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If you weren't at the NKOTBSB show in El Lay Friday night then you totally missed out!! During BSB's rendition of I Want It That Way, Kevin Richardson ca… Read more…

21 comments to “Kevin Richardson Joins Backstreet Boys On Stage In El Lay!”

  1. 1

    it would have been nice to have all 5 at the toronto show…but i didnt miss kevin at all, howie filled his spots just fine.

  2. 2

    Um.. if the place "literally" exploded… NKOTBSB would be dead, and so would this person who went to see them. PEOPLE, IF YOU'RE NOT SPEAKING IN A LITERAL SENSE, PICK A DIFFERENT WORD. AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LITERAL MEANS (like this person) PICK UP A DICTIONARY. THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE WORD LITERAL IS TO EXPRESS THAT YOU'RE NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL AND ARE BEING FACTUAL. Like if you say "I literally ate a pound of cheese" that would mean… "You LITERALLY (as in, this actually happened) AT A POUND OF CHEESE" GET IT NOW, GENERATION Y?

  3. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    Damn time has been good to him, I think he looks better now

  4. 4

    The guy that AJ serenaded is his fiance's best friend; he couldnt have very well picked her to be on stage so he picked the next best thing.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I mostly listen to rock bands and Brit pop. (Not Britney Spears pop.) I have never liked boy bands for as long as I can remember. But for some reason I'm letting my friend Jen take me to the BSB/New Kids concert. Anything to take my mind off that asshole womanizer who mutilated my heart. Show me the meaning of being lonely, Nick Carter. I need you now more than you'll ever know.

  7. emv77 says – reply to this


    Kevin Richardson suddenly decides he wants to perform? That's lame. BSB did fine without him when I saw the concert in Boston. I am more of a NKOTB fan than BSB but I have to say that I love Howie! If Jonathan Knight can perform with the guys so can Kevin!

  8. 8

    Doesn't Kevin look a little like Christian Bale. Anyways, time has been good to him, he looks great, but he kind of looks like a dork when he dances. lol, a very adorable dork.

  9. SusiV says – reply to this


    I didn't care to go to the concert because Kevin has left BackStreet Boys…. and he decides to show up half way through???? I'm so PISSED!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    YAY!!! I went to this show and it was so great. I loved how they brought out Kevin, and everyone sounded great last night!!! Howie was extra hott!!! And i just wanna say BSB is so good to their fans! I'm so glad i went last night!!! KTBSPA

  11. 11

    Re: brebabyboo – i totally agree

  12. 12

    Re: Talia88 – Thanks for weighing in, ya fucking cum guzzler.

  13. 13

    OMG!! I'm going …. I wish Kevin would be at the all the shows!! He and NICK were always sooooooo fucking HOT!!!!!!

  14. Laura says – reply to this


    Isn't it something, this 40 year old can make girls scream like that. And I think this was just a special performance, not a tour thing. BSB for life!

  15. 15

    He looks like Glenn (the leather guy) from The Village People!!

  16. 16

    who the hell is going to these stupid concerts? fat chicks in their 30's and 40's who still act like teens and listen to this shit?

  17. 17

    Re: SeedyPetee – Ur just jealous ’cause no one wants your seed, SeedyPetee!! Lmfao!! Ya motherfucking douche!! Nick and Kevin have HUGE COCKS!! And we LOVE THEM!!

  18. 18

    Re: Pegado1970 – You're a loser…trolling Backstreet posts!! WTF is wrong with u, old man?!?! Lmao!!

  19. 19

    Awww, I would have loved to be in L.A. to see all 5 of them together!!! It's different not seeing Kevin out there but what a lovely surprise.

  20. 20

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – yeah, honey, I'm gay and I'm really jealous of these boyband hasbeens with stadiums full of fat heffers with stinky cooches. bitch, if you had a dick sticking out of you for as many that have been stuck IN you, you'd look like a porcupine! dollarWHORE!

  21. 21

    Is that AJ serenading Larry Birkhead, ex gay paparazzo turned Anna Nicole's babbydaddy.