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Kidz Bop Kids Covers Lady GaGa's Born This Way

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Kids Bop Kidz' version of Lady GaGa's Born This Way is here!

Now before anyone raises any eyebrows or questions whether or not LGBT issues are too mature for little kids…

This is an *edited* version. The LGBT verse has been taken out.

So watch this video and be happy little kids can sing about loving themselves for just the way they are!

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44 comments to “Kidz Bop Kids Covers Lady GaGa's Born This Way

  1. 1

    Why would they take that out? Kids shouldnt know what LGBT is? Disgrace..

  2. 2

    I bet these kids are actors - hired by gaga herself to do this xD

    wouldnt surprise me xD

  3. 3

    thank god they took that part its soo annoying and people shoudlnt even listen to that part so yea.

  4. 4

    Re: CUM-DuMPzter – Cum-Dumpzter lololol!

  5. auds says – reply to this


    The kids bop crap disgusts me, quite frankly. They take all these raunchy songs and edit them so they've got the music/beats but kiddish lyrics, but if a kid hears them on the radio they'll still recognize the nasty music.

    And yes, kids should NOT be listening to a song going on and on about LGBT stuff. That's something parents can discuss with them as they mature in life.

  6. 6

    I love the LGBT verse, cause i can play it out loud in my house when i suspect someone who comes and visits my family is a homophobe. lol

  7. 7

    The entire planet admires Lady Gaga. She is the Queen of Pop. Madonna is past her sell by date. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Lady Gaga rules!

  8. 8

    Interesting track. Oh my GaGA has some mad skills.

  9. 9

    Not to mention they took "A different lover is not a sin" and changed it to "a different viewpoint…". I guess I don't want to hear little kids talking about lovers anyway… lol.. And they took out the "don't be a drag, just be a queen" part. But anyway, I knew as soon as I saw the commercial they'd take the whole "lesbian, trandsgender…etc" line out.

  10. 10

    Well that's strange….Kidz bop kids practically cover every artist out there, why are you posting this as if it's a major news or something out of the ordinary? There just isn't enough gaga news to satisfy you huh, Mario perez? at least other fans can go a week without hearing about beyonce, katy perry, rihanna and etc but come on now this is just a beyond random thing to report about.

  11. 11

    Why did you even post this?

  12. 12

    Damn I'm surprised you didn't have any questions or have anything to say about it…..oh wait it has to do with Lady GaGa

  13. 13

    wow a bunch of little kids singing about shit this way not surprised. lady gaga will do anything to make sure everyone loves her songs. haha what a copy cat.

  14. 14

    Re: tellall – lady gaga new album is shit.

  15. 15

    Im actually a bit sad the LGBT verse is taken out…I mean, kids know when kids know…and doesnt this just re-iterate that its "not ok" to be born that way at a certain age? Just wondering.

  16. 16

    What's wrong with saying "no matter gay straight or bi, lesbian transgender life"..It's a mature song, if they ain't prepared to sing it all, then don't sing it at all

  17. 17

    So messed up that the Alternate Chorus is missing, Perez. If you're going to cover a song, cover THE SONG! In my opinion, gay pride is a huge part of this anthem song…. it's been highlighted in an entirely rewritten Chorus (technically it is not a verse). I'm Totally bummed that Kidz Bop would edit that Chorus out. DISGRACE

  18. 18

    I would not let my child listen to this because it's been taken out.

  19. 19

    I never thought of this as a gay song only.. I thought it was universal acceptance of who you were.

  20. 20

    I strongly disagree with taking that important line out, the song is all about equality, and I dont see what is wrong with children promoting that. By taking it out of the song and editing puts a message out to children to thinking there is something wrong with being labeled gay and accepting themselves for who they are.. there was nothing sexual with the line so I find it appauling in this day in age.

    Im completely suprised that perez actually agreed that it was ok!

  21. 21

    Wtf? They have been covering every popular long for years. Why the fuck does it matter if they cover this trick? Your so up this tricks ass its fucking sad..damn already!

  22. 22

    Re: CUM-DuMPzter – do you even know what kidz bop is???? dumbass.

  23. 23

    Re: justtospeaktruth – OMG, posts like yours are so stupid. This website is not a News website, its a GOSSIP BLOG. And it belongs to PEREZ HILTON. ITs HIS blog, therefore he can post whatever the fuck he wants!!! He gets paid to post HIS opinions.

  24. 24

    I love how everyone is like, "oh kids shouldn't be learning about LGBT issues until they're older". really? at what age are kids old enough to know that LGBT people exist? should we also tell them that black people exist too? The kids that are singing this song are probably old enough to know if they're straight or gay or whatever and a lot of kids nowadays know of LGBT celebs if they don't know someone directly or someone in their family. If we keep treating LGBT as strange and other then they'll always be treated different if we just treat them like given then people will stop caring. it won't be a big deal anymore.

  25. 25

    They also covered about a million other artists. Gaga is not special. Get over it.

  26. 26

    Love the song and the message, whether or not the song is edited. The message is still there.

  27. 27

    That is bullshit. KidzBop is bullshit anyway. As if rerecording a song with little kids makes it more "wholesome".. Fuck that.

  28. 28

    I think this is great. When I first heard this song I immediately thought of Kidz Bop.

  29. 29

    Re: oxceranoid – So, you're always hiding out in your bedroom? Makes sense.

  30. 30

    Omg!! That's so adorable. Are all of these kids gay and transgendered?!

  31. 31

    Re: dfairyx14 – Another fake little turd account!

  32. 32

    Re: dfairyx14 – Bitch please, and this is my own damn screen name and my own damn opinion i can say w.e the f i want, becuz you know what? baby, i was born this way. Kunt.

  33. Dessa says – reply to this


    "Peres, why are you posting X about Lady Gaga? It's so useless1 Blah blah blah"
    Because he can, motherfuckers. Every one of us came here to hear what the guy has to say. Except PopSciDickTater, who just comes to hate on e'rything.

  34. 34

    Will they do Rhianna's "S&M" song??

  35. 35

    Phaggez went psycho the last time someone covered the song and took out the gay, straight, or bi part but lets this slide? God no wonder people can't stand the wetback. BTW I agree with Steve, little kids shouldn't be taught that gay is bad or wrong so why was it edited?

  36. 36

    So it's ok to sing about "God" and "religion" but not gays? Lame

  37. 37

    Re: G@G@licous

    only responsible thing he has ever said. Why do children need to be singing about gays transgenders? I'm not homophobic but this song and product is marketed towards kids under the age of 12. Seriously, the entire world doesn't want children knowing about the complexities of sexuality at that age.

  38. 38

    okay this is honestly really sad and fucked up!! what is so rauncy and wrong about having something like gay, bisexual, etc in a song directed towards kids..like im sure kids are even beginning to question their sexuality so why not have it in the song. they arent fucking curse words they are words to describe people who exist in the world! god this country is so stupid and ignorant.

  39. 39

    Thank god "Kidz Bop Kids" is completely unheard of in UK, I'd rather shit in my hands and clap then have to listen to this on the radio.

  40. 40

    ugh.. why do they have to ruin everything?

  41. 41

    Obviously they would take that line out. What kinda sicko would want there kid singing songs about sex at all?

  42. 42

    Re: tlak777 – No these are words to describe who some people like to have sex with!!! Kids this age should not be thinking about sex at all!

  43. 43

    Re: QUEENWEEN101 – are you insane? this song has nothing to do with sex whatsoever. are you even listening to the lyrics? its about accepting who you are and being comfortable with the way you were born, whether it be gay, bisexual etc. thats why i said the lyrics shdnt be taken out because kids begin questioning their sexuality at a young age…this song is their liberation & acceptance song!!

  44. 44

    this is a disgrace! if kids don't know about gay people then they'll probably be homophobic about them. gaga is awesome by the way haters! this is just being homophobic. but it's not the kids' fault. it's the company's! please don't buy these homophobic cds!