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Profiting From A 2-Year-Old's Death Is NOT Cool! New 99-Cent iPhone App Streams Casey Anthony Murder Trial

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casey anthony iphone app

Well, this is kind of sick.

For 99 cents, the same price as a pack of Sweet Tarts, iPhone users can purchase access to a live stream of the Casey Anthony murder trial. Personally, we'd go with the candy.

For those of you wondering if the app is worth your time, the Florida trial involves a mother who's been accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, and hiding her body in a car trunk. She's been charged with first degree murder.

Here's what the company behind the app, Progressive Lifestyles, had to say about its success earlier today:

"Crazy day in court and a crazy day for downloads."

"So an hour into thursday there are 100 Casey Trial LIVE Streaming iPhone iPad iPod app downloads! this is crazy!"

We're sure this will appeal to some people, but it's a bit disturbing that a company is profiting off of this horrific situation. The death of a 2-year-old should NOT be the beginning of a new business venture.

If you need entertainment on your iPhone, why don't you play some Angry Birds or Words with Friends or something?

Do U approve of the Casey Anthony trial live stream app?

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48 comments to “Profiting From A 2-Year-Old's Death Is NOT Cool! New 99-Cent iPhone App Streams Casey Anthony Murder Trial”

  1. clo13 says – reply to this


    Perez, I don't think you understand how big the case is. I live in FLorida and every where yuo go you are watching this trial. People camp out as early as 1 am just to get in line to be in the court room to observe. Having this case live streamed is a smart idea. People will but it because they want to see it. This company isn't profiting from Caylee's death, it's from how physco Casey Anthony is.

  2. 2

    Trials are treated like sporting events now. Look at the way people were fighting their way into this trial! The OJ case was like this too. But there is nothing exciting about a murder trial, guilty or not guilty, a person was killed.

  3. RubyT says – reply to this


    If you consider this to be exploitation of a crime than any news station would be an exploitation. Any true crime series. Any 20/20 interview with a killer. It's just a new way to recieve news. So what.

  4. 4

    Re: RubyT – Exactly, he doesn't seem to realize that it plays on television networks and that isn't for free either. I live in Illinois and I watch it whenever I do not work or go to school. It is such a crazy case and I just watch to see what happens.

  5. 5

    glad mario's readers are more intelligent than he is………

  6. 6

    If it is so NOT COOL, then why post about it? don't you think that will just invute more to purchase?

  7. 7

    I don't understand why you think this is bad. Several tv stations are airing the trial live as are many websites. This case is huge! Perez, you really are an idiot, You would probably love them and support them if they were also gay rights activists.

  8. FS says – reply to this



  9. 9

    you know what i think is so messed up these damn kardashians tweeting about the trial. i think they are using this little girls death to extend their 15 minutes. i get that they are trying to be like their dad and be into trials but jeez they can express it other ways. besides i am sure if their dad was alive right now he would be completely ashamed of them and is probably turning in his grave because his name is forever tarnished. now kardashian means fake, attention whores and materialistic!!!

  10. 10

    Well I pay a cable and internet bill, and I watch the case all day live streaming in one of those forms - so, I don't see how paying for a phone app is any different. P.S. I live in Orlando and this is HUGE HUGE news here.

  11. 11

    Kinda confused. So are you saying that the app should be offered for free? I guess I could ask the same about you and your basis website. Why do you sale so much ad space? Every fucking video starts with some commerical. Ouh, did that hurt. Fucking loser.

  12. 12

    I bought it! SWEET!

  13. 13

    I find it funny that you are explaining the biggest trial of the century. Everyone is following this trial accross the country!

  14. 14

    OMG Perez! You profit off people and their hardships all the time. Who the "F" are you to judge what anyone else profits from? Delusional much? Oh that's right; what you do is different — ONLY IN YOUR MIND!

  15. 15

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with this. Every one is interested in this trial, and most people hope that this little girl get the justice she deserves. Many people are buying this app so that they can see that justice is served, and the mother is appropriately sentenced.

  16. 16

    Have you showed this to Gaga? She should take notes…..

  17. 17

    What in the world is sick about wanting to be up to date about the outcome of a trial you are interested in?

  18. 18

    Here's the deal, it's called the CNN app.. they live-stream it. And it's FREE! Also, why even mention this on the day the defense rests??

  19. 19

    So crazy to find out how many people live in florida because i also do live in miami and this is really BIG BIG news as people are saying, people are tuned into this case because it gets crazier by the day…its not really profiting from the death of Caylee because its basically the same thing as download a CNN app stupid Perez

  20. 20

    i used to live in FL until recently and this case is huge…you can watch it on the cnn app which is free to keep updated on it…and i love you perez lol but they say she was in the car trunk for an amount of time but its not just about her murdering her and putting her in the car they found her remains by a swampy type area and she was actually dead for 31 days casey never reported her daughter missing or was looking for her she was actaully partying during the time her daughter was "missing"…i cant wait for the verdict i think shes guilty…her friends said they saw her as a good mom with this great connection to her daughter but if she loved her so much how can she not care during those 31 days at all.

  21. 21

    P.S. One more point: it serves as a good reminder of how our justice system works, and all the things that go into making a trial. I find the whole process fascinating.

  22. 22
  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    The company says 'crazy day for downloads', when the crazy is allowing this for a download at all, for profit yet. If I were her relative, I would have a big problem with this.

  24. RegB says – reply to this


    Neither is making a living from other peoples' misfortunes, failures and hacked computers

  25. 25

    I agree. 99 cents is a cheap and disgusting way to promote anything. *Cough*.

  26. 26

    You know it's also wrong to profit off of donations that were supposed to go to Japan. I guess you forgot to tell your wifey that. Karma is coming for her…

  27. 27

    a lot of unfair sick things happen for 99cents

  28. 28

    well depending when they started doing it, it's not as bad as those assholes making the shirts and key chains all kinds of things. but considering you post things later than others, if this just happened, it's a waste. the defense already rested.

  29. 29

    What's the difference between them doing that and you putting commercial advertisements leading into a tragic news story you have video posted. There is none. You've always been extremely hypocritical, but this takes the fucking cake, you complete and utter douchebag and king of all bottom feeders. Shame on you, dude.

  30. 30

    that's not sick. i was in the car for two hours on the way to a meeting, and this was extremely helpful to find. i have been following the case for 3 years and the trial for all 32 days

  31. 31

    Re: Hairplugs for Hilton – Ha I know right? lol
    Re: @v@ – Yeah, but her trial airs live on many tv stations. How is that any different? We pay to watch it tv

  32. 32

    I think the media has gotten way out of hand. Last night on Entertainment Tonight their anchor was describing this trial as "juicy" with elements that are better than soap operas today. She even went as fair as to include "dead child" as one of the juicy bits for this reality show. The horrible murder of this sweet little girl is being treated like another one of our reality shows. Wake up America…don't be so sick that you consider this tragedy as a form of entertainment pleasure- shame on you.

  33. 33

    The whole thing is so sad.

  34. 34

    All I have to say is that I don't understand why people and the media are so fascinated with this trial? I think the trial should be held behind closed doors because they're making a circus out of this child's death. Clearly it wouldn't surprise me if more crazy wackos are going to come out and kill their kids just to be famous on TV.

  35. 35

    Sour grapes Mario. You're just pissy you didn't think of it first. This app is not exploiting Caylee anymore than Nancy Grace, all the tabloid broadcasts and mainstream networks. In your twisted tiny mind it is better to parasitically profit off the living than the deceased. Your site is soon to go the way of MySpace. Save your righteous indignation for the short bus. Your hypocrisy is only trumped by your ego.

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: yeaman – So true that. That saturation is questionable as well from a financial perspective. I know they push to seek justice, but after a point it's too much and almost seems to revel in the tragedy simply because of the obvious head pounding overkill.

  37. 37

    that is a HUGE case and EVERYONE who knows anyting is trying to tune it… I think u are misunderstanding…

  38. 38

    Honestly.. I know a lot of people will not agree with me.. but I think charging 99 cents to give people the option to watch the trial live stream isn't gross or awful. Many larger trials have been live streamed for free, and I'm sure it costs money to keep up a large production and someone has to pay the bill.. so I'm sorry but if they need to charge in order to pay for the production of this project- I see nothing "not cool" about it. This is a huge case and I am sure it is costly to live stream it, I doubt they'll be turning much of a profit when all is said and done.

  39. 39

    Re: Hairplugs for Hilton – LMAO love the comment~!!

  40. 40

    Re: raygirl – I agree, I watched that ET episode and I thought that was very inappropriate. Taking a childs murder and saying it could be a soap opera is awful. But, I think many people watch the trial in hope that justice will be served to a mother that most likely killed or atleast stood by while her daughter died. Even if she did not kill her daughter, she still never reported her missing and I think that is almost just as bad.

  41. 41

    Aaaaw perezito is just mad he didn't think of it first. I don't get the fascination with this trial personally. A child is dead and the supposedly "beautiful" mother looks more guilty than a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MsJules – You've opened my eyes to some of the why…it seems that many want to follow it, so build it and they will come, I guess. It offers an option for those that are interested in it.

  43. 43

    Oh Mario, calm your titties. It's all sick. Have you been watching the trial???

  44. 44

    doesn't 99 cents remind you of an amazon-sponsored flop album? lol

  45. 45

    But…YOU benefit from it too. You post here, and make money off your sponsors who give you money for what you post.

    Are you a sick fuck, then, too?

  46. 46

    And that is why cameras don't belong in courts…

  47. 47

    I can not even believing that you, or anyone else, would consider this as "profiting from a 2-year-old's death."
    Seriously? There are many people who are interested in this case and want to have the chance to catch every second of it. I know, I am, I live in New Jersey and I can only watch the case on two different channels (on TruTV until 3, then it continues on HLN) with commercials every two minutes and it doesn't even air on weekends, instead all I find are Paid Programmings. In Florida, almost every channel airs this case. I'd much rather watch the live stream on my computer or iPhone.
    Furthermore, I think the fact that you profit from always sponsoring and posting about the show "Toddlers and Tiaras" is more disturbing than this app.

  48. 48

    Re: MACGirl90 – believe*