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It Was A Blackout Break-In! 22-Year-Old Doesn't Remember Trashing Letterman Studio!

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drunk 22 year old doesnt remember trashing letterman studio

This guy def needs help ASAP!

Earlier today, we heard about 22-year-old part-time actor James Whittemore, who was arrested yesterday after getting drunk, breaking into the Ed Sullivan theatre where David Letterman's show is taped, and causing $2,000 worth of damage.

The general consensus seemed to be that he was an overall good kid who's had a rough run of it…but as we said earlier, that still doesn't excuse such inappropriate, illegal behavior.

Now, Whittemore's attorney is saying that he doesn't even remember the drunken incident!

Whether or not it's all a blur, the consequences are quite clear, and now it looks like he may be responsible for as much as $5,000 worth of damage!

If he's getting drunk to the point where he could do $5K worth of damage and not even recall it, we're thinking a rehabilitation facility MAY be in this guy's near future.

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “It Was A Blackout Break-In! 22-Year-Old Doesn't Remember Trashing Letterman Studio!”

  1. 1

    It's common to not remember stuff when you drink. Hope he doesn't get drunk for many years to come!!! He should have to pay for the damage though.

  2. 2

    It's a good thing the vandal wasn't a female intern- because then Letterman would have had to carry out the punishment himself.

  3. 3

    Thats nothing.. Imagine blackout driving and costing a life- this aint shit compared…

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: iloverickymartin – You know you might have a problem when…

  5. Rigby says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure it's more a mental health issue than simply getting drunk. That's what it sounds like to me, at least from the statement by his lawyer. The whole thing is just sad. I don't know what's worse for a person to have to endure - addiction or a serious mental illness (though…they are both one in the same…you get my point.) It sounds like an extremely Manic episode, possibly his first, or possibly a form of Schizophrenia. Don't get me wrong, he's a criminal and he will repay/do is obligations to the court and state, but to have to know that everyone knows what you did and will know what turns out…especially health/addiction issues…that is balls. BIG ones. Like, "Yeah, I'm the guy who trashed the Ed Sullivan theater and blacked out, which turned out to be my first episode as Bi-Polar or Schizophrenia! And who are you?"
    Glad no one was physically hurt.

  6. Rigby says – reply to this


    Re: Dubble A – Randomly blacking out? Or alcohol/drug related?

  7. 7

    Just because someone has a black out experience doesn't mean they are an alcoholic and need help. There are plenty of college students who have one really really bad night and black out and do stupid things. To call them an alcoholic for that one night is insulting to those people who do have the addiction.

  8. SF90 says – reply to this


    Can you stop putting "Letterman's studio" in the headline when it wasn't even his studio? It was the lobby that was trashed.

  9. 9

    Sorry I don't feel sorry for this kid, who seems to have more excuses than the top 10. Probably not his first time doing some criminal mischief; but hope it's his last. I feel bad for the entire Letterman crew, who had to face going back to work after their theater was trashed!! Dave handled it well, with his usual comedic take on it all; and ya gotta admire the guy. But this young man needs a real reality check. Or check in to rehab. Not funny.