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Crazy Interview! 16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden And 51 Y.O. Husband Speak!

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The idea that this ISN'T just a publicity stunt is making us increasingly uncomfortable.

Check out the video (above) of an interview with 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and his new 16-year-old wife Courtney Stodden.

This is really bizarre. Prepare to have your eyebrows scrunched during this whole video.

We're having a lot of trouble seeing the beauty of this relationship through the vast cloud of creepiness that shrouds it.

What do U think? After hearing the "newlyweds" speak, do U approve of their love?

P.S. WHAT is Courtney doing with her face at the 0:04 second mark?!?!?!?

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200 comments to “Crazy Interview! 16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden And 51 Y.O. Husband Speak!”

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  1. 101

    She is obviously on drugs, he probably is too. So sad. She reminds me of Anna Nicole :(

  2. 102

    if this girl is 16, i'm 10,000

  3. 103

    there are so many words that could be said about this. first, it is hard to believe it is not a publicity stunt when he is bragging about all the opportunity he has now. he must have problems if he thinks marrying a 16 year old is a positive. also, what the fuck is wrong with her? she seemed high as a kite the entire interview, whats with all the posing? her faces looked like she was about to orgasm. this whole relationship is creepy, and this girl's parents should be ashamed that they let this happen to their daughter.

  4. 104

    If she was a virgin and saving herself for marriage, so were Britney and Miley!
    There's no way his career is being benefited by this. No one wants to work with him - he's a joke!

  5. 105

    Totally on drugs. It is so obvious.

  6. 106

    Omg!! Is it just me or that girl is just retarded?? Her voice is so annoying, she kept interrupting her husband and her voice is soooo annoying!!! She's a real joke and honestly, I think it is disgusting that a 51 years old is married to a 16 years old..she's only a child for god sake!! I think all that shit is all for publicity, it has to be!!

  7. 107

    Dear Lord. These two make Heidi and Spencer appear normal. I don't trust any woman who cackles like that. She sounds like the Octomom.

  8. 108

    wow! he's obviously providing her with hard drugs

  9. 109

    ohhhhhh….i get it…she is benjamin button!

  10. 110

    This is just gross, and her parents need to be shot for consenting to their marriage. Is that girl 16 or 45? She looks awful, like a washed up hooker!!!

  11. ptay says – reply to this


    its so obvious he thinks shes an idiot. totally using her for sex and mainly publicity, he even says it!!!

  12. 112

    she is coked out!!!!

  13. 113

    my mother would have whooped my ass if i was talking to a 21 yr old when i was 16 let alone a 51 yr old. this is gross in every level possible.

  14. Bates says – reply to this


    She doesn't look 16. Maybe 30 — but a good 30.

  15. 115

    Um first of all she seems a little retarded and second I have a hard time believing shes only 16

  16. 116

    coked out.

  17. 117

    hahahahahah wow. "riding on the wings of love".. smh what she talking about!?

  18. 118

    So…..even if you ignore the age difference for a second…it doesn't change the fact that something here is very wrong. I HOPE these idiots are high so I could believe that no parent would pimp out their special needs daughter. Cause this girl is screwed up. If her parents can't see that…….. As for Doug Hutchison, he can kiss whatever was left of his career goodbye. Just like her in a few years…Idiots.

  19. 119

    She doesnt look 16 AT ALL

  20. 120

  21. 121

    This reminds me of the two characters from the movie "Best in Show". The bimbo lady and the lesbian.

  22. 122

    "she" looks like a really haggard drag queen. Someone please please pull the white lipstick off the shelves..that shit is NASTY.

  23. 123

    I still can't get past the :30 sec mark without wanting to smack the shit out of someone.

  24. 124

    Agree, looks like she is on drugs. And she is not very mature, even for her age. But who cares, they are a match.

  25. 125

    So creepy….

    I think Stephen Colbert said it best: "…they are registered at Crate & Barrel and American Girl."

  26. 126

    both this interview and another that the huffington post showed have her making faces at the camera like she's in a porn. seriously like straight up PORN FACE for a solid 4 or 5 seconds its creepy. there is also pageant footage of her in the calender year 2010 where she looked her age, which was FOURTEEN! she's definitely started doing cocaine and her parents (or him) obviously paid for her plastic surgery. there is nothing virginal about that slut.

  27. 127

    I find her to be far creepier than he is. She seems to be under the influence of something or other.

  28. 128

    I feel badly for her; she's clearly a misguided child. She's been done a gross disservice by both her parents as well as her husband. Makeup, sexyface and duck lips, do not an adult make.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but a responsible 51 year-old man should have has a responsibility NOT to engage with a child.

  29. 129

    She looks really older! Chick is going to look like shite by time she in her 20's. What the hell happened here???? SMH!

  30. 130

    Re: Office Drone – Oh my god, YES!! lol, I love that movie!

  31. 131

    this is what happens when little girls grow up watching MTV and Britney Spears!! ha ha ha XD!

  32. 132

    not only is she on drugs, but you know she wasnt a virgin when they got married! btw, that dress should not be worn with a bra, you can see the straps.

  33. 133


  34. 134

    STOP with the ridiculous faces bitch!!!! It is NOT the least bit attractive!!

  35. 135

    Nevermind her, somebody help that poor puppy that she slammed down in his lap. If she does that on camera, can you imagine what she does off camera?

  36. 136

    This was a truly twisted 3 minutes + worth of tape. She has to be the oldest looking 16 year old on the planet. Her behavior was bizarre. The strange facial expressions, the drunken voice. If that was her attempt at being sexy she is delusional. The old man is just as twisted. I think people are talking less about supposed surgeries and more about why does a 16 year old look like she is well into her 30s.

  37. 137

    Re: funkiki – agreed…this story makes me laugh and cry at the same time because these two are the worst kinds of delusional freaks if they can't tell that we see right through them this girl is so strung out its not funny at least give us the name of your supplier so we can smoke what these two are on shit.

  38. HIHA says – reply to this


    They way she moves, talks, her over all appearance screams fake. Her hair and make up are horrible, they age her. The fact that she thinks that people compare her to barbie is a joke, barbie is way less fake and pretty(lolz).
    He might believe he is "in love" but thats only with the idea of being with a 16 year old. Which scream pedophile.
    The fact that her parents gave consent must have only been for the sake of furthering her career. Though i believe thats mental and very wrong.
    Christian? yeah right

  39. 139

    Did he just say she was a Virgin when he met her?!! LOL, I believe that like I believe in Santa Claus!!

  40. 140

    OMG, I love it when he said that she is all Natural!!! Ummm we can all tell he's lying!

  41. 141

    I actually saw the entire interview air on TV the other day. Every time he leaned in to kiss her you could see her try to pull away and she would never let him kiss her on the lips. If she did it was completely awkward. There was also a clip of them walking and she was attempting to do this sexy strut that was totally for attention. I think she's using him to get famous. They also said the girl's mother monitored thier relationship from the beginning and saw that they were really in love with each other so she was ok with letting them get married. So disgusting!!!

  42. 142

    I just realized this guy is Percy from the Green Mile.
    What. A. Pervert.

    And that girl is soo haggard, she's only 16? I'd hate to see her at 25-30.

  43. 143

    she's doing an impersonation of a porn actress . not the first time nor the last

  44. 144

    the first 10 seconds, it's like she has some neurological disorder. I think she's trying to be sexy? It's disturbing…

  45. 145

    Well clever as it is. Gay man marries 16 year old ( sure she's Only 16 ) These two clearly are itching for a reality show. Amazing he is being 'courted' by all these Hollywood people, I can honestly has I have never Heard of him until now.
    As for her…. Ohh Please, she is botoxed to the max and on something. YESH!

  46. 146


  47. 147

    no way she's 16. Perhaps 46 and has done a lot of surgery! And it's so clearly obvious that they're on drugs. She can't sit still! What kind of cocktail of drugs has he given her? cocaine, ecstacy…meth? I see evidence of all three. Her parents can't have a say - she's 46!

  48. 148

    Someone SAVE THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 149

    she still looks old as fuck and if those are natural than i am unicorn
    p.s. that is the sluttiest so called "16" year old i have ever seen

  50. 150

    He talks same way as The Situation…and loves bibmbos too. ok, I believe she is 16…mentally.

  51. 151

    She is VILE!!!! Actually grosser than he is…..

  52. 152

    Ugh- I was embarrassed for her. She talks like she's 16, but looks like she's 40. And seriously who says "our love ignited like a flame"???

  53. 153

    I think they are on drugs & she looks like a 40 y/o. they both belong in a trailer smoking meth.

  54. 154

    I feel REALLY, REALLY sorry for that girl. If that is how she really is then it's really sad. The dude is just CREEPY!

  55. trace says – reply to this


    WTF? She acts like she's in pain! They just want their own reality show! I hope they don't get it!

  56. 156

    Dear lord she's gonna rip out that old guys balls and he's going to wonder what happened to him. That's not a marriage…she acts like he's her pimp and he's talking up her being a "Christian" girl.

  57. 157

    Is it me or does he look like COREY HAIM??? It freaks me out… Oh and she is completly coked up. Poor girl

  58. 158

    She always looks like she is trying so hard to be sexy. I think that she is a cokehead. the thing with the lips and face she makes is just not sexy. I seriously doubt that this girl is 16 years old. Man must have lived a hard life

  59. 159

    This girl is absolutely on coke. she is so wacked out!!! he constant moving, stretching, itching her nose & upper lip….this poor girl is 16 and already looks 30. By the time she's 50, she'll be a shrivled up old woman! And him….he's either gay or on drungs himself! they're nuts!!!

  60. Bacio says – reply to this


    ewww no she is way older than 16!

  61. 161

    Who are they trying to fool? There is just no way that girl is 16. This is just shocking to see a girl (sorry… grown woman) act like that. WHAT A MESS! And she wonders why many men see woman as nothing more than sexual objects and believe us to be stupid. She gives women a bad name.

  62. 162

    Drugs for sure.

  63. 163

    She gotta be on drugs…….

  64. 164

    Re: alexoctober17 – Actually, this is probably a publicity stunt. I agree with people saying he is probably gay, but adding that he is probably a gay coke pusher that can only find companionship with a 16 year old girl (that looks like she is Susan Lucci's age) when she is high all the time.

  65. 165

    Yeah she's 16 like I've got a size 2 ass. What the fuck is she on? She acts like she's stoned out of her gourd and what sort of perv gets involved with a 16 yr old (if she really is 16) she ACTS 16, but that dog-face looks 40. EEEWWW makes me want to take a shower.

  66. 166

    What is she on. Her movements, eyes everything. She has a problem and its him, her parents and drugs. She will probably go in to pron the minute she's legal. SAD

  67. 167

    Shes Stoned on something

  68. 168

    WTF….. crack much ??? her parents are obviously twisted as well to let this shit go on. What is wrong with her face!!!!!

  69. 169

    Well, she doesn't look 16 exactly. Love her hair, want it.
    But I think this is creepy, but if they are happy then okay. Good luck, even if I personally don't think it will last more than the end of the year. But if they REALLY love each other good luck.
    Also, doesn't this make him a pedophile?
    BTW, how and where did they get married? Thought it was illegal.

  70. 170

    so many things wrong with this..she obviously has some mental/drug problems..AND its not hard to save yourself for marriage when you get married at 16. LOL. omg..this is the most F'ed up thing I have ever seen. I just don't get this at all, something isn't right with either of them. Highly disturbing. I just get a really bad feeling about these two.

  71. 171

    Is she drunk or high or both? She looks 40 but the second she opens her mouth it's clear she really is 16…

  72. 172

    She is 16 - allegedly.
    And he is straight - allegedly.

  73. 173

    There is no way in hell that girl is 16! Disturbing does not even cover this. My skin is major crawling!

  74. 174

    OMG - she looks like a cracked out porn actress! She is only 16? And I will believe that she kept herself until marriage the day pigs will fly. Where the heck are the parents in all of this? Obviously, this CHILD needs some serious help - not a freaking "stage husband".

  75. 175

    There is no way she's only 16. She looks 40.

  76. 176

    i hope these two get a reality show.

  77. 177

    Holy hell the girl is a moron.
    (as if being married to a career-less geezer didn't make that apparent enough!)

  78. 178

    she is soooooo doped out and loopy looking - keeps moving her head!!

  79. 179

    LOL WTF is with her face within the first couple seconds of the interview?????

  80. n. says – reply to this


    I can't tell who is the creepiest. The dude or the chick?

  81. 181

    OMG I wish Saturday Night live was not on summer hiatus and would do a skit on these two….that would have been hilarious!!

  82. 182

    Bitch looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet. If she is 16, she's gonna be a real hag at 20.

  83. 183

    There is no way this girl is 16….she looks way into her 30's.

  84. Pmitc says – reply to this


    There is no way in hell that she is 16 years old. I agree with most of the posters here that she is on some kind of drug…..what's with the creepy faces she makes. EWWWW is all that comes to mind!!!!!

  85. 185

    this chick is not 16……and perez i think you jealous cuz u cant married a 16 boy yet….

  86. 186

    This girl looks to be in forties …..she looks so wasted

  87. 187

    i was with a guy who was 34 for four years when i was 15 and we started off without sex so it seemed like he was a nice guy ….. who cares if she is drugged , ugly or the faces shes pulling… this is abuse, she has been groomed and one day she will wake up and realise this guy is nothing but a weirdo perv who has prayed on her virginity….. god bless this child and make her strong for when it all breaks down around her… that guy is vile.

  88. 188

    omg, what a disgusting couple. he married an infant for-crying-out-loud. she appears to have brain damage or something…she is not a marilyn look alike. nor is she a vixen or sex kitten, she's an ignorant twit. this is an anna nicole story all over again. *sighs* her parents should be locked up for allowing her to marry at the age of 16, and to marry someone probably older than they are. i have to wonder if they got paid to sign the papers.

  89. 189

    She's 16, her birth certificate has already been published. I think she's funny as hell. Totally out of it and weird, but still funny.

  90. 190

    MMHMMM!! can you say daddy issuesssss??????

  91. 191

    HAHA oh my god that face at the beginning.

  92. EmRob says – reply to this


    her face is hideous. everything about this girl is fake including her personality. i don't think for a minute that this is all "love" .. it's gotta have something to do with money or something$$$$$$$ i'm 18 and i wouldnt ever think about doing this.

  93. 193

    She makes me embarassed to be from Washington. Her cousin was on one of our local radio shows and said that she knows for a fact that Courtney had plastic surgery (specifically her tittays).According to her cousin, she really is 16 (her cousin is 17)—she said they were close growing up until Courtney started dating a late 20-something year old right before this old geezer).

    When she's doing the face thing in the beginning of this video, she looks like she is having some sort of seizure. I swear she gave me a headache with her "mhmmmmmmm." I think I lost brain cells watching that video….

  94. 194

    She makes me embarassed to be from Washington. Her cousin was on one of our local radio shows and said that she knows for a fact that Courtney had plastic surgery (specifically her tittays).According to her cousin, she really is 16 (her cousin is 17)—she said they were close growing up until Courtney started dating a late 20-something year old right before this old geezer).

    When she's doing the face thing in the beginning of this video, she looks like she is having some sort of seizure. I swear she gave me a headache with her "mhmmmmmmm." I think I lost brain cells watching that video….

  95. 195

    The way she talks about their sex life and all that…. yeah I'm sure there was NO sexy talk between them beforehand….. GROSS.

  96. 196

    Her voice makes me want to take chopsticks and poke out my eardrums…ummmmHMMMMMMM.

  97. 197

    0:05 Did she just fart? That's what I'm getting out of that face

  98. 198

    That looks like a 30 year old man. And what's up with the constant mm hmm? Knock it off bitch.

  99. 199

    Re: Nikkicat85 – I was going to say that EXACT same thing!!!! It's not really "saving yourself" if you were only 16 when you first did it (married or not!)!!

    P.S. TO EVERYONE: If you guys want a GOOD laugh, this Courtney chick actually has an anti-bullying PSA on Youtube. Yes- a freaking PSA. Prepare to pee yourself it is so ridiculous.

  100. 200

    She does not look like she is sixteen.. she looks about 30 years older then 16

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