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Brooke Mueller Was Removed (Or Stormed Off) An Airplane

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Brooke Mueller Kicked Off Plane

Brooke Mueller was either removed of stormed off an airplane on Tuesday after getting into a heated tiff with a flight attendant.

Apparently, on a flight headed for Cancun and before the plane could pull away, Brooke went to use the restroom because she was feeling nauseous. The flight attendant told her no, as the plane was about to leave.

This didn't sit well with Brooke, who then lost her shizz and started yelling at the flight attendant, demanding that they let her off the plane:

Brooke insisted she had to throw up, but Brooke is telling people the flight attendant rudely replied, "Tough." Brooke then went ballistic and demanded to get off the plane. She says her wish was granted.

But other witnesses submit that her tirade ended with her being removed from the plane, not being granted an exit!

This is why they make airsickness bags, Brooke. Just because you're famous doesn't mean you can violate airplane rules and then act a fool about it!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Brooke Mueller Was Removed (Or Stormed Off) An Airplane”

  1. 1

    My worst fear is barfing on public transportation - so I actually feel for her here. And, I have also had someone throw-up in my computer bag on a plane (yuck). All and all - she is a mess, but I would have wanted to go to the bathroom too.

  2. 2

    My job requires me to travel a lot and over the course of literally hundreds of flights, I've never seen a flight attendant be rude to any passenger … even the rude & unruly ones. While I'm sure it happens and anyone can have a bad moment, I'd be very surprised if any flight attendant said that to a passenger who was sick. And I'd be willing to bet that Brooke won't find one witness/passenger who can verify her version of events.

  3. 3

    People get sick on planes all the time. That's why there are barf bags. Mueller is an entitled be-atch who thinks everyone on the plane should wait for her while she goes to the bathroom. Perhaps if she didn't drink/drug so much, she wouldn't need to puke.

  4. 4

    I believe Broooke! After all, it's totally out of character for Hollywood types to lie and bullshit to make themselves look better after a diva tantrum.

  5. 5

    Damn, girl better cut those drugs out for good, she's getting that scary "rough" Charlie Sheen look!!! YUCK!

  6. 6

    Put this crazy bitch on the NO FLY LOST!!

  7. 7

    Oops! I meant the NO FLY LIST!

  8. 8

    I watched the boring Paris Hilton show yesterday and watched a strung out Brooke Mueller. Her mom loves the attention her daughter is getting and loves the fact that she married a celebrity. No one cares about Brooke. Brooke on the other hand is screwed up. She's an drug addict in the worse way. She needs the Betty Ford Center and to be away from her family. The kids are the ones who I would worry about. With Charlie (addict) and Brooke (addict) as parents the kids don't stand a chance.

  9. 9

    Charlie probably got her hooked on crack. He hates women almost as much as Bravo's Andy Cohen. JMHO

  10. 10

    Someone needs to tell this woman that "Crack is Wack!"

  11. 11

    Famous for what?! Being a greasy, drug crazed star fu*ker?

  12. 12

    Air travel seems to be the only customer dependant industry that can get away with treating its customers like absolute shite and cattle. prissy flight atendants looking for any excuse to plead victimisation. the world needs to get a fucking grip.

  13. 13

    yeah sure. drugs drugs drugs. one more fix before liftoff

  14. 14

    Why was she going to Cancun? I'm assuming she didn't have the twins with her and was taking another vacation…after all, she works so hard for all of that alimony she snorts up her nose.

  15. 15

    thats right your not "special " on a plane
    i guess charlie wasnt the ahole in the relaitonship

  16. 16

    Famous for being a drug attic is all.

  17. 17

    whats next sarah michelle gellar will have to leave california because she afraid theres a hell mouth.

  18. 18

    she wanted a fix before taking off. duh.