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Beth Ditto Vogues Like No One Else!

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Just add this to the ever-growing list of reasons that we're obsessed with Beth Ditto!

The Gossip singer not only performed an absolutely stunning cover of Madonna's classic Vogue during Moscow Miller party earlier in the week, but she also did so in her bra and panties!

Ch-ch-check out the AMAZING number (above)!


Gurl, you are so FIERCE! And this is spot-on!

Don't you EVER change, bb!

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54 comments to “Beth Ditto Vogues Like No One Else!”

  1. 1

    Why do singers feel the need to take their clothes off? Good for her for embracing her body - but put your damn clothes on!!!

  2. mdn1 says – reply to this



  3. 3

    I think its great to love your body also but not when your over weight and its unhealthy. She should want to be healthy, not embrace a bad lifestyle that causes harm to her body.

  4. 4

    This made me happy I'm glad she is confident enough to wear so little, I'm not even half her size and I'm too scared to go out in a bathing suit. GO BETH!

  5. 5

    What a fat cow. People shouldn't be proud of being lazy and not taking care of yourself. Disgusting.

  6. 6

    girl cant dance… walking back and forth on stage is "YAWN"

  7. 7

    I had the worst night of my life to date last night…and this bought a smile to my face. thankyou so so much. you are so amazing beth, don't let horrible ppl get to you

  8. 8

    GREAT voice, but needs to stop the staccato stuff in all her songs….gets annoying

  9. 9

    I think she ate Madonna.

  10. 10

    Keep Portland weird!!!

  11. 11

    Ugh! That's just gross! Not flattering at all!

    I'm sick of these people telling fat people "it's okay to be fat, and to "werk it". That shit's unhealthy. You're basically saying, "it's okay to die, werk it, before you die"

    Not trying to pick on the girl, and other fat people, but jeez, get healthy. I'm not saying be skinny as a model, but drop some weight, and eat semi healthy, and exercise, for crying out loud!

  12. csgb says – reply to this


    Her voice is amazing!!!!!!!!

  13. 13

    You mean to tell me that wasn't a beached whale ?

  14. 14

    she's fucking GORGEOUS! i love her! she's a wonderful role-model for all girls, chubby and otherwise, out there! WE LOVE YOU, BETH!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    Re: Leonardo89 – - fucking educate yourself, you fucking idiot.

  16. 16

    i love her so much! i also love how she is so proud of her body and not afraid to show it in public :) you go girl!! you're amazing. i love the cover too!

  17. 17

    faboosh! i went topless this past wknd., (think sports bra) and it was sooo liberating! i finally feel comfortable enough with my body to pull it off! have at 'er girl!everyone should do it! #1 on bucket list crossed off!

  18. 18

    Uhm - that SUCKED.

  19. 19

    Love her.

  20. 20

    wow that was pretty gross

  21. 21

    this is the one thing i HATE perez for…he HOUNDED kristy alley about her weight, made fun of her, made snide remarks about her…yet this thing he likes….PEREZ YOU ARE A TOOL FOR BEING A HYPOCRITE!!!

  22. 22

    Re: Leonardo89 – So with your reasoning skinny people don't die. Interesting.

  23. 23

    I am 5'4", 120lbs, size D boobies, and I don't love my body as much as she. :(
    I could never do what she does. Of course, I can't sing like her, but I am no where near as confident and happy as she. I freaking love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    i love her and the fact she doesnt give a shit what anyone thinks, n1 beth

  25. Wrenn says – reply to this


    It's amazing how you make fun of how others look…such Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, but you fawn all over this disgusting hog. I guess you just like your own kind.

  26. 26

    Re: tateration2 – If you think being over-weight is healthy, i think you are the one who needs to be educated!

  27. 27

    Beth is not seyting a style trend, showing an obese ass will always be a don't.I have gained a few in my getting older years but I will never say that fat is sexy in any capacity. Chick needs to lose 50lbs like now. Being morbidly obese is not cute, sexy, or, stylish.

  28. 28

    who are these rude people? Youngsters who've never seen a grown ups body? you've got a lot in store for your entire life and eating your words and sitting in self loathing. Not a very pretty life you have ahead of you

  29. 29

    sj1000 you have no idea if she's healthy or not. I know many mobidly obese women who are hella healthier than a lot of skinny chicks.. low bp the whole deal

  30. 30

    that was just disturbing….stop encouraging young people to be fat lazy whales!

  31. 31


  32. 32


  33. 33

    I say GOOD FOR HER!!! I love that she's brave enough to parade around like that!!

  34. 34

    Re: angieintenn – I don't think that was said but applauding fatties because they embrace how fat they are doesn't help. Fat people generally have more health issues than the average person so I would like for you to dispute that just because you like how Beth Dyke-o sounds. I don't like the sound of her fat clapping when she jumps.

  35. 35

    This is almost disgusting as those PHOTOSHOPPED pictures you take of yourself shirtless for the Fourth of July. Who are you kidding Perez!? You saw you love your body but it quite clear that that your frankenface was the only thing not made slightly better by Mariah's retoucher. If you are proud of your body then take a picture of yourself straight forward without the misleading side poses. How about you post the video of you crying after the Black Eyed Peas fucked your face up, that was good!

  36. 36

    Why do people promote being this fat?? shes a good role model? a good role model for who? obesity and child obesity is growing constantly because of role models like her! yeah love your body but take care of it also, being this fat is just as bad as being anorexic, if an anorexic was seen flaunting their body like this they would be slammed, when it is just as bad being as obese, why cant people just flaunt being healthy instead of trying to make a point?

  37. 37

    goddamn i love this song and her! and she's actually lose weight. you can tell when comparing her now to the love mag

  38. 38

    Someone get that girl on a Sydney Mardi Gras party stage pronto.

  39. 39

    I could never get angry over someone else's weight/life-style/choices. Especially if I didn't know them on a personal level/they weren't related to me/weren't breaking any laws. It's just none of my business. If the insurance companies want to take them to task, that I can understand, but I personally would never expect someone to diet because I didn't approve. It's also not anyone else's responsibility to be a role model, especially for someone's children, that's the parents responsibility. People have a right to live their lives the way they want as long as they aren't breaking any laws. Where can we draw that proverbial line?
    Weight issue's are also genetic. That's why we have so many people on these yoyo diets (that don't work/last) which are as unhealthy as the excess weight.

  40. 40

    Why does she get naked/half naked for every single performance? It's cheap and a bit icky…

  41. 41

    Oh pleeze, that was disgusting.

  42. 42

    Re: mstarr22 – Of course perez likes her. She's gay isn't she? That means she can get away with anything that he makes fun of others for. But you NAILED the hypocrisy. Damning Kristie for her weight while celebrating this whale.

  43. Bevi says – reply to this


    Actually she looks fatter when she wears clothes. Interesting. What self confidence! I don't look as bad as she does and I am ashamed of my body if I am not covered up. I salute her. Ok, she could lose weight and take better care of herself, all that… but she is not held back by any negative thoughts about her appearance. I don't believe she even has any. Yes she is an inspiration.

  44. 44

    Perez doesn't need to be nasty anymore…there's more than enough hateful comments in here made by the same people who were complaining.

  45. 45

    Lots of "Fattitude" and "Blubbliciousness."

  46. 46


  47. 47

    Re: MadonnaAddict – ”you go girl” hmmmm… LMFAO!! fat jungle bunnies and dykes ugh

  48. 48

    Re: mdn1 – she's soooo grotesque ugH!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49

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  50. 50

    Re: tateration2 – NO SHE IS NOT A ROLE MODEL, She is an overweight pig that has no self respect and she it NOT a role model for kids unless the role model is for fat unhealthy kids who will have heart and health problems

  51. 51

    Re: isolde – Confidence has nothing to do with the fact that she thinks is it ok to act like a spokes model for the "FAT IS OK" club. People like her are the reason our country and children and becoming a nation of obese people and think nothing is wrong with it. what ever happen to a little self respect

  52. 52

    awww Beth — whatchya do this for? You wrote the book - but the book didn't say that you should be doing Vouge semi nekkid. You almost got slapped by one of your back up singers — if thats not subliminal what is. Now - you got a very talented voice — and loved your cover of Careless Whisper - no for all of you Little Monsters - thats not the Queen Madonna song - that a Queen George Michael song. In any case - I love Beth because she idolizes all the awesome artists that I love - so leave Beth alone — she is prolly gonna lose a 100 lbs and will be the next cover girl for Material Girl fashions. Yes little Monsters - thats the fashion line that Lourdes is heading up with her Mum Madonna. Wait - we are getting way to far into this - but anyway - love Beth - but love beth a little more with a little more clothing. …..

  53. 53

    Re: Roddy in SC – I didn't see anything disgusting about this. I think it's great that she accept herself for who she is and not care what people think. And why must you continue calling Perez names. The man has gone under so many changes to become a better person. Yet everyone is continuing to hate on him. :/

  54. 54

    I hope she doesn't start a stampede…