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Married Gay Couples In The Military To Be Denied Benefits

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While gays in the military are set to celebrate the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, there's still one more hurdle they will have yet to overcome.

With gay marriage being legal in many states like Washington D.C. and New York, more and more couples plan to get married. Unfortunately, for those in the military, they will be unable to share their benefits with their spouses.

The federal Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman, which prohibits the Defense Department from extending benefits to gay couples, even if they were married legal in those particular states.

Navy medical corpsman Andrew James says:

"It strains a relationship when you're gone for over a year. But straight couples have support so their spouses are able to be taken care of, with financial issues, and also they are able to talk to the chain of command, whereas gays can't. They don't have any support at all financially or emotionally, and that is really devastating."

Gay spouses will also be denied military ID cards and will not receive the same discounts that straight couple spouses receive. And, what's worse is they will not be eligible for travel allowances to attend repatriation ceremonies if their military spouses are killed in action.

This is so unbelievably sad and just completely unfair.

[Image via AP Images.]

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27 comments to “Married Gay Couples In The Military To Be Denied Benefits”

  1. 1

    Since when is D.C. a state?

  2. 2

    wow this is a big fuck you too the gay cummunity.

  3. 3

    You know…………with these things I'm so glad I'm dutch!!!! Everybody has the same rights here, gay, straight of whatever the way you swing.(pedofilles not included)
    Americans are soooo arrogant cause America is the best and the greatest but on the other hand they can't even accept there own!!!! Truely sad…………….

  4. 4

    DOMA is going down. It's blatantly unconstitutional on a number of fronts. Once DOMA is gone, this situation will change. And, all the states that have constitutional amendments against gay marriage will STILL have to honor the contracts of couples who are from out of state.

  5. 5

    And it's about time. Great news!

  6. 6

    Sorry, If I talked about my sexlife on the Job I would probably get fired. Just because you are gay, it doesn't give you the right to flaunt what you do in the bedroom. Sorry, the gay movement is going to far here.

  7. 7

    yeah… keep pushing ur luck

  8. 8

    Re: sassinassi – America's not so great anymore. Especially when our economy is on the brink of collapsing.

  9. 9

    The fact that only 5 or 6 states have now legalized same-sex marriage is proof that it's still a state-by-state, slow road ahead. And there are a similar number of states that have enacted laws the ensure that same-sex marriage DOESN'T happen in their states.

    And since the military is not a state-by-state organization, but a federal one, it's going to take gay marriage being recognized at the federal level before benefits will be granted to all.

    As much as we want these benefits extended to same-sex couples, it makes sense that we need to get marriage (for all) legalized federally, first.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: sassinassi – They save themselves some bucks by denying, and the rights are granted like pulling teeth. This doesn't happen in other advanced countries.

  11. 11

    I don't get benefits either, because I'm single. Giving out benefits based on relationship status is NOT equality whether homosexuals are included or not

  12. 12

    That is why gay marriage needs to be settled on a federal level, once and for all. DOMA is a disgusting, religiously influenced law that needs to be repealed.
    Re: sassinassi – You've been influenced by what you see in the media, and have no idea what real America is like. The majority of Americans want equal rights for everyone, however, nothing gets done in American politics due to the obnoxious, religious conservative right trying to ruin any chance of progress towards equality. American politics is always us vs. them, and for that reason, both sides will never agree on anything, and nothing ever gets done. The majority of Americans also aren't under the impression that the US is the "best and greatest" - myself included.
    Re: DaveTieck – Your comment makes no sense; this has nothing to do with single people - straight or gay.
    Re: MVPnis – But if you're married to someone of the opposite sex, you both get certain benefits. I doubt married gay couples flaunt what they do in the bedroom any more than straight couples. The only reason you think they flaunt what they do in the bedroom is that by knowing someone is gay, you know they have sex with someone of the same sex - how is that any different than a straight person?!?

  13. 13

    The U.S. is a backwards country like Iran and Saudi Arabia–they're all controlled by religion. Keep your beliefs in your own home and out of government.

    Re: MVPnis – Straights "flaunt" their sex life every day, 24-7. I can't go anywhere without straights talking about who they banged, their wife and kids, etc. Why can't straights keep it to themselves?

  14. 14

    Heterosexuals should be done away with–they're everywhere!

  15. lck says – reply to this


    Washington DC is not a state.

  16. 16

    I think benefits should be given to people who have children because children are expensive. If gay couples have adopted children, they should get benefits and the same goes for straight couples whether the children or biological or not. Straight couples who do not have children should not get all the extra perks. Those are just my thoughts, which have nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with cost of living.

  17. 17

    Re: JasonDiggy – Unfortunately, American politics is controlled by religion, because politicians want to keep their constituents happy. In many places in the world, it's unheard of for a politician to declare their religious beliefs during a campaign, but sadly, it's the norm in the US. An atheist or any other non-Christian would never be elected to a high ranking political office in the US, which is incredibly disappointing, because we are a secular country that has become overrun by religion. It's always the case in US politics that the minority overshadows the majority, and the majority of Americans aren't religious conservatives that want every aspect of their lives to be controlled by religion.

  18. 18

    Re: JasonDiggy – One aspect of the US that I'll never understand is how a state that voted against same-sex marriage also has legalised medical marijuana. So much progress is being made on one front, while religious conservatism is winning on another front.
    I agree, straight culture needs to be kept private. Every time I turn on the TV or walk outside my house, there's a guy talking about how many girls he's banged. It's appalling! Children need to be protected from heterosexuals - they're trying to recruit our youth!

  19. auds says – reply to this


    I wish this site could revert back to celeb news and not so much preachy preachy gay news. For now, just be happy that gays are now allowed to be openly gay and serve in the military. The military is a whole other world. It's an extremely conservative, religious part of the USA and if you can't take the heat, you need to get out of the kitchen. People who marry military personnel are nuts.

  20. 20

    FYI — Washtington D.C. is not a state. They been fighting for statehood rights for years. They don't have a representative in the senate.

  21. 21

    the gays should sue
    for discrimination being they cant marry and actually be married and have marriage benefits in the military and everyone even disabled people can but gays cant thats discrimination and not equal treatment they should do a mass suing of the military and the government for discriminatory laws

    usa needs to step out the dark ages and give gays equal chance to die married in afganistan as everyone else and have their spouse stand crying over the grave just as much as anyone else is allowed to
    equality for all

  22. 22

    Oh let the fruits fight the Globalist's wars already, who cares? if you're stupid enough to join the military you deserve to die.

  23. 23

    I suspect that this will change very soon. One step at a time. Its good to be publishing stories like this to get the word out.

  24. 24

    Your country is fucked up.

  25. 25

    Re: JasonDiggy – They are everywhere is right! Why do they keep having gay babies?

  26. 26

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I'll bet if "they" could find a gay gene, they would be all hot to promote abortions.

  27. 27

    Just another tactic to keep the people's attention focused elsewhere while the government tends to more stealthy tactics to obliterate everyone's personal rights so when marshal law takes effect there will be no protection for us.