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Demi Lovato Debuts New Music Video!

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Check out the just-released clip for Skyscraper (above)!

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106 comments to “Demi Lovato Debuts New Music Video!”

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  1. 101

    Re: pacmangirl – I find it ironic and hilarious that she slams Demi for her issues and that she doesn't feel sorry for her, when I found an article that she was defending Cheryl Cole (who is a thousand times faker) when she was alegedally 'cheated on'. Everything Manda756 described Demi is actually Cheryl Cole, the stupid girl. There are more beautiful Brits and they are actually talented. Adele, Keira Knightly, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, etc.
    I am more into Hispanic Americans like Demi, Lea Michele (her Spanish origin is Hispanic).

  2. 102

    Re: pacmangirl – I know that Manda756 is idiotic. She slams Demi for her problems that are very serious, when she defends Cheryl Cole (who is a thousand times faker btw) after she was alegedally 'cheated on'. Cheating is cheating, but mental illnesses are more serious. She also thinks Cheryl is beautiful but she is not. There are more beautiful Brits (I'm British btw) who are talented too like Adele, Keira Knightly, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, etc. I find Hispanics really beautiful and talented too like Demi, Lea Michele, Penelope Cruz, Christina, etc.

  3. 103

    Re: NicoleCth – Only idiots think she wrote it. She made it CLEAR that she didn't write it. Get a fucking clue. And he made an opinion about a video. He obviously LIKES it. That's an OPINION you moron. Yeah the truth does hurt, and the truth is, you're a dumb ass.

  4. 104

    I actually love this video & song. If you don't then you don't understand. I've had similar issues as her & I really applaud demi for how she is dealing with everything. She's inspirational & actually has talent unlike most of the people on the radio now.

  5. 105

    Re: SummerSunAgain – she didn't do drugs & she gave in to cutting? you're dumb. you don't "give in to cutting" it's something that you do because you feel so low & in so much pain that you want to feel physical pain. it is not a drug, it is an issue. so is bulimia & her image issues. she didn't give in, she felt a lot of pressure which makes sense seeing as how she lived in hollywood & was quite famous for her age.
    you should think before you talk.

    a true fan would also be more supportive of her & not dismiss her issues so easily. she is handling them in her own way, and you should be happy that she did check in to a facility so that she didn't go so far down the path of actually getting into drugs or worse, committing suicide. so i doubt you were a true fan before.

  6. 106

    Re: Fantasy – wow. that is one of the most insensitive things I've heard. you essentially told a suicidal person to go die. if you don't like it thats your opinion but there was no need to be that harsh

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