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Arkansas School Got Real Shady With Black Valedictorian, Lawsuit Says

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Arkansas Drama

If the GPA calculations are accurate down at McGehee High School, it would seem that Kymberly Wimberly should have been the one and only valedictorian.

But nope. Drama had to ensue.

According to a lawsuit filed by Wimberly, she had the highest GPA in her class. Though she was told she was the valedictorian, she got an unpleasant surprise at the last minute.

According to her mother, an official named her valedictorian status as a "big mess."

A day after overhearing this comment, Kymberly was told a white student would be joining her as co-valedictorian.

But the student's GPA was lower than hers…

Her mother then tried to protest the decision, but Superintendent Thomas Gathen allegedly refused to let her speak.

Apparently she filled out the wrong form. Instead of using 'public comments,' she should have requested 'public participation.'

Gathen did say she could appeal his decision, but not until the June 28 school board meeting.

Um, guess when graduation was… May 13!

Wtf, Arkansas?

We know there are two sides to every story, but we also know there are still plenty of racists out there (in every race), unfortunately.

And if these allegations are true, it's no wonder why you have dead birds plopping all over the place!

[Image via AP Images.]

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24 comments to “Arkansas School Got Real Shady With Black Valedictorian, Lawsuit Says”

  1. 1

    Halle Berry had a similar story.
    She grew up in Ohio and won the coveted spot of–I think–homecoming queen. But to appease white parents, her high school decided to have two: one Black, one caucasian. So, here we are nearly 30 years later and the same type thing is happening. For shame.

  2. 2

    This isn't celebrity gossip. In addition to that sad fact, you've posted something that is unsubstantiated and harmful to race relations because of all that you've implied in the post. WTF is wrong with you that you'd use an old 60s-era photo for a story that has NOTHING TO DO with the image? How desperate are you that you'll light a fire where there is no need for one? Do you really need that kind of negative drama in your pathetic life? Have you no sense of moral responsibility? Are you so incapable of checking the facts before putting that kind of harmful spin on what is probably a non-story? Perez, this is why no one respects you. And this is why you're going to end up killing your own "career." I'm going to enjoy watching you fall.

  3. LNW says – reply to this


    Kymberly WImberly? Is it just me or did her mom have a little too much fun picking out that name?

  4. 4

    pleeeaaase, this is not a race issue, I am sure. There are FAR less racist white people left int his country than there are BLACK RACIST. Blacks in this country love to abuse the race card. a: there is probably another side to this story b: if the facts are correct, it probably has to do with a psycho PTA mom scaring the shiz out of the school, not because the other chick is dark…..and then Perez gives this kinda fake race crap mre steam. Black northerners and whote northerners love to ASSume shit and most have never even LIVED in the south…..quit stereotyping and accusing and get yo shit straight!

  5. 5

    Not right!

  6. 6

    Schools often will name two valedictorians if the GPAs of the two students are within a certain percentage point of each other.

  7. 7

    Re: La Garse – Dude, shut the fuck up. Seriously.

  8. 8

    of course this is a race issue…there r still 2 many bigots who still live pre civil war…fuckem all…send them back to europe so they can spread their animus among their own…
    oh yeah, they all have 3" cocks that can't get hard…even the women…

  9. 9

    Re: LIDIA777 – You must be out of your fucking mind. I never like to assume things, but I'd bet my unborn child that you're a white person sitting behind the computer. You've just demonstrated how ignorant and out of touch you are. Wake the fuck up! Far less white racists left in the country than black racists? Dumbest.comment.ever.

  10. 10

    At my school valedictorian was not chosen by GPA, but rather by the best speech voted by faculty. Perhaps this school doesn't use GPA (solely or in part) to determine valedictorian status.

  11. 11

    Perez,why didn't you wait til all of the facts were in on this matter. We can always count on Perez to keep hate alive!

  12. 12

    Well, it IS Arkansas after all……aka, America's ass backwards, butthole state!

  13. 13

    Our school/student body used a speech contest to determine the Valedictorian, not GPA.

  14. 14

    So glad I don't live in the "United" States. You should be deeply ashamed. "The greatest nation in the world" for hypocrisy.

  15. 15

    Ummm she's got bigger problems to worry about than being valedictorian if her name is fucking Kymberly Wimberly

  16. 16

    First of all if I read correctly on CNN, the white student had taken harder classes and the GPA difference was .03 and so as stated in the school handbook the white student would not be penalized for taking harder classes. Also, not everything comes back to race. I actually was a student at this school, it was the only school I went to growing up. While attending, there were very few students that were racists

  17. 17

    First of all if I read correctly on CNN, the white student had taken harder classes and the GPA difference was .03 and so as stated in the school handbook the white student would not be penalized for taking harder classes. Also, not everything comes back to race but while on the topic GATHAN IS A BLACK MAN himself. So how exactly is this about race when a fellow African American was the one making the decision? Seems like this chic is just being selfish, she is lucky they didn't name her valedictorian considering they could have said the other student took more classes and as the handbook says, she will not be penalized so therefore she is the only valedictorian. I actually was a student at this school, it was the only school I went to growing up. I never saw a race issue from any of the faculty or in the decision making of such things like class ranking. Also this chic may want to consider a few things…. This school district just had to pass a tax increase just so they could keep the school open. So say this goes to court or whatever and she wins (which is highly unlikely considering the issue obviously isn't race when the superintendent is also of her same race) the school will be out lots of money and may even have to close it's doors. Ok cool, so the girl gets some money and her mom (who is a school employee) loses her job! Aren't there larger issues at hand like our countries fiscal matters and the debt?

  18. 18

    Now hang on there … there ARE two sides to the story. Kymberly became pregnant while attending McGehee school and was absent for several months both prior to and after the birth of her child.

    In regards to recognition of a valedictorian, the McGehee handbook says that "students must be continuously enrolled at McGehee High School the last two semesters without transferring during this time to be considered in class ranking or eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian status."

    The handbook says students will be given the same class rank only if their grades are the same, but in deciding class rank, students with lower GPAs who are taking more or harder classes will not be penalized.

    Kymberly's co-valedictorian had half a credit more than she did and the difference in the students' GPAs was .03.

    So … Kymberly did not meet the fully eligibility requirements to be the valedictorian, as it's more than just GPA.

    Perhaps she shouldn't be so quick to play the race card and accept the fact that sharing the valedictorian spot is a very reasonable compromise.

  19. 19

    Re: April_Rain – What a great mommy!! willing to risk your babies life…awwww… bitch

  20. 20

    Isnt this supposed to be a celebrity web site, not a boo-hoo, high school isnt fair blog?

  21. 21

    Re: lealea – ha. my thoughts exactly!

  22. 22

    Re: Peachie – There are backwards thinking jackasses from every state in this nation..I'm willing to bet there are more than a few from your own neck of the woods. I was born and raised in Arkansas and am proud of it. I received a fine education, was raised in a wonderful family and was always encouraged to keep an open mind. I wouldn't take back or change one thing about my life…can you say the same?

  23. 23

    if you want to read facts about the district and the lawsuit go here: www.edspressway.com

  24. 24

    Why am I not surprised? And whoever through out the "ooh the superintendent is black" like they don't know sambos have always existed in america (willing to do whatever they can to appease whites at the expense of just behavior that would help black people) needs to take a seat, sit down and learn about American history and these black cowards.