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A Glimpse Into Little Eden's Future!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueSilly!

After all the pageantry and pink is gone, all that will be left will be a girl with broken dreams and severe emphysema from the hairspray fumes.

Sad. HIGHlarious … but sad!

Have a look at listen to little Eden sloooooow down and talk about her hairspray! (above)

Too. Many. LOLz!!!!

Let this be a warning to all of you toddlers in tiaras out there! This can happen to you!!!

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24 comments to “A Glimpse Into Little Eden's Future!”

  1. 1

    Hello future COKEHEAD PORNSTAR! Charlie, jot down her name for future reference, WINNING BABY!

  2. 2

    So sad that these little girls are being trained at such a young age to be flirty and provocative with adults, and that looks are the most important thing about a person. Also sad that Perez promotes child exploitation.

  3. 3

    For a real glimpse into Eden's future, just look at that 16 year old who married a 51 year old man.

  4. 4

    There is absolutely nothing funny about that at all you sick idiot. Toddlers and Tiaras should be banned, pageants for children should be banned, it's sick. Shows what kind of person you are to make fun of it, when the little children are suffering trying to make their parents happy and knowing nothing better than to think it is right.

    Laugh your ass off you sick fuck, and all you parents who put these kids in these shows should have your kids taken away. You're all sick too.

  5. 5

    Let this be a warning to all you kids out there, if a blogger constantly writes posts about children, he's probably a bad touch creeper.

  6. 6

    You get creepier every day, if that's possible. You think this is sad but not sad enough to stop you from taking their advertising dollars and promote it on your site. You're two-faced, and both are ugly and fat.

  7. 7

    LOL I watched the episode with her and the other little girl McKenzie.. and they have such old snotty personalities..LOL.. which sucks because they are still little girls. It seems like these pagents just strip them of being little girls. Poor sweet babies

  8. 8

    We're making fun of kids now?

  9. 9

    What's going on Mario Pedobear…..ewwwww. This show shouldn't exsist. it's only for perverts and freaks. Stop post shit on this horrid show please. These creepy fucking woman who dress there own 4 year old's up like town hookers all painted and wear fucking hoochie outfits…do they watch this show back and see how wrong it is. Do they see what FREAKS they all look like. These fat bitchy mother's are obviously trying to live the hooker fantasies out through their very own 4 year old daughters it's so sad.

  10. 10

    Back to making fun of children I see. So when will you post upskirt shots of the next underage Disney queen? Frickin' perv.

  11. 11

    Horrible child.

  12. Xenu says – reply to this


    Only future she has is probably working the pole at the local low rent strip bar in her podunk town.

    parents stop blowing G's on this pageant and sports crap and drop them off at the local library and get them to READ. maybe they can be a doctor, scientist, inventor or soemthing useful.

  13. 13

    Re: edmonton – Of course she is a horrible child. She has been trained by her mother and these pageants to be extremely superficial.

  14. Xenu says – reply to this


    Only future I Lord Xenu, can see, Is her working the pole and the local seedy strip bar. If she is lucky she might just use those lifelong skills and values she learned in the pageant circuit to climb up to prestigious position with the C-Squad.

  15. 15

    This show just cracks me up. When these cute little girls become dysfunctional teenagers, their mom's are going to wonder why……They are super bratty at this age, I can just imagine.

  16. 16

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal

    Shut the fuck up you dumb cun*t. T&T is hilarious entertainment. If I had a kid I would force her into the glamorous/exotic life of full glitz pageants. You are simply jealous because you weigh 300 pounds and only eat cheesy potatoes.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    That was really dumb…

  19. 19

    I hope her mother gets rammed up the ass by a José Baez look-alike while she goes down on Roy Kronk.

  20. 20

    Make's me sad these kids are being subjected to all of this bullshit just to cater to their parent's ego.

  21. 21

    I feel terrible I laughed lol

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Too funny for words!!! :) Truly shows her shining personality. That show makes me sick how you see what mothers put their child thru to try to prove that their pretty. I think they are all just trying to live vicariously thru their poor kids. This one's done for.

  24. 24

    way to post this