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ABC Will No Longer Pay News Subjects, Thanks To Casey Anthony Drama

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abc bans paying news subjects due to casey anthony

We're just glad to hear that Casey Anthony won't be making more $$$ from all of this!

Last week, we were quite happy to learn that ABC, CBS, and NBC all confirmed that they would NOT pay Casey Anthony for an interview.

Now, we're hearing that as a result of all the drama surrounding the potential Casey Anthony interview, ABC has announced that they will no longer pay news subjects for interviews.

Here's what ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider had to say about ABC's new policy:

"We can book just about anyone based on the strength of our journalism, the excellence of our anchors, correspondents, and producers, and the size of our audience. These licensing deals had become a crutch, and an unnecessary one."

Sources say that the ONLY way ABC would pay a news subject for an interview would be under an "extraordinary circumstance" and approval would be required "at the highest levels."

We're very glad to hear this, especially since ABC paid Casey Anthony $200k for photos back in 2008, which was a little bit before she was charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. We would NOT want to see the network make the same mistake again.

What do U think of ABC's new policy? Do U think news subjects should get paid for interviews?

[Image via AP Images.]

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15 comments to “ABC Will No Longer Pay News Subjects, Thanks To Casey Anthony Drama”

  1. MG73 says – reply to this


    They won't pay for "interviews", but they will continue to pay for things like exclusive photos, videos, or other things that people like her will provide them. Casey Anthony will still get paid. . . make no mistake about it. The media is desperate to get her to talk, and they will find a way to pay her. It's fucking sick, and anyone who listens, watches, or reads anything this woman says is putting money in her pocket.

  2. 2

    I believe this is just PR fodder, the term interview is the key… not pictures videos etc, just no pay for interviews. They will still get paid through a loop hole if what I read was correct.

  3. Liv86 says – reply to this


    Casey will still get money from them, it just won't be payment for an "interview". I think that news corporations should pay some people for interviews, such as victims. People who have survived horrific things or someone who has achieved something great.

  4. 4

    if you are called a news organization then the licenesing deals have got to go in order to keep credibility
    so glad that they called them " a crutch" and will stop using them.. hopefully permanently

  5. 5

    This is disgusting. The U.S. and just the world in general is just absolutely disgusting. Paying murderers for their photographs…interviews. innocent until proven guilty my ass. she proved she was guilty when she couldn't stick to her story.

  6. 6

    Re: WatsonTameka98 – I just paid myself nothing to write that everyone in the world thinks if you will slap yourself in the face 1,000 times in PUBLIC and publish it on You Tube, MOST of the world will be granted three wishes

  7. 7

    A Star is Born!

  8. 8

    Blood money!!

  9. 9

    I will bet that NBC is the one the caves!!!

  10. 10

    exactly what MG73 says. She'll still get paid, under "licensing fees". Who are they kidding?

  11. 11

    ABC already paid her $200K, and all the networks are bidding for the interview, although technically they only "pay" for photos and videos, but they are really paying for the interview.

  12. 12

    I call BS. This is nothing but a sideshow. They'll pay.

  13. 13

    The wont pay for the "interview" but they WILL PAY more money than they usually would to use photos and videos. They're sneaky with verbiage.

  14. 14

    The whole Casey Anthony ordeal just sickens me. And she is going to get rich off of her little girls death. I dont give a rip that she was acquitted. She is the reason that precious child is dead, whether she killed her in cold blood or if it was an accident. Oops I overdosed her. She does not deserve a dime and the network that pays her the blood money, the nation should stand together and never watch that network and watch them go down the tubes like Ms. Anthony. The network is crazy to think that she would even attempt to tell the truth. She will lie like she always has in the past. She will throw her dad and brother and mother under the bus! But what is new. She has drained them of all of their money and they will never be able to get another job. What are they going to do? They will be homeless and she will live like a rock star! And they treat Jose B. like he is so great. I heard that he was a deadbeat dad and owned a bikini shop. How cool is that! And he is as bad as Casey. He lied for her and helped to set a murder free. What a great role model. They deserve each other. Rest in peace little angel Caylee. Hope your mom gets no rest.

  15. 15

    it doesn't matter who they paid or are paying, checkbook journalism is against the journalist code of ethics!