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Rest In Peace Sweet Angel Amy

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aimg_0218.jpg aimg_0139.jpg

To say we are deeply saddened today is an understatement. And what is hurting us even more is the response her untimely death is eliciting from a lot of people.

What we want more than anything is for people to know the Amy Winehouse that we knew.

She was clearly troubled, but there was not an ounce of evil in her body. She was not a bad person. She just surrounded herself with bad people.

Amy Winehouse was one of the sweetest people we have ever met, and it is such a tragedy that the world has lost such an incredible talent.

We remember all the times we spent with Amy and the thing she wanted more than anything else in this life was not fame and fortune but somebody to love her. That's a deep desire we had in common and would talk about a lot.

She dreamt of cooking for her man and starting a family. She'd share her favorite recipes and dream of simpler life.

Oh, and she loved music. A lot!

One time, we went with her to a record store, she asked an employee where the soul section was and then Amy proceeded to buy 10 random CDs at once. Well, Perez actually paid because her credit card didn't work! Ha

Amy also was such a thoughtful friend. One of our most cherished possessions is framed platinum plaque that she sent us for our birthday a couple of years back of her megahit album Back To Black, and inside she had signed the record with a "heart" Amy.

We will forever hold that close to our heart and we will always remember the good times we spent with her.

And, what we hope for more than anything is… even if people didn't get to know the real Amy Winehouse, like we did, and fall in love with her and her childlike innocence… we hope that what people remember the most is her catalogue of timeless songs.

That lives on! Forever!

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202 comments to “Rest In Peace Sweet Angel Amy”

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  1. 101

    Re: *Sloane
    What is a job if it's not what you do every day to get paid, it's his career. And you don't need to explain to me how it works, I am also educated. Are you really going to correct me on THAT? Like seriously??
    I don't like this site at the best of times, my point is that every other news and gossip site reported that Amy was a mess and needed help and made fun of her. Not just him.
    I love to hate Perez as much as the next person but I don't think what he did was bad, the girl died and he said something nice because he met her and wanted to share his pictures on his website.

  2. 102

    Another member to be added to the Illuminatti's dead at 27 club.

  3. 103

    so so sad…

  4. 104

    Re: Shaarrn – Agreed! Further, I don't CARE what killed her. It's a tremendous loss to the arts to lose her. Sympathy to all those who loved her.

  5. 105

    Perez, why couldn't you have died instead of her? Life is so not fair.

  6. 106

    you people literally scare me. he is not the devil. he does not have an alterir motive and hes not trying to make it all about him. chill th f out.

  7. 107

    Why does Perez speak in the third person (ie. 'we')? It makes him sound like a pompous jerk. And I do agree that it is pretty hypocritical of him to trash talk her most of the time and then do an about-face when she died.

  8. 108

    Looks like a bunch of druggies in the pictures. Not shocking that she passed. People who abuse their bodies with drugs eventually will kill themselves. As for Perez - he was clearly "ON THE BANDWAGON" desperate to hang with anyone he thought was a celebrity/druggy/quazifriend. I'm surprised he didn't mention how much of a fat fuck he was. PS Drugs also make you skinny. He dumped wino when CACA came up and then up her hole he went. He's barely hanging on to her (already tired and outdated) ass. FAILURE.

  9. 109

    "She just surrounded herself with bad people." Case in Point this picture. You are getting pleasure out of this attention, and your proximity to her death. You may think you have a right to act as if you are a member of her family or close confidants but you are not. The industry has created you as a necessary evil and just like everyone else, Amy had to play the game.

  10. 110

    Re: La Garse – Woww, look at you acting all upset for no good reason, and twisting this around just because you're in the mood to bitch and moan about Perez. What a pathetic fool you seem to be. Anyone that is right in the head can see that this post is not all about Perez. He was friends with Amy in the beginning, and he's choosing to remember her by posting pics of them together on his own website. But because you're clearly in the mood to bitch, you choose to look at this in a totally different way just because you feel like it. If anyone needs help here it's you. Untie your panties first, and then understand that you look pathetic with your comment.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    'We remember all the times we spent with Amy and the thing she wanted more than anything else in this life was not fame and fortune but somebody to love her.'
    I think you got right to the crux of it. Very well done piece. Lovely.
    A lot of people around her weren't good examples and let her down. If she'd had good peer guidance she might have been ok.

  12. 112

    Re: bobcat
    Addiction is terrible and spirals out of control. Right now I am worried and have been told by everyone that I need to prepare for the death of my lifelong best friend. I get really angry at times because of how selfish this disease is but really have helped understand the disease by professionals. They tell me that it's part of the addiction. It really is sad..YES the Norway tragedy is awful, I cannot believe how cruel people can be.

  13. 113

    Re: mamaboots – Exactly! Thank you. It amazes me how so many retards can come on here and twist shit around just because they're in the mood to bitch and attack Perez for whatever reasons. What a life. The fact that someone can actually look at this and think that it's all about Perez says a lot more about them than anything. The fact that they can choose to look at this post and believe that it's all about Perez is pathetic, and they are pressed and obsessed beyond belief. It shows that they aren't right in the head, and they clearly get off on attacking Perez for absolutely no good reason. It makes them feel better about themselves, which is sick.

    You're right that this is Perez's way of remembering an old friend, and anyone who can't see that probably should calm down and take a good look at themselves. People like La Garse have issues that need some tending to. Maybe s/he wouldn't be so angry and pathetic and unnecessary if they grew the fuck up.

  14. 114

    Re: edenevery – Seriously! These people that come on here just to bitch and whine about Perez are very sad and pathetic. They are so sad and desperate behind their computers that they will switch anything around on here just to give them a reason to attack Perez. It is very disgusting and pathetic, and these people need a hit of reality.

  15. 115

    Re: AshleyDuh – Exactly! I question whether or not he really knows what friendship is. He'd call her "Wino" and poke fun at her. I almost wish he'd go back to the old days because this non-bullying thing seems so false. Oh, and Perez? You looked so much better back then!

  16. 116

    I came here to read people thoughts after Perez's post just to end up nauseated and feeling worse about someone's death. Do you think you could keep your Perez bashing to another topic FFS? I wish Perez would get some mods to ban all the DH's that point out the spelling or attacks on the site owner. This is a show biz gossip site not a commitee to sponsor uneducated violent attacks. Since so many of you don't have a mind could you just pretend to have a heart in situations such as this?
    RIP Amy, and Perez I hope you are okay. I loved Any's music too and one of her songs was my name. V….

  17. 117

    It's nice that in the midst of criticism and speculation on her cause of death, that someone tried to shed light on the good side of a person. Keep the memories in your heart for always Perez, may she rest in peace.

  18. 118

    Some time back I wrote on this website something to the effect of I know Amy and PH are friends or were friends so why all the negative stories on this website? Well .. I know that PH did get the heart of Amy.. a lot of us did. I am at a loss for words ..so sad. I wasn't expecting this now, thought she was getting better. I hope she is at peace. Her music lives on forever. Her poor poor family.

  19. 119

    Even tho I had an embarrasing moment with amy once at a club in london, I do admit I was and still is a fan of her. I will truly really missed her There is no denying that she was a great singer and she will not be forgotten. RIP Amy.

  20. 120

    WOW all of these people posting negative things about Amy should be ASHAMED of themselves! Have some respect, you wouldn't want someone talking about you like that!!

  21. 121

    Re: jillbeans – Jillybean. I am sorry my comment has offended you, and I am sorry to hear that addictions have taken control of your life long best friend.

    My comments are towards those who say they are friends who only stand by and do fuck all to help. Those who leeched off Amy. My comments are also directed to those who worship entertainers as if they are gods.

    Amy may have been an addict (we still do not know if she OD or if the affects of drugs caused other health issues) BUT she was someone child and friend too and to those people I am sorry for your lose.

  22. 122

    so sorry…it's nice to know this bit of news about her craving some tradition in her life, as I didn't follow her at all.

  23. 123

    Two of the ugliest pieces of human garbage to have even lived!

  24. 124

    its sad that a woman died today. but she is only one, she is not more imporant than anyone else!! so.. i want to say that i think its SICK, that this woman gets more attention in the American media than almost a hundred young norwegian boys and girls was brutaly murderdered on a island half a mile from shore. its so so so so so sick. please, listen to the survivors messages its like listening to a horror movie. they were shot, saw their own friends getting shot right infront of them, drowned trying to flee from this maniac, and are traumatised for life. this could have happened to anyone, ANYONE. im so sick, so fucking sick

  25. 125

    ah, he's(perez) shocked…like the rest of us. he actually met her and had conversations so…he has a heart

  26. 126

    I started to like Ms Amy Winehouse because of you Perez,I loved her music. She was so fragile,R.I.P.

  27. 127

    It's sad seeing all of this hate towards Perez when this blog post is being dedicated to Amy Winehouse who passed away today and just so happened to be close to him. Amy wasn't just a celebrity with troubles … She was a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend and, at the end of the day, a HUMAN BEING. You guys are horrible.

    Rest in Peace Amy

  28. 128

    Re: thisisnothumanity
    you are absolutely right!!
    most people have such a narrow view of the world as to only pay atention to what they think affects them or matters to them
    and are too ingorant to realize
    that anything affecting the planet
    or anyone of us the planet
    touches all of us in one way or another
    and should matter to all of us
    so sad as Amy's obituary is
    it is one of only thousands or more from yesterday alone
    each person with a different story
    their family and friends overwhelmed with grief and pain
    and many had no hand in their death
    tragedies every one….

  29. 129

    hey! where's the rest of my comment…?
    does anyone know who the guy is in the picture with the key leash on that has the bone name tag? he's in the crowd of the back to black video here too

  30. 130

    Fuck U Perez!!! Always calling her Wino! RIP AMY! No more fuckers like Perez to make u feel like shit anymore!

  31. 131

    Re: thisisnothumanity – Actually, I'm fairly certain that both losses have coverage in the "American" media. It's ALL very sad. However, a public figure who inspires people personally is connectible in a way that strangers (who have also undoubtedly inspired as well, though in an intimate sense) are. If an fan grows as a person or an artist thanks to this figure, they mourn a loss of part of themselves. A valuable source has been stolen from so many, thus the heartfelt disappointment and sadness of so many, and the relative journalism.

  32. 132

    Oh Perez, I know you loved her, I am so sorry for your loss :(

  33. 133

    That was an awesome read Perez!!! You must feel honored for being able to get to know her like that. Thank you for sharing that also…….it gives a person a dif. veiw of her. I really hope she is at peace now because she really seemed to be unhappy since her split with that Blake guy, even though it was not a good relationship.

  34. 134

    Re: *Sloane – agreed. no one helped this girl and this is what happens not that she didn't have some part in this but what about being a true friend and trying to help her or build up her career instead of posting mean shit about someone who you know is vulnerable what about reaching out to that person etc instead of replacing them with someone new…i don't think perez is evil for this but this post is really unsettling because he is trying to make it seem as if he was best friends with amy when in reality it was clearly not the case. but that always happens when someone dies isn't it people come out the wood work and everyone is so sad sharing stories but where were you when that person was alive? some people have no shame. not saying this is the full case with perez but it sorta is

  35. SF90 says – reply to this


    This is such a BS post. You haven't said anything nice about her in years, you would always post mean stuff about her and make fun of her after she and Blake broke up.

  36. 136

    This post was in very poor taste.

  37. 137

    I'm so sad by this. She was so young, and seemed like a sweet person. She had her issues, but it doesn't make it okay she died at only 27. RIP!

  38. 138

    The only people who make ignorant and insensitive comments are people who either haven't had the horrendous experience of battling addiction, or the almost equally horrendous experience of watching a loved one experience addiction. This is a nice tribute, thanks Perez.

  39. 139

    Wow La Garse that is uncalled for. I happen to appreciate Perez sharing his storys, it shine's a new light on Amy for me. He obviously knew her well and is mourning her loss and what do people do when they are mourning? Tell their favorite memories with the one they've lost. You're brutal and I hope Perez deletes your post.

  40. 140

    RIP Amy Winehouse, you will no longer have to battle your demons. Your death is a tragic loss to many.

  41. 141

    She had a great voice. Loved her 2 albums. Hopefully it wasn't from Drugs. RIP Amy May you find peace finally. Miss your music & voice.

  42. 142

    Re: La Garse – WTF! R u for real? It was a great personal story! If you thought it was so bad it's because u didn't have a personal relationship with her!! Grow up, what r u 9?

  43. 143

    This might be a sweet obit if it A) Weren't all about YOU and B) Weren't in the THIRD PERSON. You are NOT A WE. YOU ARE A YOU. That is so damn irritating. RIP Amy. My daughter saw Amy Winehouse on the screen today and asked me who the sad looking lady was. I told her she was a lady who had a very big talent but for whatever reason started using bad drugs and drinking grownup drinks and they made her very very sick and because of that her body stopped working. She said "And she went to heaven and stopped singing? Can she still sing there?" So many are

  44. 144

    You're a fat piece of shit!

  45. 145

    Re: bobcat
    I didn't mean to make you feel bad either, no worries :)

  46. 146

    oh shut the fuck up Perez!!!! your site was one of the MAIN sites that kicked her when she was down!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 147

    perez i know ur hurting … this is certainly a tragedy of high proportions a young womans life taken while again and again trying to turn it around but not able to do so

    rest in peace amy R.I.P may beautiful angels hold u in their arms.

    take care perez xoxox we love u

  48. 148

    Having drugs affect a loved one and rip my family apart, I have only one comment to make. If you f'ing cared about her so much….if you really thought she was a sweet angel…if you enjoyed any time spend with her…where the fuck were you!!! The bad people she surrounded herself with included people like you!!! Most of this world is filled with selfish, self absorbed people who march thru your life, never really making a difference, never really putting themselves out when you are in trouble and then when we die, they call us sweet angel. Perez, I love your website but at this point, I am very disappointed with you. Want to make a difference? Want to make sure her death isn't for nothing? Then next time you see someone you consider your sweet angel, take the time and try to help!!! Try to make a difference!!! And then when it doesn't work, you can then post comments like this.

  49. 149

    Re: *Sloane – Thank you for the Britney Spears comment. You are completely right. The Spears are an example of what a family does when one of their loved ones needs help!! I said the exact same thing today.

  50. 150

    eww bitch is burring in hell.

  51. 151

    A** now you're all nice and cuddly. you are despicable for the way you treated her. you are just a bully… you are probably one of the many reasons she was driven to her untimely death. to tell you the truth, there should be a law that holds people like you accountable for such tragedies, you little piece of shi*.

  52. 152

    Perez, My heart goes out to you and Amy's family. People don't understand how Addiction can make you hate someone and Love them at the same time. You can say mean things but you still love them. I knew where you were comming from and I know how much you loved her. You brought her to light for me and many others. Being mad at the addict is easy, it's forgiving them and dealing with the pain, that's hard. I know. God Bless Sweetie.

  53. 153

    R.I.P. :/

    yesterday: ugh what a druggy
    today: SWEET ANGEL R.I.P

    gotta love people huh

  54. 154

    Man, you were a PORKER!!

  55. 155

    "Just to make him smile, makes my life worth while."

    This is sad to me. I remember, being on YouTube- almost two months ago and watching clips of the magnetism between her and Blake, when the couple was together.

    I believe the news in May put her on the edge and I believe some people can die from a broken heart. RIP- You extraordinary, song bird. I will never stop listening to your music.

    "Everyone says there'll come a day
    When I'll walk alongside of Him" :')

    No one will ever rock a poof like, you! :')

  56. 156

    i honestly didnt see it coming…. everyone seems to be dieing =(

  57. 157

    Re: alysissa98 – You're absolutely right. I've always hated it when people say "Oh, they just hung out with a bad crowd". While that may be true, it is still 100% Amy's fault (and this is coming from a recovering addict). I mean, no one forced a straw up her nose, and no one forced a crack pipe in her mouth! Just because someone has died doesn't mean that they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions. On top of that, when people put forms of blame others it makes the "victim" look as if he /she didn't have a mind of their own. And in most cases, that is a far stretch from the truth. The same thing happened with John Belushi. As you probably know, he died of a heroin overdose, and it was this chick Cathy Smith that shot him up (he hated needles). Yet, in his widow's book she acted as if 85% of the death was Cathy's fault (when in reality it was John who asked for the injection). I don't really understand it, but I think maybe it's b/c the loved ones don't want to picture their deceased folks doing something so horrible to themselves. But I just hope the same sort of thing doesn't continue to happen with Amy. She was very talented, but she was also smart enough to know what she was doing.

  58. 158


  59. 159

    Re: kissmyassobama – That's actually really sad if a person goes to rehab and they really don't even want to be there. You gotta think, you 're not going to learn anything if you don't care to learn. Not only that, but rehab costs a lot of time, money, and energy on EVERYONE'S part. There is nothing wrong with refusing treatment over being "not ready". It's better than being a Brooke Mueller who literally jumps to a different rehab every time she has a one-night relapse. It's not fair for the other people in program's that actually take it seriously. Also, those places usually only have limited spots, and a lot of them even have waiting lists. Why would you want someone to have that spot that wasn't even going to care about it? Now, I do understand your thinking on the subject. You know, that some people may just need a little nudge, or whatever. But usually that doesn't even help unless the desire is there to help yourself.

  60. 160

    Is she Lady Gaga???

  61. xoxoj says – reply to this


    This was very sweet of you, and gives all your readers a great view of Amy.

  62. 162

    Re: je veux te voir – I was thinking the exact same thing

  63. 163

    Screw you Parez! You pretend that you were Amy's friend and cared for her, but when she texted you pleading that you not report about her fight with Blake you published those texts. You weren't a friend to her, you were one of the many pariahs in her life that made her numb herself with drugs. How do you sleep ant night, you scumbag?

  64. 164

    Amy proceeded to buy 10 random CDs at once. Well, Perez actually paid because her credit card didn't work! Ha….

  65. 165

    Yea……. So I remember all the bullshit you wrote about her. whatever Perez… I'm over you.

  66. 166

    Th atrocious, nasty things you said about Ms Winehouse also live forever, Perez. How low of you to glom onto her in death and play the "friend" Fiend is more like it. ugh

  67. 167

    Re: La GarseRe: mamaboots – Showing photos of Perez hanging on Amy " after slagging her off for YEARS is gross.
    ""We" remember this and "we" remember that and suddenly he is the expert on what was in her heart . If he knew all these things about her how could Perez have held her up for ridicule and humiliation for YEARS.

    THe only "loss" to Perez is he will have to find some other "victim" struggling with life to walkbehind and make fun of. Perez is disqualified from making any form of "tribute" by virtue of the way he savaged Amy Winehouse for a few extra clicks.

  68. 168

    Am I the only one who thinks it is stupid to predend a person was perfect after she/he dies? Why not tell the truth? She was stupid enough to ruin her own life with drugs. Sweet angel? Gimme a break!

  69. 169

    i can tell these photos were from long ago if you really did say all those nasty things about her then just deleted them, then you should feel ashamed .. it was a nice post about her though

  70. 170

    Re: La [re=5809605]Re: La Garse – Garse[/re] I agree. How could he even call her a good friend of his when he spent most of his time trashing her, never once do I remember him trying to help her or reach out to her, just trash her. How is everyone forgetting that? "Perez Hilton" is so fake, he smiles in everybody's face and goes and trashes them on this site.

  71. 171

    i hate all the opportunist talking,yes a famous person died,and? so many people die per day, and noone care about them………how about all the children that die every day in africa? or the people that die everyday around the world?
    perez…you use her dead for yourself…this makes me want to puke

  72. 172

    RIP when they tried to get her to rehab in Serbia everyone had a problem with it. Now it's to late she didn't want to help herself but it's sad to hear anyway :-(

  73. 173

    Yes, we get that you may have known her, stop using this as a way to show off and involve yourself in the situation. It's tacky. If you were such great friends why do you post other articles creating rumours of how she died when there hasn't even been an autopsy yet? Have some respect. Amy was an amazing talent and her death is such a tragedy. She will forever be remembered by those who she touched with her music. Rest in peace

  74. 174

    Ignore the trolls Perez. I know there was a real friendship between you too. I remember Amy calling you her gurl! She was a talented vulnerable girl. Hope she's in a better place. Free of the demons and just that cool chick that we all knew was there.

  75. 175

    your head was bigger than her whole body

  76. 176

    Re: La Garse – Okay, you need to re read the post and go take a walk or something to calm the fuck down.

  77. 177

    It really is sad, but people really need to let it go. It happened, it's a part of life, it was bound to happen eventually. And people really need to stop talkin shit on Perez, if you think there is something wrong with him, then get the fuck off of his page and stop reading his fucking sitee. Seriously, are you that dumb?

  78. 178

    The irony of you saying that she surrounded herself with bad people.
    I feels so sorry for her and everyone that cared for her. I hope she's found peace.

  79. 179

    Why are you making her passing all about you, douchebag? You really are the lowest form of life.

  80. 180

    Perez, why do you find it relevant or important to mention that her credicard was declined? How is that tasteful?

  81. 181

    Re: Debra Lynn
    thanks for agreeing with my point about Jamie Spears
    he basically made a roadmap for other parents to follow and in my mind, when/if you are willing to do anything to save your childs life- that is something worth trying since it has already shown success

  82. 182

    Re: La Garse

    Honestly, if you really feel this way about Perez stop coming on the website. And as far as him being full of himself for posting such a "tacky" post is just dumb. He posted this for people like you who are cynical and bash everyone and everything. People are being disrespectful and posting nasty things about Amy and her troubles when all of those things are irrelevant. Perez is showing empathy and his own sadness. The point is that it's sad when someone dies regardless of whether "you saw it coming" or they "deserved" it (but quite frankly nobody deserves to die, especially at such a young age). That is what these posts are about, showing sadness and looking at the good times himself and others had with Amy. So, you can shut up and go somewhere else with your blatant disrespect.

    Anyway, Amy will be missed and this is extremely tragic. I hope she can finally be at peace.

  83. 183

    This was such a beautiful post Perez!! I don't think most people will understand until they have lost a loved one to drugs/who battled drugs. I just lost my uncle this month who although in the last few months of his life he was clean, his decisions in life ended up causing the problems. I will never know Amy but I believe she was a good person and a great musician. She will be missed.

  84. 184

    Perez you are such a hypocrite and you disgust me. How dare you? A couple weeks ago you were trashing Amy..all of a sudden you post this? I wasn't a fan of Amy, but she looked like one of the most interesting people there are, and you did not deserve to know her. I hope you write me back.

  85. 185



  86. 186


  87. 187

    Re: La Garse – Wow, you are a really pathetic!!!!

  88. 188

    you are such a LEACH!!!

  89. 189

    So sad. I hope that Amy finds the peace in Heaven that she couldn't find on this earth.

  90. 190

    Re: Miss Drama Queen – It's part of being a gossip blogger, dimwit. From what I've seen, people in those kinds of professions can trash-talk a person publicly, but they'll be close friends with them behind the scenes.

  91. 191

    r.i.p amy..you've made me really sad babygirl.

    perez, this makes me realize i miss your pink hair a lot.

  92. FS says – reply to this


    You slammed her every chance you got and called her Wino. Seriously Perez, you're a lame ass excuse for a friend. You were not her friend. Now you claim to be so close to her. Fuck you. Go back and put your dick in Lady CrapGa's ass.

  93. 193

    you write this and post those pics, yet you hire slags to sit here and write mean stories about her and bully her to pay your rent

  94. 194

    Re: La Garse – What's sick is you launching into an abusive tirade at a person for simply posting a blog about a deceased celeb. Did you actually read what Perez wrote? There is nothing disrespectful, untasteful or narcissistic about a person sharing memories of a friend who just passed way and recalling what a wonderful person that friend was (you make it sound like his post is full of insults towards Amy). Perez was doing what most people do when they lose someone they care about…TALK ABOUT GOOD MEMEORIES THEY HAVE OF THE PERSON. It's amusing though that you call him narcissistic then ask him if he honestly thinks this will change the that this is going to change the minds of those who see him you for exactly what he is. I'm sure you and people like you were the last thing on his mind when he wrote this article. The article is about Amy and her being a wonderful person and friend NOT you and the rest of his haters.

    The people who come to Perez's site just to trash him seriously need to grow the hell up Most people who can't stand a blogger don't visit their site. By coming here to bash Perez, not only are you are accomplishing is making yourself look like a cyberbully and his the victim of cyberbullying but you are also helping his career and him maintain his success.

  95. 195

    Re: Mama of a bug – You are incredibly ignorant and obviously know nothing about addiction, for someone who claims to grown up around it. And how can you talk about bad influences on your daughter's life without putting yourself first? You have a child and you read Perez Hilton? Grow up and stop judging other people, before your daughter grows up to be just like you.

  96. 196

    really perez? i would never have thought you considered yourself to be one of Amys friends! if that is the case then i would hate to see how you treat someone you hate! wow!

  97. 197

    Re: notorious420 – youre retarded if you think perez is a saint he said all types of crap abt her as many as other celebs

  98. 198

    Oh PLEASE. The only reason you got ANYWHERE NEAR Amy was because of the publicity machine. I remember when you'd go out of your way to post the most awful photos of her and draw coke around her nose. If you look up the dictionary definition of "Hypocrite" - your photo will accompany it.

  99. 199

    Drugs are bad Mkayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  100. 200

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