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Casey Anthony's Parents Speak!

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It pains us to say it, but in case you haven't heard, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee yesterday. A jury of her peers decided that all the evidence the prosecution presented (and there was A LOT) just wasn't enough to confirm to them that this 25-year-old mother was capable of such a heinous crime.

While most of the world is in outrage, there are two people other than Casey and her lawyer who feel the ruling was "fair" - her parents, George and Cindy. Casey's rents were key elements in her case: her mother came to her defense, taking blame of incriminating Internet searches and providing alibis and her father she threw under the bus, claiming that he sexually abused her as a child. Despite it all, George and Cindy had their lawyer prepare a statement for the press, which has just been released, saying:

"The family may never know what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony. They now have closure for this chapter of their life. They will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented, and the rules that they were given by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them."

We couldn't disagree more, especially the part about this bringing closure to anyone's life, especially Casey Anthony's. How can she live with herself knowing that she either got away with murdering that beautiful child-scot free or that she never fought hard enough to find out what really happened that day? She just went out partying and getting tattoos, never looking like it bothered her at all that her precious child was missing.

Shame! She should be rotting in jail right now. Let's hope she gets a taste of it when her sentencing comes down for lying to the cops.

[Image via AP Images.]

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33 comments to “Casey Anthony's Parents Speak!”

  1. 1

    Perez, being found "not guilty" doesn't mean she is "innocent." I am glad that in the parent's statement they didn't say she was innocent. Hell. They didn't even say she was not guilty. Pretty obvious they won't all be getting to gether for dinner any time soon. I bet Casey Anthony gets in truoble with the law again. Bet it happens in the next five years. At some point she will go to prison for something. Just like OJ. And when she gets to prison someone will remember that she got away with murdering a two year old.
    What goes around really does come around.

  2. 2

    I feel so bad for the whole family. The entire situation is anyone's worst nightmare. But now that this phase is over, I have been wondering what will happen when she goes "home". How could she possibly go back to her family after this? How could Lee, George or Cindy ever look at her the same way again? I guess blood is thicker than water and family really does bind people together, but this rift (to me, at least) seems almost irreparable.

  3. 3

    Since when has this site been in any place to comment on judicial or litigious issues? Were this topic not this serious, it would be entertaining how you seem to think you know any better. Thank God there is a judicial system in this country, and it is so for a reason.

  4. 4

    She probably did kill her little girl however, there was no physical evidence to prove that, only theories by the prosecution. I believe in karma and if she did it she WILL get what is coming to her but if she didn't I am glad that an innocent person is not sitting waiting to be executed.

  5. 5

    Its sickening to see you latch on to this story Perez. We all remember how you routinley used to criticise and denegrate celbrities kids and say they were fugly and shit. Don't pretend you are holier than thou. I would never leave a child of mine udner your care and thats a fact. As for this case..that poor poor child. If there is a God, hopefully he is looking after her well.

  6. 6

    Most of the world is in outrage? For god's sake, from the time you started to type out this melodramatic post to the time you finished, god knows how many children across the world on every continent died of abuse, neglect, AIDS, malaria, dehydration, starvation etc. It's sad this child died, but comments like that just make you look so incredibly insincere. This whole witch hunt/media circus should just end. The whole thing is sick. If this woman really did it then it will haunt her for the rest of her life. Maybe if states like Florida didn't have the barbaric death penalty, jurors wouldn't have such a ridiculously huge burden on them when deliberating.

  7. 7

    She'll be sentenced to time served and be whisked away somewhere for her safety.

  8. 8

    Oh please. She's been in jail for 3 years. They'll let her walk away on Thursday with "time served". All they got her on were misdemeanors.

    The bitch got away with murder and much like OJ, her subconscious will kick in and she'll probably do something stupid again. Hoping for karma in this lifetime.

  9. 9

    You got the deets on the rents! That is so cool, I am finally figuring out your stupid language you use. Not sure why it 'pains you', it has nothing to do with you.

  10. 10

    momma needs to be charged with perjury for lying about the internet searches — seems like this family has been covering for psychopathic/sociopathic casey for a long time, and they just keep doing it

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I realize writers sensationalize, especially those devoted to an entertainment blog, but for the love of Pete, can they TRY to get in the general vicinity of the truth, or at least write with a semblance of understanding? There was NOT A LOT OF EVIDENCE. It was all CIRCUMSTANTIAL- which doesn't amount to anything. Maybe whoever is writing on this needs to focus on things they may know about, like what trashy celeb is doing now to revitalize their already insignificant careers…

  13. 13

    I never thought I'd see a family more pathetic than the Kartrashians.

  14. 14

    There was NOT a lot of evidence. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence, which is completely different.

  15. 15

    My heart breaks for George & Cindy Anthony!
    They do NOT deserve the death threats that they have received.
    On top of losing their precious Grand daughter they have a monster for a daughter who is living.
    Sad! Sad! sad!

  16. 16

    ……put the whole fam, ( and the lohans too) , and put them on a boat with a big bowl of coke, and set them out in the bermuda triangle, (with no motor)…….

  17. 17

    It would be strange if Cindy (mom) got more time than Casey- alleged ender/neglecting person of Caylee's Life.

  18. 18

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – Please shut the fuck up, with all due respect, you are a dumb ass. Yes, perez was a prick, and although he has gotten better, he is still annoying and can sometimes be judgemental; But comparing that, to a women who not only did not report her daughter for a whole month (in which the first 48 hours is so crucial) but actually partied the night away throughout that period and got a tattoo which translated to good life and seemed happy according to the artist during the time the daughter was missing and claimed she was with the "NANNY". She, is the moron and comparing that to perez is flat out stupid. And this coming from someone who isn't a huge fan of his.

  19. 19

    Re: Red Panda – Very well said! Thank you for showing that there are people in this world who can put things into perspective. And capital punishment is barbaric. I can't believe a civilized country like the USA still practice it. The government is supposed to set an example for their people. Shameful.

  20. 20

    A jury of her peers??? You mean they were a jury of hard-partying sluts?

  21. 21

    Re: youdontknowjacque – How do you think cases were tried before TV shows like CSI or DNA profiling? Of course you can win a guilty verdict on circumstantial evidence. Ever heard of Scott Peterson? All circumstantial. He's now on death row where he belongs.

  22. 22

    George and Cindy knew all along, lied, and got their psycho daughter out to continue to terrorize the planet. I hope her first night out she gets laid and infused with every STD known to whore-kind.

  23. 23

    Wait so the mom took blame for googling chloroform and shit? wtf?

  24. 24

    Re: gbrailsfordcato – Go yell somewhere else where people give a fuck.

  25. 25

    Mario, each count of lying carries with it a maximum penalty of a single year. She's been in jail for three; chances are she'll get time served and released. It's ignorant people like you, blogging with no facts, that misinform and inflame others. You are not a journalist, Perez. You are a copy-and-paste gossip hack who's earned more contempt that affection; no one respects you or turns to you for meaningful dialogue. Give it a rest, give us a break, and STFU.

  26. 26

    What evidence? There was none. It was all circumstantial. And I think most of us don't believe that she's innocent, just that they had to find her not guilty based on lack of concrete evidence. That's the way our justice system works. Hopefully if you're ever on trial for something, they apply the law in the same way. God forbid we get in the habit of convicting people based on probability and not on evidence. We convict based on FACT, not emotion. I hope they never give you jury duty on a capital murder case, Perez.

  27. 27

    She is extremely attractive/hot/pretty. I have come to found things arent about moral, or even $, it is how u look and manipulate that makes you the winner. The blessed child has passed, that is fact. We can only this hot biotch will get in trouble without manipulating or become fat and ugly and then she will become jailed as deserved. HA!

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Do you think this girl is all there? She will have to live with whatever happened to her own little daughter, but I'm seriously questioning whether she'll come to any realizations.

  29. 29

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – Youz just a neggitive Nanc Don't talk o My home boy that way… He doesn't want to watch your kids anyways. I sware to god. Besides your kids are probably so big they watch themselves :)

  30. 30


  31. 31

    It sounds like the defense's sound bites have brainwashed quite a few of you. Have you forgotten the case several years ago of Hans Reiser, a famous tech developer. convicted of killing his wife? They never even found the body and they convicted him! People, most evidence is circumstantial unless they can put a weapon in the hand. They didn't find the body until he was convicted and then made a deal for a lesser sentence for more information— this included location of the body!! What about Scott Petersen? No different. Stop jumping on the bandwagon and use your brains!

  32. 32

    some validity to that. watch the court videos with the pink blouse and librarian bun…then watch her demeanor after the verdict…she is a con artist and the fact that she isn't ugly won her this case…

  33. 33

    The problem with the evidence is/was the jury did not believe George and Cindy. and since they were connected to so much of the evidence. It also means that the videos are the last time she was seen alive. George and Cindy had possession of the car for a period of time before calling the police, why? If Cindy really committed prejury to protect her daughter why only take credit for the two internet searches which she has an airtight aliby and the two most damaging?