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Michael Douglas Does 'The Creep'

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Creeper Douglas

When you see a topless peach lying out at the beach, do the creep! Do the creep! LOLz!

We think Michael Douglas may have taken The Lonely Island's lyrics a little too seriously on Monday as he passed by a pair of topless sunbathers in St. Tropez, France.

The 66-year-old actor blatantly stared at the two young blonde's breasts as he walked past and if his smile is any indication of what he was thinking, he DEFINITELY liked what he saw!

After everything Catherine Zeta-Jones has gone through for Michael, we don't think she would appreciate this!

Avert those eyes, Mr. Douglas! Or at least learn to scope out chicks without stopping to stare for a few minutes.

Take note from the gentlemen behind you in the green shirt. He's totally looking behind those dark shades, but at least his head isn't turned 45 degrees in their direction!

[Image via Celebrity Vibe.]

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17 comments to “Michael Douglas Does 'The Creep'”

  1. 1

    Yes perez straight non homoqueers look at hot young topless chicks. Just like you look at big gaping ripped assholes

  2. 2

    Straight men like boobs: film at 11.

  3. 3

    He might have wanted to tell them to put their tops on LOL and was smiling bcos he thought that might have been rude bahaha

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    Eww vomit what a pervert

  6. 6

    Re: RachelSarahM – Shut up retard.

  7. 7

    of course he looks hes a man thats what they do they stare and then u slap them in the face when u catch them

  8. 8

    All men look at boobies Perez.. you dunno that cause you arent one.

  9. Bytch says – reply to this


    Right…. like if a dude's wang was hanging out you wouldn't look at all….. give the man a break, he's earned some perks in life with all he's been through.

  10. 10

    Mario, what's wrong with looking! He's in Europe. People like to go naked on the beach over there. Get over yourself. It's just natural to look!

  11. 11

    How is this creepy? He's a NORMAL, red-blooded MAN who likes what he sees on the beach. If you were at that beach and saw peen, you'd be staring and doing your best gay twirl to attract the nude guys. Or are you discriminating against Douglas because he's 66? Is it his age that you find creepy? I don't see why that's appropriate; his age doesn't make him unattractive, unattracted, or unable to perform. So what, exactly, is your problem with him, and since when did it become wrong for him to look?

  12. 12

    not sure if many remember that he was/is a sex addict
    he admitted it himself years ago
    ruined his relationship with Brenda Vaccaro when he was younger-also destroyed his marriage to Diandra because of it
    woldn't be surprised if he still has the same thoughts-just controls his actions better now
    wasn't thrilled when he went after & won Catherine Zeta Jones -was surprised that she fell for him-but wasn't happy
    ..marriage seems to be working for them however

  13. 13

    Re: RachelSarahM

    What are you, 12?

  14. 14

    You of all people shouldn't be talking. It's natural for many guys to look attractive women, what makes him the better man is that he did only that. Any man who says he wouldn't do the same thing is lying.

  15. 15

    Re: La Garse – Completely agree! He's a man, and there are two attractive women showing a part of their body that you usually have to pay to see. Heck, I'm a straight girl, and I would still probably take a peek. He's not talking to them, touching them, or fucking them.

  16. 16

    its not really creeping when it's at a topless beach.

  17. 17

    Good on him - I would think his good Welsh wife would be pleased with his rediscovered libido!