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Is Audrina Patridge… Preggers??!

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Audrin Patridge Baby Bump

Do we spy a possible baby bump??

This pic was taken on Saturday night. Audrina was sporting a cute pink dress — an what looks like a a cute baby-fied tummy!

That's pretty unusual for a girl who's known for her incredibly flat stomach and killer bod.

What do U think?! Has she been knocked up?? Or maybe just bloated?

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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39 comments to “Is Audrina Patridge… Preggers??!”

  1. 1

    You must be kidding me Perez. Theres no baby in there.

  2. 2

    this is why hollywood celebs have eating disorders! i love this site but really?!?! shes super skinny shush!

  3. 3

    her mom is such a wack job…………her younger sister (not the youngest) is gorgeous…..too bad she has all that junk all over her body……..

  4. 4

    well damn!
    everyone decided to get knocked up at the same time….

  5. 5

    Just bloated? Maybe she is just relaxed. Maybe it is her posture. Maybe it is the dress. Maybe she is simply not as emaciated as most Hollywood women.

  6. 6

    i hate when you do shit like this. just because a girl doesn't have a completely flat stomach doesn't mean she's pregnant. i thought you wanted to stop being a bully

  7. 7

    That just looks like a flat stomach poked out forward to me . . .

  8. 8

    wouldn't suprise me most people just get knocked up whenever these days…at this rate when their children are adults the world will be over populated..sad. I hope shes not pregnant.

  9. 9

    who gives a fuck

  10. 10

    I doubt she's preggo.. probably just a bad angle coupled with bad lighting and an awkward stance.

  11. 11

    Re: Nikkicat85 – will be? my dear, the world already is overpopulated………

  12. 12

    hey idiot you know women are not SUPPOSED to have flat stomaches. You are so damn stupid I can not stand it.

  13. 13

    It's the way she's standing, and possibly bloated or ate just before the pic. Really, she's beautiful and healthy…why pick on one little flaw??

  14. 14

    That bump is CLEARLY a belly button ring.

  15. 15

    Stupid. This happens to women. We get bloated, we don't always choose to suck in our stomachs. She's NOT preggers.

  16. 16

    her boob job makes her look extra freaky. her bikini pictures are nasty

  17. 17

    Jesus, Perez… you are such a bully. Leave the girl alone.

  18. ptay says – reply to this


    god im so over this. a woman eats a big lunch and/or is about to start her period and we question if she is PREGNANT'?! and we wonder why so many woman and young girls have eating disorders. god, can a girl not have a bloat day without the fear of developing a self- image problem? this is so offensive and women deserve better. shame on you. until a woman announces it, shut up and say nothing.

  19. 19

    wow.. and we wonder why woman have such body image issues! someone of her size getting called preggerz or bloated!?! come on now! get serious! that's just sick

  20. 20

    Perez - how rude! Now she is going to starve herself for a week! All because she had a FULL BLADDER that you confused for a baby bump! Come on Perez - I do expect more from you.

  21. 21

    Come on Perez, isn't this the kind of thing were trying to steer away from? Clearly she's not pregnant, and clearly the little tiny spec of belly she's sporting shouldn't be pointed out regardless. She's skinny enough as it is.
    I'm disgusted with your post. This is the kind of stuff that leads to girls having eating disorders because she has a bit of meat on her, and I'd hardly call Audrina's bump meat.

  22. 22

    Pregnant?…..Um nope!

  23. 23

    wow perez you are an asshole.at least she is pretty…you my friend will always be ugly

  24. 24

    maybe shes just bloated..happens to girls all the time.
    its people like you pointing it out all the time that leads every girl to want to be a size 0.

  25. 25

    I wish celeb writers would not do this. If she is we will all know in time. If she ate a meal, it's none of our business.

  26. 26

    If you and the rest of the gossip world continue to have these kind of headlines every time a celebrity gets caught at a bad angle or has a bloat your next headline is going to be - __________ has anorexia or ___________has bulimia. Stop

  27. 27

    what has she been up too, EATING!!! wtf is wrong with the person who writes these????

  28. 28

    she probably just ate a sandwich or something and you're saying she is preggers! sheesh.

  29. 29

    I think it's just the way she's standing.

  30. 30

    No pregnant. At all. Maybe like 2 hours pregnant. Stop making up hurtful stories about people just because it's a slow news day. Wait until the WOMAN ANNOUNCES PUBLICLY says she is pregnant to post on the site.

  31. 31

    She looks great! Stop it! Thats why girls are so insecure these days!

  32. 32

    GOOD GRACIOUS PEREZ!!! You know DAMN well she's not pregnant.

  33. 33

    HOW DARE YOU PEREZ. I love this site and im on it often, but my goodness..

  34. 34

    Honey, I think it's just a food baby.

  35. 35

    Don't give a rat's ass either way. She's nobody

  36. 36

    Ha ha, remember that awesome prank Perez pulled when he said bullying was bad and he wasn't going to do it?

  37. 37

    Neither! How is that bloated?! Watch her lose about 14lbs when she sees this crap being written…

  38. 38

    that's disgusting, Perez. perhaps she's so skinny now that her internal organs are sticking out, creating the illusion that she is bloated. way to make all the chubby girls feel like shit. I guess you've been skinny for so long that you now forget how cutting your ignorant comments can be to those of us who look at Audrina and can only dream of being tiny like she is. And you have to go and say she looks pregnant? You're a bitch.

  39. 39

    Re: Whoaaa – please don't play into his ego by calling him a celeb. he's just a putz who picks on true celebs.