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The Verdict Is In! Casey Anthony Is Found NOT GUILTY Of Murdering Her Child!

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After deliberating for more than 10 hours, a jury has found Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The 25-year-old Florida mother was found not guilty of the charge of first degree murder, the charge of aggravated abuse of a child and the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child.

However, Casey was found guilty of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers.

Wow. A shocking end to a tragic trial.

[Image via AP Images.]

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186 comments to “The Verdict Is In! Casey Anthony Is Found NOT GUILTY Of Murdering Her Child!”

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  1. 101

    When you put the death penalty on the table you better have the facts to back up the law!! They didn't.

  2. 102

    "Good thing she didn't lie on her taxes." Says Wesley Snipes.

  3. 103

    Re: qwen1981 – You must be young and naive because people have went to jail with less evidence.

  4. 104

    Someone will take her out while she's living her 'beautiful life'. What a sad, sad day. I'm dumbfounded. Did they find the most stupid people for the jury in the whole state of Florida?!?!?!?! Watch your back Casey, you're next. RIP Caylee.

  5. 105

    hope she burns in hell with the rest of the idiots that let her off.. who the fuck else could have done it? She and her family tell bullshit sob stories in court and everyone just feels sorry for her!!?? why the fuck did she keep lying? Stupid ass people! The justice system is a JOKE! Hope her, the jury and her supports get hit by a truck…

  6. 106

    The State didn't prove their case. Innocent until proven guilty whether you like it or not.

  7. 107

    Re: hb2578 – omg. you are a dumbass. the media only cares about white females?? wow. that is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. why dont you just go and get your food stamps, go to college on MY tax dollars, and kiss my ass. I AM a white female and I cant get financial assistance for school to save my life. all you "minorities" out there need to look around and realize that YOU were NEVER a slave. and just because your ancestors were, doesnt mean you are entitled to their benefits. Sorry. but dont make ignorant statements if u cant back it up.

  8. 108

    Re: SpiceGuy – You wouldnt be saying that if it was your kid lying dead in a ditch. have some compassion.

  9. 109

    Re: boston61 – dont you mean the same people who voted for obama??

  10. 110

    Re: Celiacubeforum – you are sick. absolutely sick. either that or just completely retarted. you wouldnt be so happy if that was your child that got murdered.

  11. 111

    Re: Celiacubeforum – Your lovely god just let a child murderer free.

  12. 112

    Re: HockeyWife – I'm a minority and I can't get financial aid for my life either. So chill out whitey.

  13. 113

    Wouldn't want to be her out walking the streets. Her and Baez are scum. Everyone knows she did it, she will never be "free." Who would want to be friends with that monster? Who would hire her?? RIP Beautiful Little Caylee. Rot in hell Casey.

  14. 114

    my main issue here is that they gave her the not guilty verdict based on the idea that she 'might have drowned in the famiyl pool'

    are they going to try and prove this? are they going to continue finding the person responsible if casey is truly innocent? no, i did not think so. the problem isnt that she was found not guilty, it is that people will now, ultimately, give up.

  15. 115

    Just proves that in the state of Florida anything can happen: missing ballots from a presidential election, medical fraud, and now murders walk freely…
    God will serve you justice Casey Anthony…. hell looks pretty amazing for you!!

  16. 116

    Unfortunately the prosecution could not prove that she was guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt". That's just the way the system works, which sucks. Prosecutors need to get more information before trying cases like this (and OJ's). I believe the stank slut is guilty but I would've had to give her a "not guilty" verdict as well because the prosecution blew it.

  17. 117

    Re: Celiacubeforum – Wow, the audacity of bringing God into this. Well, good to know HE will take care of her.

  18. 118

    Would anyone be surprised if some asshole offers her a reality show?

  19. 119

    Re: nope23456 – Didn't have to see her do it. Her not reporting her daugher missing, lying to police, body found 15 houses away, borrowing a shovel when she already had one, the smell in the car, the abandoning of the car (who just abandons their car?? Seriously, who???), making up a false nanny, getting the tattoo, stealing her friends checkbook to buy a push up bra and beer, partying all the while - COME ON - GROW A BRAIN BUDDY!

  20. 120

    AMERICA'S JUSTICE SYSTEM SUCKS!!! WE ALL KNOW CASEY IS GUILTY!! This isnt fair. Will little Caylee ever get justice? :(

  21. 121

    Re: Callie1987 – Bullshit. Plenty of people were abused who don't lie and don't kill their kids. I think it's shit excuse and never happened.

  22. 122

    Re: HockeyWife – Stfu. I'm a "minority" and the government won't give me shit cause my parents are too rich hahahaha. You should take a look at yourself before telling others to think before making stupid comments. Oh yeah FUCK YOU CASEY ANTHONY

  23. 123

    that CLUB WHORE will BURN IN HELL !!!

  24. 124

    It's a shame. She's obviously guilty, what kind of mother only report her missing child after a month? The sad part is that there's people out there who would give anything to have kids and they can't and then there's some sick bitches like Casey Anthony who kill their child…give your kid to adoption if you don't want them, damn it's not hard to understand. I don't wish bad thing to people but I hope her life will be miserable and that one day, she will pay for what she did. And may the little Caylee rest in peace, poor baby..

  25. 125

    Re: Callie1987 – Agreed….but not guilty on murder, manslaughter and abuse? That's crazy. I understand not being found guilty of murder…there was little to no evidence. But CHILD ABUSE? C'MON.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pathological expressions if I ever saw any.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    I might be worried if I were a parent of such a woman. What if she decides later that its time to inherit?

  28. 128

    This is disappointing on so many levels.

  29. 129

    Who's gonna pay for throwing a little girl out like trash? Leaving her there to be nawed on by animals. Not even manslaughter???? Even her parents didn't back her up. Who makes an accident to look like murder? It's usually the other way around. What was this, a dispassionate jury? I don't get it. I'm speechless. She, like OJ did, will eventually f up and she'll be back behind bars soon enough. I'm taking some comfort in that.

  30. 130

    Re: zeusmom – that is "IF she did it"!!

  31. 131

    Re: byerkelectro – She can now pole dance for a living. She can la vita dolce…. Can we get her tubes tide?

  32. 132

    Re: Celiacubeforum – you're a PIG! you and casey can party in hell together!

  33. 133

    Florida once again living up to their name: Crazytown!

  34. 134

    Re: nope23456 – You could use that argument about anything. I didn't see your mom give birth to you, so is she really your mom? It's called using inference!! DUHHHH

  35. 135

    "Caylee, we are here for you, people all across this land. We will be by your side, and are ready to take a stand. You have won the hearts of many, who keep you close day and night. We will all try to be your voice, and help guide you toward the light."

  36. barny says – reply to this


    The judicial system worked and the Jury was right.There were no hard facts are hard evidence against Casey,let alone Proof she did it.
    If she needs a place to stay I'll let her live with me.

  37. 137

    Unfuknbelievable…just goes to show theirs minds in society still settin free the murderers of children and ex-wifes etc etc…looks like girlfriend is all set after name change,face reconstruction,boob job all financed by her whoas-me book and movies rights…

  38. 138

    I am Canadian and we have not had capital punishment in Canada for 50 years but for Casey I'm sure we would have brought it back. I've followed this tragedy since the beginning and when this circus of a trial started I knew somehow this would happen. Somehow they managed to find the 12 dumbest people in the world to be jurors. I think people expect a CSI trial where there's video, dna, blood on the hands of the perp and a smoking gun. The reality is that they had more evidence than other trials and somehow the jury found reasonable doubt in jose's retarded lies. There was nothing REASONABLE about the garbage spewing from that scum bag's mouth. I guess all we can hope for is some good old fashion street justice. Here's what we need…. A bullet for casey, a beating for baez, and 12 dunce cap's for the juror's. Actually… save the bullet and use duct tape.

    RIP Caylee

  39. 139

    Did Baez pay this jury off.Show your faces COWARDS!!! You let a baby killer go free.Idiots

  40. 140

    I think the Grandma did it.

  41. 141

    I don't care what the judges or jury says, I still think she's guilty…but really, what kind of life can she have after this? She won't be able to go anywhere or get a job…

  42. 142

    They are about to release & monster!

  43. 143

    I guess you can get away with with murder - but can't get away with lying to the police - only in America.

  44. 144

    I think this will be just the beginning of a miserable life for her. Karma!! Who would want to date, love or have a family with her? What about the family that she threw under the bus? Can't help but wander what Thanksgiving dinner will be for them.
    Rest in Peace little Caylee.

  45. 145

    Where do they find these dumb ass jurors? I read that a few didn't graduate high school, one was convicted of some crime a few years ago…No wonder those idiots came to that verdict! They must be the jurors from the O.J. trial.

  46. 146

    Re: fairmaiden – Oh trust me on the who she will find to date……a men is a men no matter what, and by the pictures that were released of her partying i doubt it'll be hard to find that same guy that was grabbing on her tit when she was partying for those 31 days.

  47. 147

    She won't last long.

  48. 148

    lying wench, karma will eventually get her. Her lies and fake crocodile tears won over the jury. Say what the jury says their was evidence that she murder her little girl. The jusry is so scared of being pointed out that they didn't even have the courage to talk to the media. She can go and party, live it up and even get a new tatto since she got what she wanted.

  49. 149

    The evidence was there. Not reporting her child missing for a whole month (her mother was actually the one to report it), partying a week after Caylee went missing/died, the scent of a decaying body in her car, the body being not far from her house, making up false and fake people (the nanny) and constantly switching up her story and spewing nothing but LIES! If she is so innocent and had nothing to hide then why lie? She obviously was trying to cover up something and I believe 100% that she is guilty. This verdict was shocking and disappointing. But I think being free in public in the flesh is worse than being in jail. She threw her own family under the bus, none of her friends are going to want to be associated with her, nobody is going to hire her, nobody will want to be her friend, the whole country is against her and believes she's guilty. She'll be harassed for the rest of her life. The guilt will eventually get to her too. She'd be a free woman living in HELL. She'll CRACK!

  50. 150

    absolutely disgraceful…im so shocked!

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Re: barny – maybe she can kill you while shes at it

  53. 153

    I guess you can say she's gonna make a real killing from the outcome of this trial.

    Seriously though, can we focus on the important things now, like the debt crisis or the Fukushima plant in Japan?

  54. 154


  55. 155

    Re: HockeyWife – while you try to point out the effects of reverse racism etc. and how unfair it is and try to call out others for their ignorance you FAILED…YOU ARE IGNORANT AND PATHETIC! NEXT….

  56. 156


  57. 157

    chalk another one up for the white people!

  58. 158

    Re: qwen1981 – Unfortunately this has turned into a competitions between lawyers. The sad thing is that lawyers are getting paid to prove that their client is innocent no matter what.

  59. 159

    how do you not report your daughter missing for a Month….

    Caylee i am so sorry sweetie

  60. 160

    She is a disgusting excuse for a human being. I really truly hope this evil woman gets what is coming to her. I can't understand how anyone would or could hurt their baby. Over what? A party? That dumb whore will burn in hell.

  61. 161

    Some freaking justice… Some system…
    I hope one day it will come back to her and I hope she lives her life alone and hated the way she deserves to be. You can't mess with Karma and you will see that she will get what's coming for her… And man I hope it's hell coming for her.

  62. 162

    Re: kabuki girl – I completely agree. Jurors break oath all the time. They are asked (under oath) if they can convict someone on evidence that is presented. Evidence does not have to be hard evidence. Evidence can be testimony as well. Yet, most people need physical proof. Well…This is not a perfect world. There is not always proof and hard evidence. I understand how it would be difficult to find Casey not guilty, but the jurors obviously did not have enough evidence in their mind to find her guilty (unfortunately).

  63. 163

    Re: HockeyWife – A-fucking-men.

    Personally, I am glad she will be free, out on the streets…someone will blow her ass away and I will not feel one ounce of sympathy.

  64. 164

    Throw that sociopath in the swamp !!! Not guilty my ass !! She is such a nasty criminal who only cares to screw and screw people over for money. Surprise ! Surprise !! i killed my kid but my daddy oh he is to blame .You are an adult with a sick sick mind stop blaming others you skank !! Hell is calling you !!! Poor Caylee she was so innocent !!! Where is the justice ??? ha ha guess there was none … not guilty what a sad joke and a sad life for this woman but her daughter is away from her hopefully at peace.

  65. 165

    Re: Celiacubeforum – Jesus Christ are you INSANE? She's a lying, thieving, murdering pig and she should suffer the same fate she put her daughter through. The only reason she got off on those charges is because the Jury was full of X-cons who had an axe to grind with law enforcement. They Bad, uh, huh..it's only a matter of time before she cracks and kills someone else..

  66. 166

    the jurers are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!! and poor caylee gets no justice, so if she didnt do it then who the eff did??????????????? seriously this is the most effed up thing that this effed up country has done yet…….

  67. 167

    the jury is plain stupid!!!!!!! how can u say she isnt guilty. so now its legal to kill ur own child!!!!! wow come on!!!!! it may not have been on purpose but she is the one responsible for the well being of that child, and if it was a acadent then why did she hide it and lie!!!!! this is discusting and just shows u how messed up the system is!!!!! no justice for caylee, but at least she is free from the monster!!!!!!

  68. 168

    ABC should fire the Ugly Bachelorette, cancel this season. Then hre Casey Anthony for a Hot-Crazy- Alleged-Baby-Killer Bachelorette Dating Show. Who wouldn't watch that? Can you imagine the guys having to sit down and talk with that creepy family?

  69. 169

    Re: deetz33 – The folks on both CNN and Fox News were making comments about that, and it's not what we think it is. All of the people on TV think that they were told to do that, to just walk out sometime around the reading of the verdict, no matter what the outcome. If I could take a guess, I think it's for their safety, and their privacy.

  70. 170

    Re: HockeyWife – Great comment you made to that "hb" idiot. For once, it's finally nice to see someone on here with some common sense on that topic. And when it comes to those others that replied, don't worry about them. Some folks out there just don't have any respect for opinions that aren't their own. Oh well- it's their immaturity, not ours. :) Anyways, have a good day, OK?

  71. 171

    So we now live in a world were you can kill your child and get away with it,disgusting!!!

  72. 172

    shit what a horrible way to experince things

  73. 173

    Re: Celiacubeforum – What the hell is wrong with you? Her child was missing for a MONTH, and she didn't even care. She is a wretched human being.

  74. 174

    Re: HockeyWife – THANK YOU! Totally agree on that one. Sick of minorities playing the race card.

  75. 175

    Re: meggles – That's really what bugged me too. If the jury decided that they didn't have enough evidence to prove that she killed Caylle…. Sucks, but I can see that. But child abuse? She OBVIOUSLY was a crappy mother and didn't care for her child like she should have. Weather it was her or not, her kid is dead.

  76. 176

    she is gonna make bank off of interviews and tell alls thats the sadest part killing her kid will not only go unpunished it will make her a rich celebrity hated sure but in a 55 acre 10thou ft mansion for a narcisist and hanger ons that dont care she will be fine. the people that say there was no evidence are really part of the "csi" generation. they think that if you don't have dna or fingerprints or some evidence you see in forensic files than thats doubt, thats not reasonable doubt we had trials before that existed and have had some since witn it missing, tunnel vision the jury is sad.

  77. barny says – reply to this


    Re: grenstorm – Not likely,she would be too busy having the best time of her life with me.

  78. 178

    Re: toolman85 – The evidence was circumstantial. Guilt has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It's obvious who committed the crime but Casey Anthony and her messed up family fucked around with the investigation and their stories enough to get away with it.

  79. 179

    Re: Celiacubeforum – youre an idiot!!!

  80. 180

    Re: JGirl1988 – Nice racial slur…amazing the way it's socially acceptable for other races to use the term Cracker, honky, and whitey so freely yet become incensed at any slurs made toward people of color.

  81. 181

    Everything on here always has to turn into a race war. Disgusting. A BABY is dead. The prosecution dropped the ball - plain and simple. The Defense didn't have to prove that Thing innocent - they had to cast doubt, which they did. Is it a miscarriage of justice? No, it isn't - that's the way the system works. We may never know what happened to that precious baby but we can be certain that she didn't kill herself, apply duct tape to her mouth, and throw herself in a ditch. The fact is - that ANY mother - no matter her color - would have called the police within minutes of her child disappearing and any real mother would have called EMS if her child was found drowned in a pool. Our only justice for Caylee will be in refusing to put any money in the pocket of her mother. Don't buy her book, don't watch her on television, don't feed the Beast. Protest any advertising by not buying their product either. Our hands are tied, she was found not guilty - she was not proven innocent.

  82. 182

    There was not enough evidence to convict!! Sad story; but people should move on. and dont make threats to this family or even Casey!! GEESH…Get a life people

  83. 183

    Re: Celiacubeforum
    Your a fucking idiot !!!!!!
    Let's pray you don't have kids….

  84. 184

    I hear Casey needs a job, maybe Celiacubeforum will give her one babysitting!!

  85. 185

    @Celiacubeforum You are SICK. That thing, because she's not even human doesn't deserve to be free. One day, she will pay and will have to hide for the rest of her life from everyone unless she doesn't want to end up dead or shot. & To ALL Hollywood, ONE MESSAGE! You make a movie out of that ignorant thing, you will officially be degraded to the point where america is a piece of shit country! Whichever actress gets to be that thing in a movie about her loses ALL my respect! Point blank. The Jury System is the same as that woman, ignorant. Simply tired of the case and decided to let the thing free.

  86. 186

    she was better off going to jail.. free room and board, not safe out here on the streets

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