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13 comments to “Weston Cage Says His Wife Is Preggers AND He's Getting Divorced…On Facebook”

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    First of all, I think he is definitely bi-polar. I'm bi-polar myself and have gotten myself into a few bizarre situations when manic. He sounds incredibly manic and needs to get on a med that will bring him back into reality. As for he and his wife, he seems like he realy loves her and if they both get the psych help they need, I really hope they can work it out. You can see he feels very protective of her. Get help guys, work through this!

  2. 2

    She's pregnant and he "let" her drink? WTF!? They're both douchey if this is true.

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    "pregnant-c test" BAHAHAHAHAA

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    Weston's son?? I think you've got some major errors in this report

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    Who is Weston's son?

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    ….wtf u got on yer feet gurl ? ….that looks redick……

  8. Coqi says – reply to this


    This is a celebrity's child. He is not famous and his life should not be exploited in the tabloids and blogs. Nic is silent because he obviously respects his family unlike everyone else.

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    WOW… He doesn't sound bipolar AT ALL… just because his emotions seem to go up and down and he changes his life's course at the drop of a hat??? Pshh!

  10. 10

    this guy has more demons than his father. It's sad. He's either a complete genius that has been misguided his entire life and wound up uneducated or he's not that stable. Poor dude.

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    He surely is mentally ill - whatever it is.

    He should be in treatment and not free on the streets.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he was misdiagnosed bipolar, the drugs for those could send him all over the place. As for her, if she's pregnant, the hormones and emotions natually run very high; thus in immature adults, the nasty bickering can happen. They have not learned the skills needed yet to communicate properly; and there ARE those certain skills they can learn with professional help. Grow up and practice conscious self-control. There seems to be a little one on the way who will need it. It's not party Hollywood anymore, it's grownup time. Become by doing. Set one decent foot in front of the other, and Fly Right.

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    Re: sskiles