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Columbia/Epic Label "Really Happy" With The Sales Of Beyonce's 4 So Far

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This is good news for Beyonce. It means her people are behind her no matter. Security is the last thing most aritsts have this industry.

We considered Beyonce's inital sale numbers for 4 disappointing, but apparently, her label doesn't agree with us. Ron Stringer, Columbia/Epic Label Group's Chairman, exclaimed that the label is nothing but thrilled by the way the album has performed so far. In fact, he calls the sales "vindication" against those who said she was poised to fail. He explains:

"All the speculation that gets around is frustrating when it's just not true. The story about us being unhappy with the record and stuff is just not true. There's never been any doubt or conversations about moving the record or changing it… Those conversations never existed. We're really, really happy with it … We thought the record is great from the beginning, and some of the stuff that is happening now is vindication of it."

If you guys are happy, and Queen B is happy and no one is complaining that her last album sold better, than we guess it's all good!

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30 comments to “Columbia/Epic Label "Really Happy" With The Sales Of Beyonce's 4 So Far”

  1. 1

    looooool this asshole doing it again!! i cant believe perez please hang yourself…

  2. 2

    Beyonce is a genius, Icon, Legend! We will be celebrating her hard work when shes older like we do Tina Turner, Patty Labelle and all the rest of the legends!

  3. 3

    personally, I think it sucks like the rest of her "music"

  4. 4

    Ha, you basically said it sucked in the last post about her album, now you're kissing her ass?

    Not only are you wrong, as usual, but you make yourself look completely biased..

  5. 5

    you still had to get that little dig in at the end though didnt you about it not selling aswell as I AM. Your a fool, get your tongue out of lady gagas arse already

  6. 6

    "as long as no one is complaining that her last album sold better.." really? Are you that full of hate, you just had to throw that in there? I'm going to pray for you. You are clearly a v

  7. 7

    Very disturbed person.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Gaga's last album sold better, everyone is complaining about Born This Way so I guess that means Beyonce for the win. You fucked yourself as usual.

  10. 10

    Wow. WTF is your problem, Perez? You sound like such a devious little hater. At least Beyonce didn't cheat to boost up her record sales like Lady Gaga did by selling her record thing 99 cents on Amazon. Beyonce got her sales the honest and fair way, unlike your girl, and that's to be commended.By the way, Beyonce is currently number 1 in 14 countries. Why TF aren't you gossiping about that?

  11. 11

    Considering the current climate of the music industry, The decline of album sales in general since Beyonce released her last album, the rather short amount of time taken to promote the album (the single's been out for two months but there hasn't been much focus on selling the actual album until recently), and the lackluster chart performance of Run the World (which she's pimped the hell out of on practically every major show in the last month or so to no avail) I can understand why the label execs would be pleased with the projected sales numbers. She's pretty much selling this album on name recognition alone, which is a testament to how strong her fan base is. She really need to rack up at least one hit song this year for the sake of the albums continued success but for now It's a very solid number… all things considered…

  12. FS says – reply to this


    when did beyonce turn into a white chick?

  13. 13

    GO BEYONCÉ! I LOVE the album. Very, very mature. #1 in 14 countries, AND Hits Daily Double doesn't include her deluxe album sales, iTunes or Amazon! Beyoncé is back stronger than ever.

  14. 14

    love this album, it so sexy.

  15. 15

    people say she would flop And she's selling more first week than britney, Rihanna AND KATY. All of them had #1 singles before their album leaked.
    Beyonce had a "flopped' single with little promo(in the US) and a 3 week leak. so this is amazing numbers!

  16. 16

    Really, Perez? Your obsession with destroying Christina Aguilera's career was last summer. Is it now Beyonce's turn to get tarred and feathered? Why do you do this? Is it because Beyonce and Christina can sing Lady Gaga into the ground? Is it because you wanted them to make easily-accessible pop music forever, but they chose to go a different direction? I just don't GET it. The CD's put out by the New York Philharmonic never even make it into the Billboard Top 200. And yet, that's HARDLY an indication of lack of talent, hard work, and/or high-quality music-making. On the contrary, those musicians are so talented, intelligent, musically-educated, and hard-working that they put virtually every artist who has appeared on the Billboard 200 to shame! You go ahead and ask Katy Perry whether phrases are best interpreted with vertical or horizontal motion. (And that's just the tip of the iceberg.) Shut the fuck up about album sales numbers. They don't mean shit in today's artistically-uneducated society. Considering how much of a stylistic swerve Beyonce did with this new album and how long she has been in the business, she's doing just fine with her sales.

  17. 17

    Re: goldvvvv
    not good for flopyonce

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nice flip flop. Did they phone you about the last article?

  19. 19

    well i dont really like her but hey you fat pig you probably hate her and wnt her to fail because you only want caca to be the queen

  20. 20

    Perez, or the one who wrote this article, I do really and DEEPLY hope that you' guys will be the one to tell us when THIS album is number one. ^^ Thanks

  21. 21

    Gaga's bitch is making me love Beyonce more and more with his hate and poorly put sarcasms.

  22. 22

    you're such a dick! Just because its Beyonce you think 300,000 in the first week is shit…yet if that were Lady Gaga you'd be praising it. Her album is amazing. She didnt sell it for 99p and it doesnt sound like every other dance record out there!!

  23. 23

    Re: goldvvvv – this is so true, dont forget britney and beyonce both had their albums leaked one month ahead of time, gagas was leaked 3 days before release, its sad all my friends had bey and brits cds way before release, so i see why their sales arent like their last.

  24. 24

    All i've heard from this album was the first single and its was horrible.I hope the rest of he album is 50x better.

  25. 25

    Re: Henwii – Don't make excuses, real fans wouldn't steal music they would buy the real CD or official download instead. It pisses me off how many young people seem to think that illegal downloading is okay, it is NO different from walking into a shop and putting a CD in your pocket and how many people would do that? Theft is theft and the faster that message is got across to the illegal downloaders the better off ALL musicians will be, sales these days of any album are shit compared to the 80's and 90's and its all down to illegal downloading! It should be treated exactly the same as shoplifting and prosecuted as a criminal offence in court, make a few examples and watch the sales go up ;o)

  26. 26

    Run the world did NOT flop. It's sold over 850k copies so take that in your pipe and smoke it.
    + Perez, what goes around comes around. Carry on with this unnecessary hate and you'll see the consequences.

  27. 27

    Re: lorraine84 – i wouldn't call her a genius cuz she can't create or write ANYTHING, only shake those fat hips and sing the half song live, she's got a voice okay but that's it

  28. 28

    Meh not into her new album.

  29. 29

    The world wants LADY GAGA !

  30. 30

    I'm just wondering how you thought that Cher Lloyd's new song, Swagger Jagger was good but you don't like this album. I could understand maybe if you didnt like that song, but you do and that song is horrendous so that makes me and others not care about your opinion