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Hugh Hefner Opens Up About Why Crystal Harris Bailed On Him Before Their Wedding

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hugh hefner on crystal harris

Let's hear what Hef has to say about all of this!

Last month, Crystal Harris was overheard admitting that her engagement to Hugh Hefner was all for publicity, and now Hef's got a thing or two to say about it himself.

Hef admits that their significant age difference was probs a factor in the break-up. He also says that things "started to get sour" when pre-nup talks started up, which is obvi not a good sign.

Hef ALSO said that he thinks Crystal was "fascinated" by the Playboy lifestyle, which doesn't surprise us at all. Sounds like the lifestyle was much more appealing to her than the reality of her relationship with Hef!

Well, Hugh, everything you're saying here makes sense…although it def seems to us like the two main things that were on her mind the whole time were $$$$$ and publicity.

What do U think about Hef's comments? Are those the main reasons why Crystal Harris left him?

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Hugh Hefner Opens Up About Why Crystal Harris Bailed On Him Before Their Wedding”

  1. 1

    "Obvi"? really Perez?

  2. 2

    She also dropped her single out shortly lol

  3. 3

    are we supposed to believe in this crap?

  4. 4

    "Obvi"? what are you? a 13 year old girl? no no…that is offensive to all 13 year old girls.

    Also…duh. Why would any woman do anything for playboy other than for cash and publicity?

  5. 5

    Haha! Omg, ok so….she was with him couse of the money but why was he with her? Got to be couse publicity. He's 100 years old and still no marage or divorce, every star has one…so he wanted to have one and what did he get? a dump before the wedding? hehe. Pluse this. If he got married with Crystal would he tell all the other bunnys to leave the mancion? Or wouldn't "cheat" on her? No… This was all publicity couse he was forgoten and there was no news about him. Skandal to remember him again :) This was all set up from the begining you will see in 1 year she will confess it all for a dollar or 2. Ty

  6. 6

    Go figure. A man gets engaged to a girl young enough to be his great-granddaughter and is then shocked when it doesn't work out. Didn't see that one coming.

  7. 7

    c'mon obvi??..really?!?…ugh…and why in the world would a 25 yrs old girl would want to marry an 85 yrs old papi??..does he really thinks that any of them girl LOVE him?…the the money, the ”fame” that comes with it…certainly not because he is charming and so respectful and loving and funny and blah blah…they couldn't care less about that….REALLY PEREZ, OBVI??!!?

  8. 8

    "was prob a factor", "which is obvi not a good sign". Really Perez or whoever is writing the blogs? We have enough problems with ppl not spelling things correctly or writing sentences with abbreviations and you, an adult 30 something is doing this now along with your 'inneresting". Please, Perez, grow the hell up. Act like the adult that you are and not a tween. Your not in the least "in" with all of this. You just look dumb like all the rest of the dumb down Americans.

  9. 9

    serves him well, HOLLY TEAM!

  10. 10

    I think the fact that Hefner is even entertaining the idea that someone could be interested in him for anything other than money and publicity, is hilarious!!
    He's an old man who was never attractive even when he was young. Yeah, you might be able to have some interesting conversations with him but come on!

  11. 11

    He prolly refused to wear his Depends!

  12. 12

    Your abuse of the English language is appalling, and it's horrifying that you, an adult male (?) in his 30s, would be willing to write like an uneducated, 10-year-old girl. Obvi? Seriously? Probs? WTF is wrong with you? Have you no standards? Is using good grammar, spelling correctly, and using proper punctuation THAT hard for you that you have to resort to reading like a lazy moron? Perez, you're not trendy. You're just stupid.

  13. 13

    This girl is a SLUT. Period. May she never be seen or heard from again! LOSER and FAILURE!

  14. 14

    when he starts dating women over 60 i'll have hope for him. no way in hell a girl younger than me (25) would want wrinkled cock shoved up her cooch daily, no matter how rich he is.

  15. 15

    duh he is old, the only reason why anyone her age is with someone like him is FOR MONEY… take the money away he's nothing.

  16. 16

    It's not like this old douche loved her anyways! She may be a gold digger but he's a disgusting pervert