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Check Out These Fright Night Character Posters!

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Fright Night UK Sheet 1

The U.K. gets everything cool! From these Fright Night character posters, to Royal Weddings, to spelling "neighbour" with a "u" — the list goes on and on!

Ha! But really, check out these rad posters from across the pond. We have to admit, this is one remake we want to see!

Plus Colin Farrell looks like a badass as a vamp!

What about U? Are U digging the Fright Night?

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8 comments to “Check Out These Fright Night Character Posters!”

  1. 1

    Your such a pretentious homo.

  2. 2

    ok, whoever photoshoped the girl. hint: THE HEAD! completely f*** up! lmao!

  3. 3

    let sleeping dogs lie………

  4. cknee says – reply to this


    the list actually ends at royal weddings and spelling neighbour with a "u"

  5. 5

    Yet another bunch of actors hopping on the "twilight-vampire-werewolf" bandwagon, trying to make themselves look cool because the current flavor of the month is and will be Twilight (for at least the next 2 years). If you really look at it Twilight's isn't a great success. The movies get bad reviews, and the movies don't even make above $709 million. With the amount of attention and hype the series gets, youd' think it would make over $1 billion, or at least make as much or more than Harry Potter-but NO! Are there really any vampire "spin-offs" out there that are actually successful? True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and that's about it. Other than that, any other vampire movie or TV show bombs. I wonder how Fright Night will do… BOMB!

  6. 6

    Re: eyeh8twilight – for hating twilight so much, you surely talk about it enough…….

  7. 7

    From a design perspective these posters are generic and awful - like a CW television show promo. Once again, stick to what you know…. What is that again?

  8. 8

    Re: eyeh8twilight – seriously, you don't like it, don't watch it. Fright Night is really cool and now with Colin Farrel…aaaaaaai! delish!