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Rupert Murdoch Says He's Sorry

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Sorry doesn't even begin to cover it.

Referring to the NOTW phone hacking scandal, media mogul Rupert Murdoch published a full page apology letter (above) in his UK newspapers, The Sun and The Times of London on Saturday.

He writes:

"We are sorry for the serious wrongdoings that occurred. We regret not acting faster to sort things out."

Two of his top execs resigned on Friday and Murdoch is scheduled to appear before the British Parliament on Tuesday.

The apology is too little, too late. We're not buying it.

What do U think of Rupert's letter?

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23 comments to “Rupert Murdoch Says He's Sorry”

  1. 1

    Admirable move!! Check out my awesome lifestyle blog:


  2. 2

    How is anything that News of the World did any different that what you do Perez?? There is NO difference - you insert yourself into people's lives to share intimate stuff with the world and really don't care how the individual might feel about it.

    So take your high 'morals' off the table - you are no better than junk tabloids!

  3. 3

    This mess is way bigger than just News of the World. The Murdochs bribed law enforcement officials, like Scotland yard! They spied on people, they hacked into people's telephones and e-mail. Hell, they were worse than Nazis! They even bribed the government officials, like people who worked inside the national government, to leak stuff, and then Murdoch could manipulate things. It's not about movie stars being spied on by paparrazzi. It's about huge corruption and spying. Even the people investigating the law breakers were on Murdoch's payroll! They need to take his entire organization down and forbid them from ever owning any media again for life. They should be fined and sued into bankruptcy and go to jail.

  4. 4

    I am not sure why we should care…one of the men calling for the break-up of News Corp is Ed Miliband Labour leader in the UK….he was elected leader with 147.000 votes in a country of 80 million plus….doesn't seem right that a man with less than .001 percent of the people behind him could bring the end of an international corporation…one in which the voices of people who happen to not be liberals are heard and reported on….disgusting that Perez has failed to distinguish that he does the same thing

  5. 5

    Although what they did was beyond disturbing, i'm not gonna lie and say I hated them. In fact, I actually adored their site. But when it comes to British media, the Daily Mail still holds the key to my heart. And that's actually kind of weird considering that the only time I even went to England I hated the place (but I still want to give them a 2nd chance by visiting Cornwall).

  6. 6

    This is old news - the story has developed far more in the last day so get up-to-date Perez. Also, it reminds me of your feeble attempts to apologize for drawing pictures of people pissing themselves & bullying celebs. Too little too late, especially since you still do it regularly. You can't rewrite history.

  7. 7

    Perez, I am sure that is what a lot of people said about you after you apologized for years of bullying. Too little, too late.

  8. 8

    Ha Ha Ha Ha "Sorry." We are sorry we broke the law THOUSANDS of times. Throw this old carcass and his evil spawn in prison. End this Murdoch cancer in our lives!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – Cornwall's gorgeous. I've just come back from a two week holiday myself (I stayed at a place called Holywell Bay). You should definetely go at somepoint, just to see what its like. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your first visit to the UK. Where did you stay? x

  10. 10

    You're not buying it, really? He's FOX news, ofcourse it's bullshit. He's trying to save his fear machine. He's the biggest fucking crook on the planet.

  11. 11

    People have no idea who this man is. He's not just a media mogul. He's an Australian crook who basically dictates which direction one of our political parties steers. He is the Republican party, whether people want to see it or not. And he's been doing this kind of thing forever, he simply got caught this time. And he will CONTINUE to do so, make no mistake about it.

  12. 12

    If he were being honest — even remotely — he'd have written: "We are truly sorry we've been caught and called on our MO."

  13. 13

    Murdoch owns fox news so connect the dots. The scandal goes deeper, its been reported that the newscorp affiliate was bribing police officers in Britian and now some of their ranking executives are being asked to appear before the British Parliament.

  14. 14

    Re: adg100 – So what is wrong with Republican views being voiced on TV?? Before Fox all we heard 90% of the time was the news slanted liberal left. Even today if you watch the network news they will omit information that is counter to the left's agenda. Instead of misrepresenting the facts they simply do not present all of the facts to the story. I watched commentary of all of the networks after the President's State of the union and several of the commentators on the different networks referred to Obama as Reagon like-What?? To me it appeared as though they were all reading Whitehouse talking points. The only station that did not compare Obama to Reagan was Fox. Fox has done a better job of presenting strong commentators for Both sides. Today I watched Chris Wallace's round table. He had Bill Krystol and Lynn Cheney for the right and John Podesta and Juan Williams for the left. It was a very good debate.

  15. 15

    Let's hope the Parliament has a firing squad ready and rarin' to go.

  16. 16

    They should investigate all hi services. It will be a domino affect. I wonder if they hacked Jon Stewarts phone or anyone else that opposes them.

  17. Bates says – reply to this


    Rupert Murdock is an evil person, he creates fear and prejudice. What Perez does is for fun, he is NOTHING like Rupert Murdock.

  18. 18

    Re: yumba1 – Not buying it there have always been more republican presidents than liberal ones so the news can't be that slanted or at least the ppl make up their own mind regardless of the media. Also, Bush was elected twice with the so call liberal media bias. Plus this has to do with illegally hacking into peoples phone line which is 100% wrong. But I get how liberals will use this in their favor since he is Fox news creator and there have always been questions about their integrity, which sometimes they merit.

  19. 19

    Re: Mancunian_Bollocks – In London's Leicester Square. We weren't too far from Picadilly Circus. But that was the problem- it literally FELT like a circus! I mean, I've been to extremely touristy areas in Europe before, like Paris, Lisbon, Munich, etc. But it was just too much for me in London. The weather sucked, the crowds were out of control, the prices were high. Heck, even the people that I encountered weren't very friendly (that may have to do w/ the area I stayed in). I was expecting British folks like the ones on National Lampoon's European Vacation (remember the car accidents?! lol), and I just felt like what few people I had talked to were very frigid. I mean, not all, but most. The biggest problem I had though were the people that kept trying to sell me stuff. Plus, the trip itself sucked. I didn't get to go shopping at all of the cool stores like I wanted to, and one the restaurant waiters lied to me about food ingredients after I told him I had food allergies. Oh well. But when it comes to Cornwall, i've seen documentaries. And I must say, it looks like one of the most picturesque little beach towns that I have ever seen. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. Cornwall is probably one of the next places that I need to travel to (right after Prague! :) ). As a matter of fact, I should go look up that Holywell Bay place you were talking about.

  20. 20

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – Well Cornwalls very different from London. I've been going to Cornwall every year for 7 years now (stayed at Holywell three years running). Holywells not that far from Newquay either, which is a brilliant place in August because they hold The Ripcurl Surf and Skateboarding competition along with Boardmasters festival which I've also been to a few times. Plus the weathers a lot better, the amount of times we rang our family and friends to find that it was raining in the resr of the UK while we had nothing but blue skies and sunshine were countless. I've visited London twice now, wasn't that keen on what I saw and your right the people aren't as friendly. I'm from Manchester myself, which another city worth seeing (course I'm a bit bias on this.. ^____^) but it is a known thing in the UK that Northerners tend to be more friendly than the southeners, must be something in the water. :) x

  21. 21

    He's not sorry about what his company did. He's sorry that they got caught. Rupert Murdoch doesn't give a shit about anything but what's in his wallet. He's as crooked and as big a liar as they come.

  22. 22

    The consolidation of most all are arts and media into 5 companies - Fox is one - continues to ruin everything. That's why there is an art and media revolution against this mess.

  23. 23

    Re: Mancunian_Bollocks – Well thankyou, I really appreciate your opinion. And you're right- I have actually heard nice things about Manchester. But I looked up that Holywell Bay place you were talking about in Cornwall and it looks absolutely stunning. It looks nice and secluded from what I saw in the pictures, and that's always a plus when I go on vacation. Although we used to have plenty of secluded beaches near where I live in the Mid-Atlantic US, it feels as if many of them have become extremely overpopulated and overrun with tourists in the past 10 to 15 years. So it's always nice to see beautiful places out there like Holywell Bay. ANd when it comes to the surfing and skateboarding, they actually mentioned that on one of the documentaries I saw on the area. Apparently it's a big competition area over there. Some of our beaches over here have surfing, but our waves sound pretty mediocre compared to the ones over there. But i'm definitely going to look into that place more. Thanks for the info, Mancunian_Bollocks!!