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Diablo Cody Directing Her Own Christmas Story

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Indie fans, listen up!

The screenwriter famous for penning Juno has been given the chance to direct her latest project, Lamb of God.

The holiday flick, to be produced by Mandate Pictures, won't be your typical warm and fuzzy, watch while you drink hot cocoa film. Instead, you'll follow a woman who loses faith in God after a horrific plane crash, but later meets up with him again as a sinful Vegas gal.

Oooh, dark Christmas plot meets indie writer humor. We likey!

Diablo Cody, having collaborated with Mandate before, is super eager to step into that little black chair. The writer states:

If I hear a certain type of music for a scene, I don’t have to shyly suggest it. I can use it. If I picture an actor in a role, I can offer them said role. I’m accustomed to riding shotgun and for the first time, I get to be the Captain and Tennille. Holy shit.

Did ya hear that hipsters? She's gonna pick the soundtrack! Start tumblin!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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8 comments to “Diablo Cody Directing Her Own Christmas Story”

  1. 1

    In this picture, she looks like she could be Dita von Tese's sister. They have a very similar face and smile. If Diablo put on a long black wig, 40's style and some vintage clothing, she could stand in as a Dita double! That said, I guess if Dita cut off her hair and sported some new tats and gave a big smile, she'd pass as Diablo's sister. ha

  2. 2

    what the fuck is that shit on her arm………

  3. 3

    If only she would get rid of that stupid fucking stage name, i might be able to bear 1 more teenage girl angst ridden film of hers.

  4. 4

    One Hit Wonder needs to STFU and get naked again.

  5. 5

    Is that the a Little Mermaid tat on her arm? She has got to be regreting that shit..

  6. 6

    Classic beauty.

  7. 7

    She's really pretty, but I'm not sure about the Amy Winehouse tat, movie sounds cool thought!

  8. 8

    The basic movie plot sounds good, please lose the tattooe, they look terrible.