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Chatting With… Jewel!

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She's got so much going on!

We caught up with our very pregnant friend Jewel recently to chat about her upcoming arrival, her new reality show for Bravo (Platinum Hit), the new children's album she's working on, plans after pregnancy, life in Texas and so much more!

Read highlights of our interview after the jump!

Watch our chat in full (above)!

Perez: Hi. All I can do is stare at your boobs. I see boobs. Before we start talking about your new TV show, I need to ask, how far along are we now?

Jewel: I'm really far along. Let's see, I'm like at 38 or 39 weeks so I'm days away, weeks away.

Perez: That's exciting. And we'll get back to that. But let's talk about Platinum Hit. How far into the series are we now that, how many episodes have aired?

Jewel: I want to say four or five, something like that.

Perez: And how many episodes total is it?

Jewel: Ten. We're almost at the halfway point.

Perez: Okay, so now it gets really good because you got rid of the really sucky people, and the better folks are around. Why did you want to do this show? What about it appealed to you?

Jewel: I love songwriting and I love songwriters but it's a world a lot of people really don't know exists and they don't really know what goes on or how it works or how you write songs. And that there's a whole world of songwriters that write exclusively for their people, they’re not artists, they write hits for Britney Spears, for Carrie Underwood and they make millions and millions of dollars at it. And it's sort of like the gold rush you know, everybody's mining for gold and if you come up with a nugget, it can pay you millions of dollars and buy you several homes. So it's a sort of underworld, it's a hidden industry and it was fun to share it with people and I love talent. I love mentoring talent and trying to help other artists because it's a tough business.

Perez: You're not just the host of the show, you're also a judge. If somebody's just bad, you can tell them, ″That was just bad″?

Jewel: I'm pretty blunt, yeah I'm pretty blunt on the show. You know if they’re disappointing me I'll let them know. I'm not a cruel, on don't try and say like cool cleaver one liners to the little people, like that's not my goal. But I, if I don't think it's good I won't lie to them and say it isn’t.

Perez: And joining you on the show is Kara DioGuardi. What was it like working with her?

Jewel: She knows she's a great song writer. She really is at the top of her field and she's one of those snipers that has made millions, and millions of dollars doing it and being able to sell her catalog afterwards. So she knows what she's talking about. Like this is definitely a format for her that she really, she knows a lot about it and she's a self made woman. Like she really did it in this industry on her own. It's a tough thing to figure out, there's no school (cut out) so she really — it's that product of what we're trying to get these kids to do.

Perez: And now, and do you know yet if the shows going to come back for a second season?

Jewel: Yeah, I don't know. I haven’t really talked to anybody. I've just been sequestered here in Texas.

Perez: If it does, would you be coming back?

Jewel: Yeah, there's things I would like to do better for sure as a host.

Perez: Now you’ve done hosting type things before. You did Nashville Superstar right?

Jewel: Yeah.

Perez: But you’ve never done like a reality TV show. Is that something that you would be open to doing? You know life there in Texas, a new mom, maybe?

Jewel: [Watch video above for answer.]

Perez: That's a children's album of all original songs or mostly original songs?

Jewel: Yeah, it's like, I did like three covers but the rest are original. And it's everything from Dixieland, to blues, to maricana folk. Plan just to produce it myself and to produce Dixieland tracks and stuff was really a blast. And I used ″Rocky the Raccoon″ the Beatles song as a template for the writing style. Something that's cleaver, and poppy, and well crafted but still is amazing and whimsical for children. But it's not (cut out) down so some of the parents would like.

Perez: And that will come out this year?

Jewel: In August it comes out on iTunes and it will be in stores in September.

Perez: That's very soon.

Jewel: Yeah, yeah, I wrote it and recorded and got it done really fast. That was sort of my pregnancy project.

Perez: Well you won't be able to promote it though will you?

Jewel: No, I didn’t really promote ″Lullaby″ my other children's record but it went gold in Canada, and I'm about 100,000 away from being gold here in the states. So it's done really well.

Perez: Well maybe since you can't do promo, you can do like, you can have artists make cool videos for several of the songs. Because you didn’t do that on the last album. That's a good idea.

Jewel: How do you mean artists? What do you mean?

Perez: Like animators. Like it could be animated videos. So things like that.

Jewel: Yeah, that would be fun. I'd love to do that.

Perez: So now you’re in Texas and that's where you live. People must ask themselves what do you do there in Stevensville Texas that's this really small city far away from everything else? What's life like there? What did you do yesterday?

Jewel: Well being pregnant and it's so hot, it's over 100 degrees, and I'm not doing much right now. But generally, we live on a big ranch, it's about 2,500 acres and we have cattle, you know my husbands a cowboy, so we ride horses, and ride motorcycles. We're kind of outdoorsy I guess. I have a large music studio here so I do a lot of my music and my writing here. So I have a lot (cut out) to produce. It's just cool, and I like it just for — I've been really lucky whole career, for as successful as I got, I was never really hounded by the tabloids, never gossiped about hardly and I think a lot of it's because I've been able to stay out of that sort of — you know I think too with my new baby coming I'm not going to be stalked like Pink is unfortunately and things like that. And so I think it's a — I'm able to go in and do my job, and I love being in Hollywood, and you know doing my job and touring, but it's nice to come back, which I have a really simple lifestyle, I really like it.

Perez: And speaking or touring, are there any plans then next year to maybe do some touring again?

Jewel: [Watch video above for answer.]

Perez: And I guess to wrap it all up back to songwriting. Have you been so inspired by the baby to write a song specifically for it? It's a boy, right?

Jewel: Yeah, I wrote the ″Merry goes round″ my children's album for him. Just lessons that I would want him to learn, things I wanted to say to him. Some speaking directly to a child, some are written as morals of the stories for a child to learn from like don't be afraid of the dark and things like that. So it was fun, it was fun like having him in my tummy and getting to write songs that I thought he would want to hear as he grew up.

Perez: Gorgeous. Have you been watching any of the other talent shows out there? It seems like there's so many talent shows now.

Jewel: Yeah, I've been watching some do ″The Voice″

Perez: Do you watch ″The Voice″? What did you think about that one?

Jewel: I like it. I think it's pretty cool. I think sometimes when the judges go on, and on, and on back and forth — have you see it much?

Perez: I don't watch any television.

Jewel: I know you don't. I think it's a cool format. It's definitely really cool. What a good showcase. Like they let the judges sing every show it seems like which would be an awesome format if you were a judge. And there's new school, there's a girl on there Dia, I like her a lot, she's who I want to win.

Perez: Well cool. Well it was good chatting, and –

Jewel: Thanks. So what's going on with you? When's your photo shoot? Aren’t you doing like a shirtless photo shoot?

Perez: I did it already. It turned out really well. I haven’t seen the actual photos yet but I've been working so hard. Here, I'll give you a preview, let me see. I sort of have abs, can you see?

Jewel: Yeah, that looks amazing. That looks really different from last –

Perez: Considering where I've came from. I've lost 80 pounds. I'm happy. Now I just need to get laid. I'm trying to be like ″The secret″ about it and just saying, ″Cock, cock, cock, cock″ and hopefully I will get some.

Jewel: Yeah, well my belly's huge. Let's see if you can see it here.

Perez: I can.

Jewel: Look at that.

Perez: Oh my goodness.

Jewel: See my belly? It's really big.

Perez: That's really big. Big belly, big boobs.

[Watch video above for more!]

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7 comments to “Chatting With… Jewel!”

  1. Nix says – reply to this


    Seriously, why do you think that just because you're gay its OK to talk to a woman like that? If a straight guy said it you'd be the first one to call him a pig!

  2. 2

    Immature fuck. And you wonder why you can't get laid.

  3. 3

    GREAT interview! I love that you cover EVERYTHING JEWEL! Her album was the first "cd" I ever bought and I've loved her ever since!! :o ) She is SO cute prego! :o )

  4. 4

    Fyi dumb fuck, she lives in STEPHENVILLE…if you're going to interview someone and ask about where they live you might want to actually get the name of the town right!

  5. 5

    Another gay hood? Those hair plugs must be really screwed up.

  6. 6

    Woot woot to my hometown: Stephenville, Texas.

    As far as Texas "cities" go, it really isn't that small. It's also only about a hour and a half drive from the Metroplex (Fort Worth / Dallas). That's about a standard distance for most of our major metropolitan areas.

  7. 7

    She is seriously the sexiest, most beautiful woman ever. She is glowing.