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Parentz Will Be SO Pleased! Bratz Making A Comeback!

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bratz dolls are back after mga win in court

Nice try, Mattel, but you can't keep a good Brat down!

Following a long, drawn out legal battle between Mattel and MGA entertainment over the rights to Bratz dolls, MGA won in court back in April, and NOW Bratz are back!

MGA is currently in the process of relaunching Bratz dolls, and it looks like they're gearing for a major comeback!

Here's what MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian had to say about the return of Bratz:

"It's not going to be easy and it's not going to happen overnight."

According to Larian, the new Bratz will continue to represent "multi-ethnic fashion dolls that take their cues from pop culture trends," only this time they'll be "even more edgy."

The new collection of dolls include mask-wearing "Masquerade by Bratz" dolls, color/glitter-wearing "All Glammed Up" dolls, pajama-wearing "Sleepover collection" dolls, and there will be a holiday-themed doll in a "somewhat racy Santa outfit." Yikes!

Here's what Larian had to say about potential backlash from parents over the controversial dolls:

"We got a lot of criticism that Bratz are sexualized dolls. Bratz are about instilling confidence in young girls."

"It's not necessary to make mothers happy. We want to make kids happy."

Given the fact that a lot of parents will be buying these for their children, it MIGHT not be a terrible idea to make mothers at least somewhat happy.

Then again, Bratz dolls have been super successful over the years, so maybe it actually doesn't matter too much.

How do U feel about the return of Bratz? Would U buy them for your kids?

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8 comments to “Parentz Will Be SO Pleased! Bratz Making A Comeback!”

  1. 1

    Yes, let's show our daughters how to look like a fancy whore with glitter. Way to instill confidence. Any wonder kids are having sex at 10?

  2. 2

    Bratz drive me crazy! Why would you want your daughters to play with dolls that look like little hoochies? They are not appropriate for children!

  3. 3

    I have three children and they all adore the Bratz. Bratz to them are an inspiration, they are beautiful dolls and they teach chidren about being true to yourself and never giving up. The Bratz have big lips so what? My children have big lips, is their something wrong with them I do not think so! Bratz are unique, and im sick and tired of people talking badly about them. You parents have no clue about how kids feel about these girls with a passion for fashion! If you just observe them closer, like watching their tv show you would know that the Bratz are a good example!

  4. 4

    I don't see what the big deal is. They're a little flashy, so what? Barbie is a little too perfect with her blonde hair and blue eyes and 32" waist- but they're dolls. Toys!

  5. 5

    I agree Sterling 47. Why all the hate for Bratz? They are plastic dolls that look no more Hoochie Mama than Barbie and Monster High. I can’t help but think that all of the Bratz haters actually work for Mattel (you know, the same Mattel that has to pay Bratz $85 million because they were caught stealing?) Any educated, sane parent knows that good parenting brings up good kids. Plastic toys, whether it be Bratz or any other fashion dolls, aren’t going to change that.

  6. 6

    Freedom of self expression is so important to all of us….yay for Bratz! Take that away and you're left with boring, everyone is the same…boo! Never change Bratz!

  7. 7

    I love my Bratz! There are a lot worse things for kids. Has anyone watched the Disney Channel ??!!!

  8. 8

    OH MY GOD I HATE PEOPLE WHO THINK PEOPLE'S ACTIONS ARE AFFECTED BY DOLLS Get a grip how about teach your child some self confidence so they dont feel the need to look like the bratz or whatever you think is going to happen? hahahahaa I played with barbies all the time and belive it or not DIDNT gain an eating disorder just because barbie's waist was small..