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Hold Up! Is Shakira Replacing J.Lo On American Idol?

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Nah! Just another one of those fun loving rumors peeps like to get started!

The latest gossip to come out of Idol territory is that Jennifer Lopez isn't interested in returning to the show for a second season and that producers are looking for someone equally as hot and talented to replace her. While we have no idea if that is true, we can report from a well placed source that the rumor Shakira is in the running for J.Lo's spot is definitely FALSE.

In their words, the story is "not true at all."

And now, we're mildly disappointed! Though we kind of hope Jennifer sticks with it another year, Shakira, Shakira would be a FINE substitute! We know we'd tune in every week just to hear her golden Latina voice throw some truth on some singing hopefuls. That'd be amazing!!!

But if not Shakira, then who? Who will replace Jen if she packs up and books it out of Idol land???

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Hold Up! Is Shakira Replacing J.Lo On American Idol?”

  1. 1

    J-LO has signed to 4 movies. I think it is save to say she won't be coming back.

    That has to be the worst picture ever of Shakira lol She is a lot prettier than that.

  2. SeeMe says – reply to this


    I stopped watching AI quite a while ago. They don't let the singers sing a full song and it is more about the judges than the talent.

    Can't stand Lopez.

  3. 3

    Shakira is a horrible singer. You can't even understand her half the time. Also, maybe AI should call it quits… it's getting repetitive and boring and the only thing keeping this show running is the judges, or for now, 'What will J.Lo do?" Who Cares what she does, obviously she just needed attention so she makes a cd, agrees to idol, then leaves for movies… how can celebrities be so greedy for fame and money. Do they not get enough attention? Pathetic.

  4. 4

    not saying shaki is mariah but even you, miss perez are better than jlow as a judge! Shaki IS AT LEAST A REAL LATIN ARTIST not like jl who abuses the latina role..shes american..not latina! so yeah it would be nice to see a real latin ARTIST who didnt fuck her way into the music/movie scene coach the idol hopefuls

  5. 5

    I hope they get Da Brat!! Now that would be HOT!! LOLZ!!!

  6. 6

    Ok I thought JLO was unfit to be on Idol, but Shakira - no no no. She's a TERRIBLe singer.

  7. 7

    it should go to jessica simpson,shes has a music background and has the ditzy thing like paula did but shes much prettier,people love the way she dresses and love to tune in to hear what shes going to say good or bad or stupid.shes perfect i wish producers would see that.shed be worth every penny i guarantee it.

  8. 8

    oh noo shakira's voice is horrible she is not a singer, J.lo is not the best singer in the world but is kinda better

  9. <= says – reply to this


    Just like J-ho, Shakira the goat whisperer is in no capacity to give people advice on singing. seriously……

  10. 10

    wooow shakira is Best Female Singer of All Time

  11. 11

    Seriously, Shakira???? Is AI so desperate or what???? I didn't watch AI for some years. I'm not a fan of J.Lo either. I'm glad to hear that J.Lo won't be on AI as a judge anymore. I'm so tired to see her singing with her nasally voice. Especially when I heard that her husband was on AI, come on this is not a Lopez family show. If she would still be on AI as a judge I'm afraid that She, her skinny, sleepy eyes husband, her twins and her mother (Mrs. Lopez) will be on stage singing together.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Urg, people shakira is an amazing singer. just listen to "que me quedes tu" or "la despedida" and you will agree. anyway, i guess that's a matter of taste, but you absolutely cannot say she's an objectively a bad singer who is unfit to give singing advice b/c what it really comes down to is whether you like her style. that being said, i'm glad she wont be a judge. it seems like such a washed up thing to do and shakira still has a long career ahead of her, i hope. but i was kind of looking forward to watching her on tv every week…