you put a gun to your head.

  22. 22

    I'm from Minnesota, her district no less and you give her more GD press than she gets around here!!! I hope she does get elected just to piss you off!

  23. ptay says – reply to this


    Re: nicky45 – hahah jeez, anger management much? you act as if im using welfare or foodstamps to pay for my college. thats great if your parents could pocket 80k to pay for your college education, but my parents, nor myself, along with the majority of the population, cant. i believe my word were i pity " anyone who is that sort-sighted." i was not targeting any political group, but you, my friend, stated "i pity right wingers." therefore, according to you, right wingers are sort sighted. also, i never asked for handouts, just merely thankful that my loans will be forgiven thanks to my president. perhaps instead of donating to charities, that money would be better utilized on a reading comprehension course. lastly, his oldest daughter will be 13 on july 4th, a few days from now, its called rounding, many people do it with age. it can be learned in a class called math, not to be confused with reading. i know, its a lot to take in.

  24. 24

    i love hoe people's gut response is "omg he is old no one cares" even though -all- his tours always sell out, and sell out stadiums. he's not doing this for publicity, he did the same thing when G W Bush used "I Won't Back Down" during his campaign. Petty's got morals and the right to decide how his songs are used (if you notice, he rarely if ever even lets his songs be used in commercials or even films, occasionally sure but when you think of how iconic some of his stuff is, it's not that often)

  25. 25

    If Tom owns the song, he can tell her to fuck off. Bachmann is a right-wing fringe lunatic who hates America.

  26. 26

    Why do these stupid musicians think that just because their song is playing in the background that they people are stupid enough to think that musician endorses the politician????? It's just a damn song!!! We all know that the vast majority of the music industry is liberal.

  27. Waboo says – reply to this


    Prediction: In twenty years Katy Perry will be one of those new-born Evangelicals going all crazy and stuff on the news condemning people, claiming to have rediscovered Jesus. It'll be glorious.

  28. 28

    Re: nicky45
    I get that everyone could probably pay a little more in taxes. But, for those of you that are volunteering-please go ahead. Send that check in. For those of us that pay way more than their share, I don't think so. ALL politicians need to reign in their spending. There's nothing stopping you from sending in more money to the IRS if you like.

  29. 29

    Re: ptay – Rounding? God im done with you.. Stop arguing with the grown ups and go play.

  30. 30

    I've always respected Tom for his talent and his basic human decency. Now my respect for him has tripled. Bachmann is what happens when you drink really BAD KoolAid, and she drank the whole pitcher — she is one scary mutant who represents the worst of this country.

  31. 31

    Re: ptay – Mon ami, some of us paid our own way through college with no student loans or government handouts. I started working full time at 15 and continued working until I graduated University after 5.5 years. I lived in an small apartment full of cockroaches with 3 others. I ate PBJ's everyday. I didn't have cable or cell service. Some of the conveniences that some assume they need, can be done away with. BTW, I am not a Republican. I have lived abroad in Europe and in third world countries. Americans are so spoiled. I am not saying that you are. But lethargy and dependency will be our ruin.

  32. 32

    Love your music, Tom but this is petty, petty, petty. All you are doing is giving this woman more publicity. Leave her alone and she will vanish. Keep her in the headlines and she becomes viable. One of the basic rules of human interaction: Ignoring someone is far worse than giving them attention of any kind, negative or positive.

  33. 33

    Re: nicky45

    Do you have a brain? Who caused all of our countries problems? B U S H !!!!!!! Our government had surplus of bucks when Clinton left office. You must have a rich greedy father. You are immoral.

  34. 34

    Re: nicky45 – he can only use these references because he is not experienced enough to do this job. He was 'groomed, picked, whatever work you want to use, by the liberal party, for the job. Libs probably had 2,3 black politicians picked out to run for Prez for the time was right and the time was right and he just stepped right on in. Look, in Illinois, he voted PRESENT for most of his votes. And most people did not question it and STILL VOTED HIM IN! If this was a REPUBLICAN, well, every Republican Candidate, or potential Cand. GETS EVERY WORD THEY SPEAK ripped apart word by word. So, Nicky, Getting back to M&S's Homework, Do either one of them have HOMEWORK OVER 2700 PAGES IN LENGTH? when they do, Obama can CROW!

  35. 35

    Michelle Bachmann is the biggest asshole — have you ever listened to her interviews? She NEVER answers any question — just blah blah blah "I'm for the Constitution" bullshit. In Minnesota she is known as a total loony fucking nutcase. At best, she's simply a scary bitch, worthy of a Halloween party decoration.

  36. 36

    Re: ptay – Hey, ptay: Your response already has been sent to the Feds to investigate your "student loan default" theory. What a loser you are. It doesn't matter who the fuck is in the White House: Pay your fucking bills and don't ask others to pick up your tab like a worthless loser.

  37. 37

    Re: La Vaquera – Chicita…I must love you because of your avator. But, hon, you make some good points but in a mean way. Can you soften it up a bit?

  38. 38

    Of course Perez hates her. She's not a marxist, she's a Christian, and she's a women…everything Perez hates. Haters get blinded by their narrow views.

  39. 39

    Re: Matrix

    You are a cun*t.

  40. 40

    Re: La Vaquera – Well saidRe: justtfax – Good point.

  41. 41

    it's his art, and i think he's earned the right to decide how it's used.

  42. 42

    She is part of the American Taliban, right behind Mulah Palin.

  43. 43

    Re: nicky45 – Is it true that you're the first living brain donor?

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: PalmSprings – LMAO, or there's always Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo, or Free For All, or Dog Eat Dog, Stranglehold, Street Rats, or I Love You So I Told You a Lie.

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Guesst – Have you heard his little ditty 'I Won't Back Down?' This is likely on principle, not about his getting paid. Maybe he just likes to be asked first.

  46. 46

    Good for him. As far as I can tell, he's not making a big ol' deal about it. He's not on some publicity binger or looking for a pay check…he just doesn't want his song used by her. Right on.

  47. 47

    Kid Rock: for the American Red Necks he appeals to - and so does she.