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WHAT?! Jerry Springer Offers Casey Anthony $1 Million To Be On His Show!!!

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Jerry's had some really deplorable human beings on his show in the past - but she's going to out rank them all!

According to Star Magazine, Jerry Springer's producers approached Casey Anthony's legal team this morning to offer their client and her family a mega deal to star on his show - $1 million.

The deal is Casey has to come on the show along with her parents and her brother Lee and they all have to be prepared to dish on their relationships and the murder death of little Caylee. According to a source:

“They are interested. The show would get huge ratings. The family will be presented with the offer shortly.”

Our stomach is turning. We're appalled by this. An interview is one thing, but this is just pandering! Extra low-life cheap pandering! This is one broken family that is best left unfixed! Let Casey stew in all she has said, done and accused them of. At least it's some kind of punishment, never having a relationship with her family ever again.

Don't U agree?

UPDATE: We've just received this statement from a rep at The Jerry Springer Show. According to him, thankfully, there is no truth to this story and there never will be. The rep tell us:

“There is absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever. ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ has not made any monetary offer to Casey Anthony and her family to appear on the program, nor will we.”

Well done, team! That's the right choice.

[Image via AP Images.]

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40 comments to “WHAT?! Jerry Springer Offers Casey Anthony $1 Million To Be On His Show!!!”

  1. 1

    This is disgusting… and she is a piece of shit who has always shown to be desperate for attention- so if this is true there is no doubt in my mind that she will do it.

  2. 2

    I won't be watching any show or read any books that deal with Casey Anthony or her family. They have no right to profit off the death of Caylee. Springer should be ashamed of himself.

  3. 3

    Perez I read your site for fun. Everytime I see this chick's face I think of that poor little girl. Please stop posting about this motherfucker.

  4. 4

    Disgusting. I won't watch and nor should anyone else. These people do not deserve money for all the lies and havoc they all wreaked. Anyone who tunes in needs to think about what they are doing. It's time we quit rewarding freaks with cash. If you do, it makes you responsible for this type of behavior to continue. SICKENING.

    Jerry Springer — has and always will be — someone without a conscience making dollars of of idiots. Who watches that show? Oh that's right. All you trailer trash that are just like those people. DISGUSTING. So sick of media and shows like this. So sick of idiots, period.

  5. 5

    Very clearly, the message is: Crime Pays. Next thing we'll read about someone else killing there kid and trashing their families reputation so they can have fame and a million bucks. THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST THIS!

  6. 6

    If anything knowing how jerry springer is off TV i'd say this is more of a mockery to Casey and her family, im sure he KNOWS they would never go for that but he's doing it just to have a personal laugh and probably get some media time.

  7. 7

    this has already been denied by jerry springer, seriously perez, its star magazine..

  8. 8

    anyone offering those nasty vile human beings money is scum ..

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: Average Jane – If Casey had been convicted, there is a law that would have prevented her from profiting from her crime in any way. But she was found "not guilty" (please note that I did NOT say she's innocent), and so she can write books, license images, or do whatever she wants and there's no law that will stop her. Sooner or later this uproar will die down, and we'll all hear that she's releasing a book about her (self-inflicted) "ordeal," and that book will definitely sell. Would I buy it? No. But millions will.

  11. 11

    Won't happen! I can't see her or her family going along with that at all…

  12. 12

    Just to speak truth is nuts. Jerry Springer has no conscience and is profiting off of the low life scum of America. Actually I can't believe he profits — no one I know would watch his trash show. Only trash watches trash, and they are more then willing to sign on and make total fools of themselves. That's how fricking stupid the people on his show are. LOW LIFE SCUM. MAKES ME SICK. MORE THAN SICK. I wish I had the power to stop the bullshit like this.

  13. 13

    It is disgusting that she will get rich off her daughters death. I really hope that club hopping whore gets what she deserves. Murderer!

  14. 14

    Re: xcalibur – I don't know what country you live in, but Casey Anthony cannot be retried for the murder/death of her daughter. Double jeopardy is prohibited in the Constitution. She could have a press conference today and announce that she did it and how she did it, and no one can touch her for it. This is common knowledge. Now, if her mother or her father admitted to having something to do with the murder/death, then charges could be filed against them (but not Casey). I'm assuming that you're an adult American with a reasonable education. How can you not know this?

  15. 15

    No, she's waiting for the price is right to make a offer!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – im not nuts nor saying jerry springer is a great person AT ALL, just that he comes off to me as a person that's very sarcastic about everything (he knows his show is crap) and if for one second i thought this was even possible my comment would be different….If you watched the whole trial i think you'd also realise that the Anthonys would never be on a show together let alone this show……

  17. 17

    Debunked by Gossip cop… this morning!

    Keep up to date, Perez.
    And all of you also!

  18. 18

    So murder will make you money now???

  19. 19

    This just shows what is wrong with America.

  20. 20

    And then Casey does a lap dance on George while Lee jerks off. . . . Great TV. Anthony style.

  21. 21

    This country is fcuking sick and disgusting.

  22. 22

    Re: jaystarr – yea no shit, on his fb page as well it says THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS AT ALL. fucking perez. dont post this shit if u dont know its the truth.. i remember a few times you putting people down for saying info that wasnt tru then realized it wasnt. fucking hypocrite

  23. 23

    can't believe anyone thought Jerry Seinfeld would make that offer. More like something Geraldo would do.

  24. 24

    If there is no truth to the rumor, then i have two questions. Why do you post something so sensational as this if just in the "rumor stage" (Actually, I know why, you'll post anything without any reason just to get clicks.) and two, why not remove the post as you make people read past the headline and tell them "oops sorry, just a rumor and boy that Jerry Springer is a good guy". What BS. You are an embarrassment and it's just getting harder and harder to visit the site as you are as nauseating as the scumbags you write about.

  25. 25

    if you were any kind of journalist you would not of put the word murder up there. you have now left yourself open to be sued in excess of millions of dollars and could have your site shut. very silly.

  26. 26

    i know Jerry Springer profits off of the trashiest, most lowlife people alive, but i don't think this will happen. however, i wouldn't be surprised if she got a reality show, and i could almost guarantee she will get a book deal. it's seems so evil that she could profit off of her daughter's death, whether she is guilty or not. it seems that no one is thinking of baby caylee, and i hope she is in a better place than with that horrible excuse of a mother.

  27. 27

    I can't wait until this story dies down, every time I read about this woman and her poor child I feel sick to my stomach

  28. 28

    I don't care who show she does or does not go on. I hope in a few months time people will forget her period. But not Caylee Anthony!

  29. 29

    He withdrew the offer.

  30. 30

    However, the more press you give this broad the more her value goes up. You really need to think about that on this storyline, Mario. YOU ARE profiting from the death of an adorable little girl. And that's a fact-o-mundo. You get paid every time somebody clicks on anything related to her on this site. Period.

  31. 31

    Any media outlet that pays this piece of trash will lose alot of viewers and respect of millions. I went on Springers site and was ready to go ballistic but luckily they had a statement right on the site saying they never made an offer to her. I pray this scum lives in fear and poorness for the rest of her life!

  32. 32

    His show still exists???? WTF?

  33. Vlazz says – reply to this


    I hope this isn't true. Jerry Springer has always supported trash but if he's really paying that baby killer a million dollars, he really is the scum of the earth. She doesn't deserve money, she deserves jail or the death penalty.

  34. 34

    What a god awful country we are living in. During this trial I kept saying "Well once shes out she will make millions" …case and point. Leave it to Americans to make someone rich thats killed their child.

  35. 35

    Only a piece of human garbage like Jerry Springer would want to reward someone like her with a million dollars.

  36. 36

    NOT TRUE NOT TRUE NOT TRUE NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    Hollywood can stop this and they should push all media sources not to pay Casey Anthony a $1.00.

  38. 38

    omg this is the dumbest rumor ever….its not even true.
    and u can all stfu with saying jerry springer has no conscience, it was just a rumor,idiots…
    So anyone whp watches jerry is trailor trash? You're a fucking moron. Its a show,get over it loser.

  39. 39

    stop picking on Casey and just look at the bigger picture, the degradation of the society we live in. It is us, stupid media (yes, I mean you Perez) an general publick's love for what's trashy and what's disgusting. Thanks to the attention she has been given this girl will now make millions on that little girl's death, there will be book or two, movie, TV series, appearnces, photo shotts, shows and more…she can basicaly go on all US tour straight from her cell. The society we live in is sick to the core and keeps in spotlight trash like Casey, Kardashians, Jersey Shore etc. I can not remember reading in papers anything about any smart kid that achieved something or about people that prudly and with dignity go through life…it is all about trash, liars, self obsessed idiots…the more twisted, heartless and greedy you are the bigger paycheck you bring home…honour is worth nothing this days…sad.

  40. 40

    shame on you jerry !!! maybe you a couple of grandkids she can babysit. fucking bottom feeder, you're no better than the scum on your show.