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Sarah Ferguson Shuts Down A Time Interview

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Stand your ground, gurl!

Sarah Ferguson shut down a Time magazine interview when the interviewer began probing the Duchess about the her cash-for-royal-access scandal.

When reporter Belinda Luscombe sat down with Sarah earlier this week, things turned sour when the reporter wouldn't stop asking her questions about the News of the World expose.

Sarah responded with "I think we're gonna drop it right now, thank you."

However, the reporter refused to let it go and continued with the questions. Sarah then got p—ed and told her:

"I think, Belinda, that this is not a tabloid interview, so don't take it down that road… I think I've addressed your questions and I don't wish to go forward on this. Let us remember that there are two sides to every story."

Tell 'em, Sarah! The scandal is in your past and you've done more than enough to apologize to the royal family and the rest of the world who watch your every move. It's time to move on, people!

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Sarah Ferguson Shuts Down A Time Interview”

  1. 1

    Who is this Belinda reporterette?
    Continuing to question till there's an answer of poor little SF.
    I think she confused the two Sarahs.
    Hey Belinda. Asking the tough questions of people that don't matter.
    How about asking Michelle Obama why she lost her law license in Illinois.
    No intellectual curiosity I take it?
    Doesn't fit the Lib narrative, does it?

  2. 2

    Sarah needs to realize that what she did was scandalous and legitimate news
    selling acess to politicians is illegal in the US
    her selling access to Prince Andrew falls into the same category and she just doesn't get it
    on the show on Oprah's network I heard her tell Dr Phil that she did it to help a friend- not really taking responsibility and accountablility- still making excuses
    she did it for herself and her bank account so she could keep living the high life
    don't believe her that she is rehabilitating herself and discovering herself and getting back to her values
    since she's divorced can't they strip the title duchess from her-she is not deserving
    were it not for the charity of her ex-husband she would be homeless right now-yet she continues to act all "uppity"
    no humility, no regret, no remorse, trying to gloss over it all with Oprah's help–pathetic

  3. 3

    There's no other side: SF offered royal favours for cash, got drunk, and got caught. Uneducated yet entitled trash out only for cash.
    Guilty, guilty, guilty, and good for the reporter for asking questions other than about her no-longer-royal agenda and detoxifying enemas.

  4. 4

    Sarah needs to get her head out of ass. She fucked up and did something stupid that was discovered not that long ago. This is still relevent. It's funny that she wants to profit from her 'transgressions' through books, tv shows etc but she doesn't want to acknowledge the events that put her back in the spotlight. You can't have it both ways.

  5. 5

    And I can not tell you the other side-because I will never ever get back into the Royal Family if i do!!! Remember, I am not ROYAL BLOOD. Now, look at the pics and see who in the pics are of ROYAL BLOOD YOU AMERICAN TWIT! The person I HAD TO COVER UP FOR. THE MALE ROYAL WHO LIKES YOUNG GIRLS. but I get the call for it, Because I AM THE ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE ROYAL BLOOD. DO you get it? 'Yes, Sarah, I think I do, so getting back to the scandel, Has Prince Andrew forgive you for bring this many into your daughters lives? ' Belinda? 'Yes, Sarah, are you going to answer that question?" Bridget you are as dense as the tower of WIKSBERRY and that tower is 30 rods deep and make of mud and horse crap, you are as dense as the wrinkles on Camilla's face, as slow as a slothe crossing a autobaun on a august sunday,

  6. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Maybe if she wouldn't lie about it and blame the "editing" and told the truth, it would be dropped.

  7. 7

    That OLD HAG only talks about that stuff if you have wadds of cash up-front & a make-up crew…..

  8. 8

    Awwwwww…………now that everything turns to shit she wants us to feel sorry for her?????
    Non story…………..

  9. 9

    Kudos to Sarah………..enough is enough…………….let it go…..it's over and done, let it go…………..much like Jane Fonda and Vietnam…………let it go…………this sort of thing makes me sick to my stomach……………these interviewers think they just might get a scoop…………………I LOVE SARAH FERGUSON.