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Kyra Sedgwick Is Related To Her Husband, Kevin Bacon

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueEtc.David Letterman

Check out this HIGHlarious clip of Kyra Sedgwick on David Letterman, as she reveals that she's related to some famous people like:

Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Marilyn Monroe, and her husband Kevin Bacon.

Wait, what??

Apparently she went on the show Who Do You Think You Are only to find out that she's 10th cousins once removed from her own husband!

While slightly weird, we're not surprised because of how easy the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is.

Just sayin'. Ha!

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11 comments to “Kyra Sedgwick Is Related To Her Husband, Kevin Bacon”

  1. 1

    When Kevin Bacon was in his 20's he was considered a 10. Kyra was never more than a 4, in her 20's and now! She keeps acting like she was some 10, who's star was dimmed by her uber famous husband, or the fact that she had children at a young age. A bit delusional, but I guess it works for her!

  2. 2

    How is it weird? They're 10th cousins not first.

    I'm surprised I haven't seen you slap an "Equality for all" "support gay marriage'" message after this one.

  3. 3

    Wrong show Perez. She states "Finding Your Roots" by Henry Louis Gates. Did you even watch your clip?

  4. 4

    SLUTS… Southern Ladies Under Tremondus Ladies Under Stress…. Brenda Leigh Johsnon…you go out there and tell our stories………………………………….

  5. 5

    what does once removed mean anyway

  6. 6

    The 2 of them filmed a movie in my girlfriend's house. Am I 1 or 2 degrees away?

  7. 7

    10th cousin? really, people…is this what we're doing now? Hell, we might as well all be related. How silly.

  8. 8

    thats kind of sick

  9. 9

    love the show Who do You Think You Are-so definitely look forward to seeing the episode featuring Kyra
    if you go back far enough we're all related
    whether you believe in Adam and Eve
    or Mitochondrian Eve!
    ancestry can be a fun hobby to pass the time and now the internet makes it easy for everybody to do

  10. 10

    Re: perez posse member 777 – Do you seriously not realise how distant a 10th cousin is?

  11. 11

    Her family has been in the USA for hundreds of years on her father's side, so it's not surprising.