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Blake Lively Rumored To Be In Sex & The City Prequel! Only This Time…

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She'd be playing Samantha, not Carrie.

Not who we'd go with, but it's all still speculation anyway!

The talk of the town these days is which young starlets would be ideal to star in a movie adaption to the Sex & The City prequel novels. Since it seems pretty clear that Sarah Jessica Parker and her girls are ready to leave the series behind them, its time for a new generation to step into the Jimmy Choos left behind.

But who should play who? Obviously there are a lot of amazing actresses to choose from, the the recent speculation goes a little something like this, according to sources:

“It is rumoured that current preferences for the roles are Blake Lively as Samantha Jones, Selena Gomez as Charlotte York, Emma Roberts as Miranda Hobbes and Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie Bradshaw.”

The lesser known baby Olsen AND Selenita in one movie? Yes please!!! We think they would be perfect!

But Blake and Emma … not so much. We don't think Blake could play that confident or Emma could play that bossy. We'd be happy to be proven wrong, but we don't think we are. Emma Stone would make a good Miranda! Or it would be interesting if they casted a bunch of unknowns too. Hmm…

Anyone U would love to see in a Sex & The City prequel flick???

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55 comments to “Blake Lively Rumored To Be In Sex & The City Prequel! Only This Time…”

  1. 1

    perez i thought you had sources this was debunked all ready…what are you good for?

  2. 2

    Please have this be a rumor!!
    If they are making amovie than Blake HAS to be Carrie… she looks so much like her.
    and emma roberts as miranda and selena as charlotte! WTF! Terrible cast. terrible.

  3. 3

    did i miss something? when was charlotte ever a filthy wetback?

  4. zooby says – reply to this


    LOL at the white trash rednecks complaining about Selena being cast as Charlotte. Not all Hispanics are brown… I know hispanics whiter than all of you. I know many who, if they wouldn't tell you they were hispanic, you would've have even guessed that they were. So I don't see the big deal. Ignorant uneducated hicks.

  5. 5

    This made me so sad

  6. zooby says – reply to this


    Fat racist guys lol

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Selena Gomez 1. isn't an actress and 2. looks like she's still 12 years old, there is no way she'd be able to play Charlotte or at all be associated with this ove

  9. 9

    Selena Gomez as Charlotte makes absolutely no sense. How about an up-and-comer, someone like Daveigh Chase?

  10. jland says – reply to this


    Jimmy Choo, Ha! Tamara is but a mere copycat of the much more inventive Manolo Blahnik. Get an original idea, Ms. Mellon.

  11. 11

  12. 12

    I can see Blake as a young Samantha. She could do it. I think Selena as Charlotte is just aweful. What about the young Collins gal who was in The Blind Side? She's got that innocent WASPY vibe about her. She'd be great!

  13. 13

    Fuck this. Worst casting choices ever.

  14. 14

    Prequel is such a stupid idea. The Sex and the City characters were not that interesting to tell a story about how they became who they are. They are only interesting in the present day. And if there was going to be a prequel, the above actors would all suck.

  15. 15

    blake would suit carrie and only carrie. (atleast imo.)

  16. 16

    yes to blake and emma..but what are the casting directors smoking when they chose selena to play charlotte. shes a terrbile choice and it will kill this movie!

  17. 17

    Re: KrisStil – she not a actress? hunny she has talent in acting her singing career is shit but selena gomez actually has talent in acting. you must be a retard to think she sucks at it.

  18. 18

    Re: zooby – And what would you have to say if a white person were cast to play a Hispanic character? Hmmm?

  19. cknee says – reply to this



  20. 20

    I actually like the idea of Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie. I always thought Blake was a horrible idea for the role of Carrie. And she couldn't pull off Samantha either. While I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl, I still don't think Blake is that good of an actress. Why not Leighton Meester, Rose Byrne, or Alexis Bledel in the role as Charlotte. They can definitely all pull off the WASP-y thing. And I think Emma Stone would be great in role of Miranda. As for the role of Samantha, I think Amanda Seyfried (sp?) would be a good choice. Or why not go for someone like Scarlet Johansson?

    And for the person who mentioned that they shouldn't do a prequel, I think it could be pulled off easier than the Sex and the City movies…The Carrie Diaries are very entertaining.

  21. 21

    blakes just not popular enough to be in it at all i cant beleive they are planning on hacking this up imagine remaking sienfeld with ashton as jerry.

  22. 22

    white hispanics? get in the sun!! its not natural. got those white girls paying to look this tan. and even then they look orange as fuck.

    but yeah i agree i don't think selena gomez should play charlotte not at all. charlotte is a prissy white bitch!!! we need a airhead white girl.

  23. 23

    Blake Lively as Samantha Jones is the only casting choice I see being somewhat plausible out of these picks. Due to her height she wouldn't have made a good Carrie Bradshaw. Maybe Hayden Panettiere as Carrie? She doesn't look like her much in the face, but she's blond, sexy, and petite. I think Selena is a cute girl, but I don't see Charlotte York. Off the top of my head, maybe Ashley Greene or Lucy Hale? As for Emma Roberts being Miranda Hobbes…no! Get Emma Stone or better yet, find Ellen Page, dye her hair red, and she could play Miranda. What other actress would be that natural playing a sarcastic pessimist?

  24. 24

    Ugh! The entire idea of a prequel with random new actors is annoying. I guess they will try to squeeze every penny out of the SATC brand. I'm disgusted. You cannot simply create an artificial mini-Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda with other actors and expect us to buy into this. You simply can't. The ladies of SATC generated a magical element that cannot be duplicated by other actors (young or old). And because having the original actors is not feasible for this film, this entire idea needs to be scrapped. This prequel screams FAIL. Where is the creativity in Hollywood? Why so many prequels and sequels, many of which are latched on to movies/shows that aired more than a decade ago? SAD.

  25. 25

    this is awful and reeks of something corporate and not creative. fuck hollywwod. it's become corporate run shit.

  26. 26

    OK I think i should address one point, if thy are going to make movie of the book, they only need a carrie. But if not the casting for the roles is awful, they are going off of looks instead of acting selena can only pull off the romantic cliche movies, blake cant pull off samantha and emma isn't a good actress. As for the Olsen girl I don't know. They should go with moderate to unknown actors and cast off of their talents.

  27. 27

    The Emma stone one is a good idea!!! Blake doesn't have the sexual confidence and charm of Samantha but shes horsey and whiney like Carrie!!! Noooooo

  28. 28

    Why us everyone hating on Selena???? I think she could pull it off!

  29. 29

    I thought Gossip Cop debunked the whole thing…?

  30. 30

    Cracked it:
    Blake Lively as Carrie
    Scarlett Johansson as Samantha (if she's not around Lindsay Lohan would also work)
    Ellen Page as Miranda (hair dye necessary, obvs)
    Ashley Greene as Charlotte

  31. 31

    I cannot believe that anyone is going to make a prequel to a legend!!!!! I will NOT watch this shit and I know it will FLOP!!!! FLOP, I say!!!!!!

  32. 32

    The prequel is a terrible idea, it's gonna be even worse than the last movie…
    Te casting is just terrible Blake, really? Selena, WTF?

    Maybe this is better:

    Carrie: Elizabeth Olsen
    Samantha: Katie Kassidy / Amber Heard
    Miranda: Ellen Page / Emma Stone
    Charlote: Leighton Meester

  33. 33

    Aside from Blake Lively, those are all horrible choices. Selena GOMEZ as Charlotte YORK??? Um, NO! This is not coming from an "ignorant hick" either. Charlotte is supposed to be a waspy New Yorker; that is her character. Selena Gomez could not portray that. I hope this is all just a rumor!

  34. 34

    Selena Gomez as Charlotte York? Selena is Mexican…. why on Gods green earth would she play charlotte?

  35. 35

    Nay to all of them. No more movies. But, if they must, I think Selena is too much of a Disney girl at heart to be in a "SATC" movie. Plus, there's not much of a resemblance between any of these young actresses & the original cast — especially between Emma Roberts & Cynthia Nixon.

  36. 36

    This Movie idea SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!!! Id rather see the original ladies play THEMSELVES.. younger versions.. They can pass for twenty somethings. Im sure a Lot will disagree.. BUT I just cant see this movie! Selena Gomez as charlotte york!!! No fing way! Charlotte was a WASP!! I dont even know what selena gomez does. Blake as samantha.. NAH no way, she isnt sexy/slutty enough.. sure shes hot but not in the right way… Id see Lindsey Lohan for sure. I like Ellen Page as Miranda. Carrie.. hmmm Mila KUNIS!!!!!!! and charlotte, NataliePortman!!!!!

  37. 37

    Are you kidding? Blake lively would be a terrible samantha.. she would be BETTER suited as carrie in my opinion, but I still don't think shes the best option. Selena has the Charlotte "look" but she can't act that well. Someone like annalynne mccord should play samantha, someone with sexual confidence and wit.

  38. 38

    stop kicking the dead horse !

  39. Sue_O says – reply to this


    Depending on how young they want to depict them…I think Miranda Cosgrove would make an excellent Charlotte

  40. 40

    I think they need to make Sex and the City 3 before they make a prequel. Fans deserve a proper trilogy.

  41. 41

    these have got to be THE worst 4 choices EVER.
    maybe this movie just shouldnt happen…

  42. 42

    Amanda Seyfried would be a great Samantha.

  43. 43

    Re: bunniebarnes – So what!!!! It wouldn't be the first time this happened. Alexis Bledel is half Mexican and she played a white girl in Gilmore Girls for years. Get your fat head out of your racist ass!

  44. 44

    i agree blake lively would have to be carrie but this cast is pretty horrible. its SEX IN THE CITY -not- DISNEY!. :s

  45. 45

    Nope…I don't like the cast set-up…these girls are way too young. Or better yet they look too young AKA Emma, and Selena…I say casting big fail…

  46. 46

    …are there seriously people out there using the term racist when people are saying that selena gomez is mexican? cmon lets get real…it's not that i don't want selena to play the part BECAUSE she's mexican. but charlotte is a (clearly) caucasian wasp-y woman, and selena is clearly hispanic and much too exotic to look like a younger version of charlotte. i love selena to death but she doesn't look anything like charlotte! if selena plays charlotte i can guarantee the movie will be a flop. as for the others, emma roberts is only famous because her aunt is julia roberts, she's a shitty actress and she does not need to be in this movie. blake is soo perfect but way too tall to be carrie, i guess i can see her as samantha. but i LOVE elizabeth olsen as carrie. so i hope they got that part of the rumor right!

  47. 47

    Re: KrisStil – she's not an actress? Acting is what made her famous and I think she's great at it

  48. 48

    I personally thing that Lucy Hale would make a far better Charlotte than Selena. Not that i don't love Selena to pieces but she's way to ethnic to play a WASP.

  49. 49

    Re: Roseygirl – yup. I think she's a cute choice - Lilly Collins

  50. 50

    the perfect cast would be LIly Collins as Charlotte, Deborah Ann Woll as Miranda, Amber Heard as Samantha, and I think definitely they should cast an unknown as Carrie. But if they rather somone with a some publicity then Elizabeth Olsen's their girl. I mean I love Selena, Blake, and Emma;I just think they don't fit the characters. And with Blake and Selena committed to other shows, that would be a hassle, as well.

  51. 51

    I think Blake Lively would be amazing playing the role of Samantha Jones, seeing that her character Serena in Gossip Girl is very confident. Emma Stone is a great actress as well, you have no idea what she can do, give her a chance. :)

  52. 52

    Don't see Olsen as Carrie, never. I would have loved to see Blake do this, but thinking about it, she'd make an awesome Samantha. And about the others.
    Selena's amazing as an actress, but I'm not yet convinced. Maybe she'll be good and maybe it will be aweful. And Emma's cute as well, so I don't see that much of a problem.
    Of course they're not SJP etc but let's be honest, it would look more than ridiculous if these actresses would pretend to be young again (sorry, did they really think we would buy the SATC 2 flashback scene?!). So a prequel needs younger actresses and it will never happen that everyone thinks it's a good casting choice.

  53. 53

    i like elizabeth olsen as carrie, but when i read the books i always pictured christa b. allen as her for some reason…anyway selena gomez is a horrible actress (a complete disney channel joke) daisy lowe would be the perfect actress, she has charlotte's delicate features and pixie like demeanor. emma roberts as miranda??? ehhh idk about tht im definitely leaning more towards emma stone. and im telling u annalynne mccord…shes already used to playing the arrogant-sure of herself type characters, she'd b a great samantha.

  54. 54

    what a waste of time making this movie…

  55. 55

    Oh my goodness, no no no. I agree with Elizabeth Orson as Carrie.. but that's IT. Especially Blake Lively… PLEASE don't let her near the series! Emma Stone would be a BOMB Miranda. And I think Minka Kelly would be lovely as Charlotte.