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M.I.A. Releases 27 Track After Amy Winehouse's Death

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Among the many celebrities to pay homage to the late Amy Winehouse, singer/songwriter M.I.A. decided to release her unfinished demo track, 27, to honor Amy.

The name 27 comes from the lame 27 Club in reference to all of the rockstars who die at the infamous age: Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Brian Jones.

While M.I.A. just released the track after Winehouse's death, the song was written well before her death.

Some are saying it's too soon, and that it is being done in poor taste. Others find it chillingly beautiful.

Watch the video and tell us what U think!

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33 comments to “M.I.A. Releases 27 Track After Amy Winehouse's Death”

  1. 1

    That's a disgrace.
    And people think Perez is bad for talking abut Amy! She hasn't even been buried yet, it's disgusting.

  2. 2

    First off this track is horrible. Second….why the fuck would you try to capitalize on someone elses death? It's just really bad taste and stupid. Die MIA die.

  3. 3

    really?? MIA needs to stop making "music" and leave Amy alone. fail.

  4. 4

    I like it. But I do agree it's too soon.

  5. 5

    as others have said…by "honor amy" you really mean "try to actually sell some music".

  6. 6

    I agree with everyone else. "Honer" Amy means, cash in on Amy's death.

  7. 7

    M.I.A. is the shit. I love her. She's definitely underrated but this song does kind of suck. She should have rapped instead or she should have dedicated far far or Story be told to Amy.

    Also come on Perez, over 90 people were killed in Norway, post articles about that. I hate how people are about famous people, everything is always about them, eh?

  8. 8

    it might be touching is the song didnt suck.

  9. 9

    Non-artist people have no clue what is going on in the minds of our free-thinkers.
    This song is beautiful, the images are soulful. This is an homage to Amy, not a commercial event. I think MIA is feeling such sorrow for the loss of this great talent that as any true artist would do, communicate her feelings in her art.

  10. 10

    It seems pretty opportunistic even if her death was foreshadowed by her music, videos, life and times. The world can see Amy (and all the other 27 yr old dead artists) as some unreal artistic talent temporarily visiting earth, but human beings are fragile, and it is sad to die when your life's play has paused at intermission. And that also goes for every child and adult whose life was stolen by some mad man in Norway.

  11. 11

    Would you stop trying to convince people you have a heart you cruel hateful piece of shit.

    So are those hair plugs from your pubes? They sure look like it!!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Re: Ms. B Nice

    the song is not about amy its about others who died at 27 and even though amy fits that club now, mia should have waited and than said in honor of or maybe donate all the proceeds to some charity or scholarship in amys name but if she doesnt do that than i would say its to capitalize on amy's death through sales and self promotion. m.i.a has done some dumb tabloid and sleezy things in the past before for promting herself

  14. 14

    Re: Ms. B Nice
    If that is the case then she should donate all proceeds or whatever she makes from this to helping drug adddicts.
    I hope she is, because making money from someone else's fame and who is only dead two days is obscene.

  15. 15

    MIA's a truffle oil eating hypocrite.

  16. 16

    Re: McLunzie
    You're on an entertainment and celebrity gossip site, not CNN. You should go there if you want news on Norway. Perez is barely able to spell, god knows what would happen if he started reporting real news.

  17. 17

    This song sucks and is a tribute to nothing save the fact that MIA is trying to make money off Amys death.

  18. 18

    Anyone who lives that wild and free gets to the grave a little faster than the "boring" peeps. That kind of like always looks much sexier in the movies. It "ain't " reality.

  19. 19

    I think maybe amy wanted to be part of the 27 club.perhaps she couldn,t/wouldn,t face her demons ,just decided to swallow pills,crawl into bed..she was having a tuff go & now she can R.I.P. ,releasing this track now is wrong!

  20. 20

    I can never understand what she is saying! Of course she is going to "capitalize" on her death. She gave up music when her career wasn't goin anywhere until they used "Paper Planes" in that one movie I have already forgotten about. Then gets nominated for an Oscar for Slumdog Mill. and nominated for a few Grammy's, in which she lost, and all of a sudden she wants to do music again. So, of course she wants to put something out there so she can get the rcognition she thinks she deserves. She's a douche bag like Kanye. But! I still like their music. LMAO!

  21. 21

    This is definitely not the right moment to release a track like this. She isn't even buried yet!

    If you actually read the lyrics they are definitely not appropriate in a time like this :/

  22. 22

    I love M.I.A. but this is truly insensitive on her part. She should have definitely waited before realizing this.

  23. 23

    you ppl are stupid how is she making money off this if she released an unfinished version on soundcloud where everyone listen for free….and if on soundcloud u can read the lyrics which are very deep and relates very well to amy and what happened

    = = = = = =
    said your all mouth and no brains
    all rock stars go to heaven
    you said you'll be dead at 27
    when we drunk in a English tavern
    the owner poured you the Bourbon
    and you drunk your self so rotten
    he got so rich he bought a Bentley
    and moved himself to Devon

    you started dirty dancing
    and you bar tended a dozen
    i took you to the clinic
    to get you clean but you couldn't
    said in 2 days ur 27 and and ur destiny was comin
    and ur papa passed so sudden
    and left you with lil somin

    you blew that money on a mountain of drugs
    and staged your self a bedin
    a month later when i popped in
    your still high but the winter set in
    i bought you a coffee and a muffin
    and you quoted me some Lenin
    i wished i was that clever
    but thats what kept me coming
    your friendship did mean somin
    but you left me for nothin
    when i left, you befriended a rope
    and i found you both were hanging.

  24. 24

    I love MIA as an artist… (paper planes? Amazing.) but it was a very chilling video, especially at the end with the scene at the graveyard..

  25. 25

    This is horrible. Which was totally expected from M.I.A.

  26. 26

    That song sucked.

  27. 27

    Re: Shaarrn – True. And now that I think about it, Perez should also stay away from Politics.

  28. 28

    How can you guys understand what she's saying?? I couldn't understand it at all.

  29. Tiss says – reply to this


    M.I.A.'s response to the death of Amy. I don't find it offensive at all, it seems fitting. I am a great fan of both Amy and M.I.A.

  30. 30

    Re: Hey Gurrrl – M.I.A made a great song paper planes back in '08 which iss still a hit

  31. 31

    honestly perez, you are a dick. im more offended that you called these rock legends 'lame' douchebag!

  32. 32

    If you don't like MIA you won't like this. If you do, you might not either. I like MIA, like the song. Can't understand the lyrics…google MIA 27 song lyric. Video is way sad. Missing all the 27s. The fact that she released it now? Don't know why (not friends with MIA so will never know) and don't care. It could be that she's angry or sad about Amy being gone. It could also (but not only) be about the money opportunity. MIA's not doing anything illegal so, why deny the girl a way to make a living or express how she's feeling? The dollars will determine…on one level…whether it's crap or not. Get over it.

  33. 33

    I loved the song.and besides,I totally got what M.I.A.was talking about.and the video was great and the lyrics made sense.R.I.P.Amy Winehouse.even though I didn't like your songs.