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Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Moving Right Along!

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Jennifer Aniston has been showing off her new man, Justin Theroux, at pretty much every possible opportunity while she's overseas promoting her new flick, Horrible Bosses, and now, the pair have taken quite the next step - by being photographed together HOLDING hands!

Check out this shot of the new couple leaving Shoreditch House in London and letting the PDA fly (above)!

Well isn't that just ADORBS?!

Guess they're still going strong!

Not that we expected this one to slow down at any point!

It's starting to feel like this one might be the long haul for her!

Best of luck, guys!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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18 comments to “Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Moving Right Along!”

  1. 1

    they look like a nice couple

  2. 2

    She looks so so old and and sad. To old to have kids oh well she did have fame in holywood. Enjoy your lonely life Jen enjoy

  3. 3

    Awww.. I love you Jen! In a non- lesbian way.. And i hope she finally found her other half! Hopefully Brad will keep Angie in a tight leash, we know she loves married men!

  4. 4

    They've been together about 3 weeks. Can you give it a rest? It will last as long as her other month long flings…or posing for the media with gay guys to pretend she's having a fling with them.

  5. 5

    Re: Trish_aa – Angie loves chicks too. Maybe Brad should be the one to worry. Maybe Jen and Angie will finally hook up.

  6. 6

    That man has a very large head.

  7. 7

    He looks scared, she looks like a woman on a mission. She looks like a predator, he looks like prey.

  8. 8

    As I mentioned earlier, can you imagine if these two breed what the offspring will look like?

  9. 9

    Re: Edgenet – You must have forgotten this is the year 2011, when adopting has become a fad made trendy by celebs, and where in vitro is the best way to get your own reality show. The only sad and pathetic person here is you. No independent woman needs a man to start having kids. Go back to the Dark Ages pit you crawled out of

  10. 10

    Why did the 3rd user have to bring up Brad and Angie? Very childish.

  11. 11

    This guy has the skinniest legs. He looks very out of proportion.

  12. 12

    his head is shaped like a giant lima bean and his body looks so skinny and short in comparison

  13. 13

    smart couples like to lay low at the beginning of a relationship- they don't even appear on the red carpet together
    the extra time for their privacy allows them to nurture their relationship along before going public with it
    Jen not only is going public
    she is flaunting her conquest of Heidi's man
    so proud of herself
    she looks less like a strong independent woman and more like a weak little girl being led pathetically around by the big stong man/daddy figure
    and he looks far from natural/relaxed or happy

  14. 14

    he looks very controlling and seems like he would be on the jealous side. she could have done alot better. still don't see anything appealing about him, same clothes, can't keep his pants up and those skinny jeans with those big feet how ever does he gets them in the legs in anyone's guess. plus his net worth is only 4 million compared to jen's 125 million just look it up. still think she could get her a business man thats a billlioniaire . i really hate to say it but this guy makes john mayer look good , hope he has a better personality.

  15. 15

    this one feels different … maybe she should stop flaunting him in the ex gfs face for awhile and stay cool instead of doing what ange did to her

  16. 16

    ok body language althou shes following her hand is on the top thus guiding him she has a demented look on her face like she cant beleive shes actually found someone to like herand he looks very serious if not a little weird in a tie and the same black jeans that look a little worn nice shirt and scabby looking jacket . the body language is not in sync but wouldnt surprise me if shes trying to copy someone as she likes to copy .. YOUR NOT ANGE JENNIFER SO DONT TRY AND BE HER..

  17. 17

    LARGE HEAD = large /….head lolol

  18. 18

    Edgenet??? …Is that you Angelina Jolie??? She doesn't look old prescious one she looks age appropriate and not like a druggie…..maybe all she neede was a man with an IQ That's higher than a snow cone, who is capable of being her intelectual equal..mad Props Jen…hope you find true love….