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Bill Maher Says Republicans Can't Complain About Casey Anthony Verdict

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It's no secret how liberal Bill Maher is.

The outspoken HBO personality is now comparing the Casey Anthony jury's decision-making skills to Republican thinking, saying:

Half of [American voters] say 'I'm with the party that cuts all these programs for real people, for the 99 percent. Planned Parenthood, environmental protection, college, health care, infrastructure, but holds the line on private jets.' Voting for them is as stupid as voting not guilty for the mom who lost her baby for a month and went looking at a wet t-shirt contest.

Hmm, while Bill Maher usually makes some good points, even we have to admit these are some heavy comparisons!

Watch the video to hear the rest or just to see how impulsive Ann Coulter is!

Before he can even begin explaining his theory, the uber-Republican pipes in physically!

Whoa there girl, no need for heavy poking. Violence is never the answer, mmkay?

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49 comments to “Bill Maher Says Republicans Can't Complain About Casey Anthony Verdict”

  1. 1

    What an absolute idiot.

  2. 2

    Nearly 50 years of a welfare state propagated by liberal Democrats is the point here. Maher is an unfunny ranter. Coulter is a constitutional lawyer and multiple best-selling author. It's hard to believe, but they are actually friends.

  3. 3

    I like Maher this was as dumb as rush's statement…………..DUMB

  4. 4

    As a liberal, even I think Bill Maher is a douche and a hypocrite. He's about as ridiculous as the people he lashes out against.

  5. 5

    Nailed it!!

    Brilliant - as usual! It amazes me how willfully blind the repubs are. Stoopid blind. I would gladly see the country split so they can go run themselves into the ground all by themselves.

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    wait shouldn't the story be that liberals shouldn't be angry at this? All Casey did was have an abortion 3 years later. Liberals celebrate killing babies in the wound all the time for hardship or any other mitigating factor. Casey did it allegedly for women's rights is what they should be saying.

  9. Blunt says – reply to this


    rofl republicans remind me of the rich mean kids from high school with egos. No one likes them but the few that want to be like them. This is America not the land of bigotry and close minded mentality. These people are just mean fucks, who think americans are suppose to be up tight red necks who hate everyone who is none white and is against shooting anything that moves with a gun. I could never respect a republican they are just unlikable mean and cocky ppl who feel they MSUT be right whenever they speak rofl.

  10. 10

    HeeHeeHaaHaa. Watch the hater s now…

  11. 11

    He's right. People think Obama is running the country into the ground - no - he just hasn't been able to stop the nose dive created by the mismanagement that preceded him. No-one could.

  12. 12

    What an absolute idiot this man is. He's worse than anyone who ever appeared on Fox News. He's a racist, a sexist, anti-christian, anti-Islam, and no one on the left ever calls him on it.

  13. 13

    Re: Muskratlove – and he refers to her as his first Wife :P that made me laugh even harder.

  14. 14

    I love Bill Maher and you shouldn't be so timid about him, Perez. He is absolutely telling the truth and making a lot of sense. Good for him. The only thing I hate is that he invited that beyotch on his show. She is a disgusting pig. I hate her. Yes. Hate. She is vile.

  15. 15

    PS Ann Coulter has attacked Republicans too. So she is not towing the party line. She support SOME republicans coz they are closer to her thinking. Smaller govt equals prosperous nation. It's a tried and tested way to succeed. No matter how much Liberals cry for higher taxes.

  16. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Average Jane – Hey Average Jane we basically have split the country up, just look at the finacial condition of the states that are dominated by liberal rule and those that are controlled by conservatives. You wouldn't look a ridiculous as you do if you simply do a little research.

  17. 17

    that is a very stupid statement.. She could have had an abortion but chose not to!! Abortions are still legal!!!

  18. 18

    Love Bill Maher! He's right about the gap between rich and poor being as great now as it was in the 1920's! Bill Clinton balanced the budget, but what did Ken Starr and the media focus on? A left leaning p….! Clinton did not receive the credit he was due, because of a corrupt Supreme Court, who decided that suing a sitting President would not interfere with his duties! They allowed Paula Jones to hijack a Presidency, and I will always have tremendous resentment towards her! She gave precedence to a personal matter, instead of considering what a COUNTRY wanted, and what they wanted was Bill Clinton, because that's who the country voted for!

  19. 19

    Re: Muskratlove

    Do you have a brain? The Bush tax cut's, and dumb wars bankrupted our government. That's a FACT.

  20. 20

    but maybe the little girl bieat her or cursed at her mother : Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB), 1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB), 2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)… see? there are reasons to kill children if we're Christians!

  21. 21

    the f***ing republicans are the reason why we're in this mes, the reason why we have no rights, no mandatory vacation, no benefits…. basically nothing. what's new about that?

  22. 22

    What a fucking moron! Somebody should have punched him in his stupid face.

  23. 23

    Bill Maher for 2012 president :]

  24. 24

    Re: alexie silver – LOL, yes its the GOP that's taking away everything. spoken like a dumb Obama voter.

  25. 25

    Re: JCPiscool – You're an asshole!

  26. 26

    Bieber for prez 2012

  27. 27

    Bill Maher is a disgusting pig just like Casey Anthony

  28. 28

    I know some of us have anne coulter to say dumbass things. Im glad the liberals have this ignorant prick. How the fuck does he have a show

  29. 29

    Americans are BLOWING UP Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, and Libyan babies into millions of piece daily…They have nothing on Cassey!

  30. 30

    Re: alexie silver – You could always move somewhere better you fucking cry baby.

  31. 31

    Not really sure how the Casey Anthony reference was relevant but most of what he said was common sense.

  32. 32

    everyone myself including is being an idiot. have your opinions disagree thats fine but the babies in washington have created and unleashed on the american public this huge dividing line between parties. it existing before yes but now its a complete your this or that and the feuding between is out of hand. the democrats and republicans both have their faults and both lie and play the game. why can't people just say this works or yours lets use this plan this doesnt thats out, you lied to the public your out, you have done well lets vote you in again. by fanning the flames so everyone is f the democrats or republicans the allow themselves to hide agendas under other policys etc that they know that side will vote on. i.e the gov can be more sneaky

  33. 33

    Re: cjrb66 – why?

  34. 34


  35. 35

    he just compared the judges to republican voters. both choose wrong! the republican voters are pretty aware the republican politicians are organized crime! they deregulated the economy, cut all benefits and such, intentionally. at least the jury didn't find the girl guilty for " lack of proof". on the other hand, there is "plenty of proof" the republican orgy might be able to destroy the whole country and make us all loose everything, still, the morons make the wrong choise voting republican over and over?

  36. 36

    if you ever read what bills etc are hidden under a headline bill about religon which all republicans will vote for yet these hidden bills are completely against what they "stand" for. and same for the democrats furthermore i am just tired of these babies just saying no because its not their side. they the government are spending more time and energy on keeping and gaining power for their party….they are supposed to work for us the american public but as we all know the truth is far from that. how much time has been wasted with each side stone walling the other lets not feed into this and vote this babies out. the tea party is no better they just dont have any pull, but exploit the patriotism and middleclass man but palin bachman are far from middle class and frankly are scary prospects to lead this country.

  37. 37

    Re: boston61 – You mean the Bush tax cuts that Obama extended and the wars he continued and expanded to another country?

  38. 38

    Re: JCPiscool – WTF! Equating terminating a pregnancy with murdering a 3 year old child that you have loved and cared for?

  39. 39

    Maher is an idiot. It was Obama's stimulus plan that gave the tax loophole for private jet owners. Republicans didn't vote for that stimulus, Democrats did. That's right, Obama was for private jet owner tax breaks before he was against them. But people are so uninformed that they are completely unaware of that fact.

  40. 40

    Bill Maher is an insensitive prick.

  41. 41

    ps: founRe: JCPiscool – yes, the GOP is taking away everything since the beginning of the 80s! can't you see it? Chicken Little x president Bush put 13 Wall Street mafia guys inside the treasure dept because he already know the economy was going to collapse years ago. another chance to make the rich richer!!!! those are facts. can you show me why the republican politicians would be good for the country?

  42. 42

    it's so funny, every moron in this page says: Maher is this, Maher is that but no one is able to explain why. Classic republican behavior! senseless use of words!

  43. 43

    Re: JCPiscool – Being Pro-choice or a Liberal does not mean that people are Pro-Abortions. SHAME ON YOU

  44. 44

    Re: buck – You really are an idiot.

  45. 45

    Re: janeese – Isn't it awesome! Courage and wit all wrapped in one.

  46. 46

    He really enjoys playing the devil's advocate. Conservatives are convinced that he's a ferocious liberal, and ferocious liberals are convinced he's an unreconstructed conservative… I think he's neither

  47. 47

    Re: Average Jane – hey moron jane u voted for a guy with one yr in government….so keep drinkin the kool aid

  48. 48

    Re: boston61 – get ur facts right it was the morons in charge of the housing market who let anyone and everyone own over priced houses…guess what 3 of them are still there barney and getnier were two of them……

  49. 49

    this guy isnt the brightest, is he?