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Casey Anthony's Lawyer Signed By Big Hollywood Agency! Then FIRED Hours Later!

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And so it begins. This just disgusts us in a way that is unimaginable.

Seems Casey Anthony's lawyer is pretty damn proud of the work he's done and he's ready to made bank on it. Yesterday afternoon an internal memo was sent out to the employees of Paradigm announced that Jose Baez, who stood dutifully by Casey's side from arrest to acquittal, was being signed to their agency.

Of course, it didn't take long before mayhem ensued. Though Jose is a hot commodity right now, people feel as much animosity towards him as they do Casey. It took a little over five hours for it to dawn on Paradigm that maybe signing this guy up for book deals and TV appearances wasn't going to to do loads for their image. Thus, a second memo was sent out, reading:

"Important Paradigm Update - We have informed Jose Baez tonight that we will not be representing him."

Bet he didn't see that coming! Guy like that probably thought he'd have a book deal lined up for this morning!

However, when reached for comment, a Paradigm source explains, “In the end it’s just not who we are.” The source then added:

"We have not and have NO INTENTION of signing Casey Anthony."

You don't - someone else will. It's just a fact, people. Some agency isn't going to see the horrendous crime she committed and got away with when she steps into their office. They are only going to see dollar signs floating wildly above her head. That'll be enough to clinch them into a deal with.

Just you wait. You'll be surprised how far some people will stoop when they think they can make money!

[Image via AP Images.]

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22 comments to “Casey Anthony's Lawyer Signed By Big Hollywood Agency! Then FIRED Hours Later!”

  1. 1

    Hold on a sec, Perez. You do everything you can (and attempt too much that's beyond your limited reach) to capitalize on your 15 minutes. When last I checked, this was a free country, and Baez, much as I dislike him, has the right to build on whatever it is the trial has to offer him; after all, he was actually paid very little for representing Casey Anthony. You are every bit as guilty for chasing the almighty dollar as most people you "cover" on your site; you live in a glass house and have zero business throwing stones or judging ANYONE. You've stooped to boy bands, pedo-like drooling over Bieber, a child's book you have no business writing, and any number of epic failures in your pathetic "career" to point to as why you shouldn't ever give advice and why you shouldn't be making hostile, bullying comments about another human being. YOU are the disgusting one; Baez didn't kill Caylee Anthony, and Baez has the right to recoup his losses in a book deal or via other legal methods. So STFU, you pathetic, jealous fame whore.

  2. 2

    Say FatBoy didnt you act like this about the Ramsey's? Didnt Mrs. Ramsey die of a broken heart because of all the accusations? Havnt the Ramsey's since been proven innocent????????????????
    Aren't you a vile Pedophile?

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I will not be spending one red cent on any magazines, newspapers, books, I will not be watching any programs, or reading any Internet articles (I always read Perez, and I hope it all goes away fast from his blog). As far as I'm concerned, I have put duct tape on Caycee and Jose, and even that crummy prosecuter Ashton, put them in a trash bag, and am going to be throwing in all in a swamp. It all makes me sick, and anyone that would spend money on a book etc.about any of this, from any of those people, even the jurors, makes me want to hurl. Don't let any of them get away with it, don't buy…spend your money on more important things.

  5. 5

    casey anthony is going to be on dancing with the stars…….and then celebrity rehab with dr.drew…then her own show on vh1…..baby killer…looking for love….cant wait to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    The man has a right to make a living. If small minded people can't separate him from the people he represents they are just further showing their remarkable lack of intelligence. I'd hire him in a heartbeat.

  7. 7

    Karma is a bitch Jose and so is your client

  8. 8

    Re: Canukian

    because you live your life for the shallow superficial bs like money fame, there is more to life than that dochebag. plus he is a lawyer its not like he needs that to "make aliving" all he is doing is making himself rich off of a little girls murder. if your kid or someone you loved was murder and the lawyer of the killer got him/her off than started to bank off of it youd feel different than again the souless sometimes feel no emotion

  9. 9

    Re: sis0124

    amen amen amen amen…thats where it is at thats the justice we can carry out for caylee dont let her get rich and famous and will live hated and poor for the rest of her life

  10. 10

    The only person who is truly losing in this case is the poor innocent child who was murdered. It is sad that people will make such a mockery of this little girls death and exploit the case for money. So sick and twisted. I hope this lawyer sleeps well at night knowing he got a child murderer off the hook with false testimony.

  11. 11

    He looks like a fat Count Chocula. Ass Hat!

  12. 12

    Why wouldn't Baez be proud of his work? No one gave him a chance in hell to win this case and he got his client off. I'd love to read a book from him. Someone will eventually sign him.

  13. 13

    Re: toolman85
    Appropriate name you have there. Only complete tools judge someone without knowing anything meaningful about them. Really all you know about him is he is a lawyer and he successfully defended someone yet you (and many hysterical simpletons) have conjured up an image of the devil based on these two benign facts. You think with your gut and not your head. A sure sign of being small minded and remarkably unintelligent.
    And where do you get the idea I live my life for money and fame? When did I even say anything that would indicate that? It seems you not only use scany incomplete information to label people but also non existent, made up in your own head information as well.

  14. Jula says – reply to this


    Everyone wants the truth!!! Casey will not go underground. She wants to talk and right now she is sitting in jail spinning a new story so she can stay in the spotlight!!! She will do it through Jose or whoever will listen. Be prepared another star performance from Casey is on its way. Casey 4.0 Disgusting

  15. 15

    I think Ms. Anthony has a big ole' crush on her lawyer. He betta watch out! Don't turn your back on her Jose, she might have her mother Google "chloroform" and then you'll be in major trouble.

  16. 16

    Just curious - what horrendous crime did Casey commit exactly? There was no exact cause of death, there was no evidence linking her to the body or anything, and from what I saw during the trial, she was a horrible liar, not a murderer. I'm sorry, but for those who are all so positive she committed murder, you must have been there to witness it, right? Why didn't you come forward with your evidence at the trial? Or, wait, were you just going off what you read in the media? Oh - well we all KNOW how ACURATE the media is! I guess the 12 people on the jury and the judge didn't get the chance to read the stories online, otherwise they would've had their "proof", right? Stop believing all the BS in the papers and look at the actual EVIDENCE before you fly off with your stupid opinions! Didn't the same media vilify the Ramsey's? Se how well that worked out??

  17. 17

    What so bad about this man? He just did his job. Everybody has the right to have a lawyer This is the HUMAN RIGHT, which you dont know in America probably.

  18. 18

    Fascinating. Casey Anthony is radioactive poison.

  19. 19

    Just read that in Jan 2009 Jose started his campaign to make this case famous. He is the reason everyone knows her murderous name. He played the part of a sleazy lawyer well with all his unethical lies during open and throughout the trial. I hope they do bring him up on contempt charges. Our justice system is in trouble if lawyers start using his sleazy tactics to defend their criminals and confuse our simple minded juries.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Sad but True……………………………Casey found NOT GUILTY. The State couldn't answer the most basic questions required to convict someone of murder, much less sentence them to death. Whats worse is that EVERYONE lied on the witness stand to further their own agenda. The scientists who overstep their training to the family members to the investigators. Who can so they will never forget Roy Kronk or Crystal Holloway/River Cruz? Don't forget the medias' role here either, Headline News and Nancy Jane V-Mtchell built their careers on the back of this case with their "Missing White Girl Hour"on CNN. What a shame to lose a beautiful little girl what a larger shame would be to sentce her mom to death for a crime noone can prove.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amazing how ethics go by the wayside when they think a guy could sell ice to Eskimos. The karma police fixed that early.