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Lauryn Hill Is A Mama Again!

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Everything really is everything when there is a new, healthy baby in the world!

Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth child Saturday night, welcoming a new little boy to her world!

According to reports, the poor thing was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but doctors were able to help the little guy out and both Lauryn and baby are doing well.

Glad to hear it! That must've been so scary for them both! Thankfully, everything turned out al right!

Congrats to the proud mama and that lucky little boy!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Lauryn Hill Is A Mama Again!”

  1. 1

    She is a hot mess and needs to stop poping them out. She isn't very bright!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Everything really is everything when there is a new, healthy baby in the world!

    Ummm maybe it is me, but that isn't a saying in my circle when someone has a baby. LOL

  4. 4

    Is she even married? Sad if she isn't.

  5. 5

    Re: whatthe321 – if she is married then who cares….if she isn't then she is nothing more than a welfare woman popping out kids.

  6. 6

    Has Lauryn Hill ever heard of Birth control? Yeez what's the deal with all these kids .. something is wrong with her Y does she need to keep having children like this (and don't tell me it's because she just wants to) . Hey Lauryn in the words of Gordon Ramsey…"SHUT IT DOWN"

  7. 7

    I was at a concert where she was being booed and she said I don't give a sh*t I'd rather have my children starve than have a white person buy my album. Maybe she should stop popping them out if that is how she feels. c u next tuesday racist!!!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Six?? Those fuckers who have more than one kid should be shot! Too many people on this planet as it is!! we are not trying to populate a new continent you dumb bitch!!

  10. 10

    Kids or Monkeys? Please go back to your homeland of Afriqua! No one wants you OR your monkey ass kids here you piece of black shit!

  11. 11

    A racist calling someone a racist is an oxymoron moron…

  12. Avrm says – reply to this


    She had a baby good for her. I'm glad the baby was ok. My daughter was born with her cord around her neck and she didn't make it. Its good to hear good news.

  13. 13

    To everyone commenting on the amount of children, man, mind your own business. Some people choose moderation (I have 2 kids, and am done) but I have known many families that provided quite well and loved having 5 or 6 kids. The love of my life grew up with 6 sisters and they were always provided for and are the closest, most loving family I have ever seen.

  14. 14

    Re: smiley54 – Well I know my white ass won't be buying her albums after hearing that…

  15. 15

    Re: smiley54 – Actually, just looked it up, and she never said that. Internet rumour…

  16. 16

    She has 6 kids with ROHAN MARLEY !!! I heard he just left her for a supermodel. She's ridiculous.

  17. 17

    this racist bitch. glad your man left you for a light skinned woman. i would say white but she's brazilian. everytime i see a post about her on here it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it

  18. 18

    Some please tell this ghetto queen that her vagina is not a clown car!

  19. 19

    Re: Fresh2def313 – Like father, like son…

  20. 20

    Re: CaliCoyote – Her vagina is not a clown car. OMG. LMAO

  21. 21

    Congrats to Lauryn on her new baby!!! It's none of your business how many kids she decides to have. She loves them and takes care of them and that is all that matters. And it's funny that the lie about her being racist is still circulating despite the fact that it has been dispelled numerous times. But if you're going to keep circulating the lie please get it straight, did she say it at a concert or during a MTV segment??? Fools!